3g & 4g Instructions


First of all, thank you for your order! These instructions are in the format of a series of frequently asked questions, so you can find what you’re wondering about easily.

What should I expect?

Expect the program labeled “ultrasonic” to appear to be absolutely silent while playing. It is an ultrasonic subliminal, meaning that the sounds being played are too high for the human eardrum to fully register. Expect that the masked subliminal will sound like the ocean (or trickling stream, if you purchased a 4th Generation title). Each of these is a full 30 minutes in length. Expect that you will be using it for at least four hours every day, without fail, if you really want to see results. Expect that both masked and ultrasonic versions will have the same exact script being used.

How do I use this?

These programs are very simple to use. Please do not use ultrasonic subliminals with headphones or earbuds.

  1. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level using any audible mp3.
  2. Set your player to play the mp3 on loop.
  3. Play the mp3 in loop mode for at least one hour per day, every day. (I strongly suggest using it inloop mode all night long, every night.)
  4. Try to get 8 hours of exposure to the program every day if you use it by itself.
  5. If you choose to use it alongside another program (which is not recommended), don’t use morethan two programs at once, don’t mix subliminals by different companies or producers, and don’t use your programs for more than 16 hours a day. The best results will come from allowing your mind and brain enough time to process, integrate and rest from the program each day. If you are using one program, the maximum exposure per day should not exceed 12 hours. (Again, 8 hours is recommended.) If you are using two programs, 12 hours of exposure is suggested, 16 hours a day is maximum.)

How long do I need to use it?

Subliminal programs come in several different types, according to their intended goal. The type of subliminal determines how many hours it should be used at a time, and for how long it should be used (days, weeks, months, years) in order to achieve the desired results.

Type A1: These are designed to cause rapid erotic arousal with no long term effects. These programs are the fastest working subliminals, and can be expected to have noticeable effects within about 20 minutes in many cases. Sometimes, results can be seen in as little as five or ten minutes. This type of program has no spoken subliminal suggestions, and needs only be used for long enough to achieve the desired effect – typically between 10 and 45 minutes. This program is not designed for extended use, but for use “as needed”.

Type A2: These are similar to type 1A, but they include spoken subliminal suggestions. This has two effects. First, it makes the effects take hold faster if the listener understands conversational English, or slower if they don’t; and, second, it makes the program usable as a mind programming subliminal instead of just for its rapid erotic arousal response abilities. This means that you can use this type of program in two ways: Shorter exposure times (10 to 45 minutes, typically, possibly requiring up to 2 hours) will usually produce rapid arousal that fades over hours afterward. Used as a subliminal mind program, it will typically

result in a long term increase in sex drive. This program can be used “as needed” or as mind programming, and when used as mind programming, requires at least an four hours a day of exposure for no less than 32 days.

Type B: The most common type of subliminal, these are designed to replace old subconscious beliefs and ideas. This includes Increase Self Confidence, Increase Self Respect, Increase Self Esteem, Overcome Shyness, and others. 3rd Generation programs may typically be seen to begin showing noticeable results within between 2 days to 2 weeks of daily exposure according to directions, depending on how many hours of use per day. 4th Generation programs may produce noticeable results within between 8 hours and 1 week of exposure according to directions. These programs should be used for a minimum of four hours per day for a minimum of 32 days. Recommended usage is 8 hours, all night long, for 32 days or more.

Type C: This type of subliminals is designed to cause a physical change in the listener. This includes Grow Taller, Lose Weight, Regrow Hair, Increase or Decrease Breast Size, and others. These programs operate in two stages: the change must first be accepted by the subconscious mind before it can be acted upon, and the process of acting upon it may take several additional weeks or months to show physical results, depending on what is being done. Losing Weight is typically on the quicker side for noticeable first results, while Growing Taller, Changing Breast Size and Regrow Your Hair may be on the slower side. These programs typically require 2 to 4 weeks to begin showing noticeable results, and 1 to 6 months to finish achieving their intended goal.

Type D: This type of subliminal is designed to manifest or attract something into your life. This would include programs such as Attract Your Perfect Lover, Attract Your Perfect Romantic Lover, and Attract Your Perfect Spouse. Typically, these programs require 2 to 6 months of daily use for six or more hours per day to produce the intended results, and may require as much as 9 to 12 months, depending on specific circumstances beyond the control of the subliminal. Conversely, you may get results in as little as 20 days in some cases for the same reason.

Type E: These programs are designed for very long term use. An example would be Become A Multi- Millionaire Within Four Years, which is designed to be used until you achieve the goal of becoming a multi-millionaire, which may be two, three or four years. These are designed to be used until the results are achieved, and should be used every day for at least four hours per day, every day. Experience has shown that long term programs are best used in cycles, which prevents the subconscious from simply acclimating and ignoring them. To use a Type E program properly, run through it twice for single stage, or once per stage for multi-stage (32 days per stage, 8 hours per day) and then take an equal amount of time off from it. Continue doing this until the full usage time is achieved.

For instance, a single stage Type E would be used for 64 days, 8 hours a day, (two run-throughs of the usual recommended 32 days per stage) and then a period of 32 days off would be allowed before doing it again. If the program is a multi-stage set, you would use the for 32 or 64 days per stage (program specific instructions will tell you how long each stage should be used) and then move on to the next stage until all the stages have been used. Then a period (again specified in the program specific instructions) would be taken off to rest the mind and prevent acclimation, before running through it again, which is repeated for the full usage time.

Hybrids: Hybrid programs mix subliminals with some other form of technology, such as brainwave entrainment. In cases where I choose to make a hybrid (Depression Relief Aid, for example) it is because the hybrid result is significantly better than the subliminal alone, in ways I cannot achieve otherwise. Most of my programs are pure subliminals, and not hybrids. To know how long to use a hybrid, always choose the longest time recommended for any of the types in play.

How much time per day should I use it?

The absolute minimum amount of time that a subliminal program should be used is one hour per day. This is known as “maintenance mode”. It will help retain any effects you have already achieved, but won’t make much actually happen otherwise. The more time you use a subliminal per day, the faster it will usually work. Four hours a day is good; six to eight is ideal. It is very often found to be most useful to use the subliminal while you sleep, so that you get six to eight hours of exposure without having to interrupt

your day to day activities. However, always allow your mind time to rest, process what you’ve exposed it to, and integrate new material. You should therefore avoid using subliminals for more than 16 hours per day maximum, and 12 hours per day if possible.

Can I do other things while I use it?

Yes! My subliminal programs are designed to be as useful as possible. This means that not only can you do other things while you use them, but that you can use them any time, and in almost any situation. You can use my subliminals while you:

 Sleep.
 Drive.
 Eat.
 Watch TV.
 Listen to music.  Study.

 Read.
 Hold a conversation.
 And virtually anything else you can think of.

Do I need to use headphones with these programs?

Headphones or ear buds can be used with masked subliminals, but are not required. Headphones or ear buds are most useful for when you want to use your subliminals without exposing the people around you. It is strongly recommended that you do NOT use headphones or earbuds for ultrasonic subliminals because it is too easy to unknowingly change the volume on your player and end up with too high or too low a volume, which would be undetected if you were using an ultrasonic. Therefore, for your hearing health, do not use headphones or earbuds with ultrasonic subliminals.

Headphones are, however, required for programs that use binaural audio. Most of my binaural audio programs do not include subliminals. Binaural programs absolutely cannot work without ear buds or headphones because they require that each ear hear one side of the sound only (left or right channel).

You will be able to tell the difference between subliminal and binaural programs easily: all of my binaural programs sound something like rainfall with a low pitched thrumming sound embedded in them when you listen with headphones or earbuds, while the subliminal mp3s are silent on standard equipment or sound like the ocean (and trickling stream, if you have a 4th Generation program).

How do I calibrate the silent ultrasonic track for best


To calibrate the ultrasonic track is easy. Simply play the masked version at a comfortable level that you would normally use for music during the day. Then back the volume down one notch. Again, please do NOT use this track with earbuds or headphones.

You say the ultrasonic is supposed to be silent, but I hear a high pitched whine/static?
Hearing a high pitched whine usually means one or more of the following things:

  1. The program is playing too loudly.
  2. You have exceptional high frequency hearing.
  3. You haven’t gotten used to the sound yet.

4. The equipment it is being played on is borderline capable of handling the ultrasonic frequencies. The solution: Try lowering the volume a little bit.

Hearing static when you play the program is a fairly definite indicator that either the player electronics or the speaker/headphones/ear buds cannot handle ultrasonic sounds. This happens on non-standard equipment sometimes.

The solution:

  1. Check the volume. If the volume is way higher than normal, it can cause a phenomenon known as “speaker distortion”, which causes the speaker to produce static. If the volume is too high for playing an audible mp3, try adjusting it using an audible mp3 and then playing the ultrasonic.
  2. Try using different speakers/headphones/ear buds. You should use speakers/headphones/ear buds that have a frequency response range of at least 20 kiloHertz, and higher is better.
  3. If none of the above works, you will have to use a different player.

How many of these subliminal programs can I use at


This seemingly simple question has a rather complex answer. The more programs you use at once, the longer it will take for each one to work. This is doubly true for the programs with complex scripts and/or requiring long periods of time to work. The following guidelines are strongly recommended:

  •   Never use more than three 3rd Generation programs at the same time.
  •   Never use more than two programs at once if any of them is a 4th Generation program.
  •   Use the programs for as much time as possible, while allowing your brain/mind adequate time to rest.
  •   If you are using more than one program at a time, use them at different points in the day. For instance, Program A all night, Program B during the day.
  •   Allow yourself at least four hours out of 24 without any subliminal influence. 8 hours is better, and 12+ is best, as it allows the subconscious time to assimilate the instructions. 4th Gen programs are extremely taxing on the mind, and you will notice that you become very tired if you don’t get enough time for your brain to rest.
  •   Do not use more than one program that is designed to manifest physical changes (Type C) at a time. (For example, regrow your hair and grow taller.)
  •   Do not use more than one program that is designed to manifest or attract something into your life (Type D) at a time. For instance, Manifest Your Perfect Romantic Lover and Manifest Your Ideal Job.
  •   Do not use Type C and Type D programs at the same time.
  •   Do not use Type E programs with Type C or type D programs.
  •   Do not use more than one Major program at a time. Major programs include those with multiple stages and/or very complex scripts. For example, Top Smoking and Weight Loss are both major programs. All multi-stage sets are major programs.
  •   Do not use a major program with more than one other program.
  •   Do not use a major program with a Type C or Type D program.
  •   The fewer the programs you use at once, the faster each will take hold.Notes for specific programs:Psychic Ability Enhancers: Please note that psychic ability enhancers are not “magic wands”. You must use the programs and practice the skill every day as if it were any other skill you would like to gain

proficiency with. Just using the program will help, but cannot make you as skilled as you would be by practicing in addition.

Attraction Programs: These programs require a long time to work, and are best used all night long, every night.

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