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We are a small company dedicated to producing top quality subliminal programs for you to benefit from. We also produce other content as well, such as e-books (which may or may not be sold here in the future). But the main thrust of our operation is subliminal programs.

Our subliminals producer is Shannon Matteson, who has been making his living through creating top quality subliminals for sale since 2005. His work has been purchased and used to great success by thousands of people around the world.

Shannon is a seasoned expert in the fields of subliminal script writing as well as producing several types of subliminal audio.  He has been producing self help and subliminal audio in one form or another since 1992. One of the things we like most about his work is that it really does work! Also remarkable is that he’s always looking for better and more effective ways to do, build and achieve things with his programs.  As a result, he periodically re-builds his titles using the latest methods, techniques and technologies at his disposal, which is why we are offering 4th Generation products. He is also responsible for a lot of research into understanding how subliminals work, how to make them work better, how to overcome resistance to subliminals, and how to make them work faster.

“Shannon’s at the top of the game with his subliminals, no doubt. The fact that I’m very resistant to change and his subliminals still work on me is a testament to their power. His knowledge on how the subconscious and conscious mind works is amazing, I’ve never met anyone else so knowledgeable.”

– Mat [Direct Link]

From what we have seen both first hand and from customer responses, Shannon’s subliminals are among the (if not the absolute) most powerful and effective in the world, which only confirms his claims.

Shannon has customers in Canada, Brazil, Columbia, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Japan, China, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and most of the 50 United States of America. He is the only subliminals producer in the world to use many of the techniques he uses, having discovered and pioneered them himself.  These pioneering discoveries and techniques make his work some of the fastest working subliminals available, the most effective, too.

Andrew is head web developer and co-owner. Andrew oversees general operations and maintenance. He also operates Red Stripe Media http://www.redstripemedia.com and the non-profit community “theSoup” http://www.thesoup.org.

Ryan is our creative media director and a forum moderator.

Ben handles support e-mails and is also a forum moderator.

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