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December 28, 2013


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Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set v6

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First of all, I’d like to thank you for, and congratulate you on, your purchase of the Alpha Dominant Male Subliminal Training Set Version 6.0.

Literally years of research, development, testing, refinement and improvement have gone into this subliminal training set, which first came into being in 2006 (Version 1.0) and wasn’t even released for public use until 2008 (Version 2.0). Version 5 was as big a step forward, being the first program built in 4th Gen build format. Now, the Alpha Male program has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and is better than ever and built in 5th Gen build format. It currently ranks as one of the two most complex subliminals in the world, and one of the two longest scripts for a subliminal, in the world, at over 102,000 words in the Master Key Script. Now, in 5th Generation format, it uses such advances as the Naturalizer, Self Optimizing Scripting, HyperSpeed Technology, an entirely new technology known as Slipstream, and others as well. Version 5.0 was stripped down to it’s core, completely revised and then built up to what it is through a long, slow, complex process of layered incremental optimization to produce the Version 6 script, which was compiled into the Version 6 program using the latest build methods and most advanced technologies possible. This is truly a masterpiece, and those of you who have used Versions previous to this one will see a vast difference in speed of impact, depth of impact, power and result.

You’ll find that when properly used, this program is very effective for becoming an Alpha/Dominant Male. As has been true for three releases prior to this one, it took so long to build because I had to literally invent new ways to create subliminals in order to implement all the material you’ll be getting on the subliminal level while fitting it into just six stages, and keeping it effective. Some of the methods used to build this set were invented to make it possible to create the Version 3.0 set; some for the Version 4.0 set; some for Version 5.0; and as the script jumped from 32 pages to about 200 in this release, I literally could not have built it in anything other than 5th Gen build format – and even then, I was hitting the outer limits of what my processing software can handle.

This is almost certainly the most advanced, powerful, effective and life-changing subliminal you’ll ever come across – if you use it according to these instructions. It took two months just to upgrade the scripts from V5 to V6 (no joke, more than 8 hours a day). Version 5.0 was ultra-powerful; this will leave Version 5.0 in the dust.

You’ll notice that Stage 1 is 60 minutes in length, while the other stages are 80 minutes in length. This is because the script of Stage 1 is shorter, as it is an introductory stage.

As with Version 5.0’s release, this version allows you to safely play the program in the presence of females without affecting them at all. No worries about playing it in the presence of a sister, girlfriend or wife. And while the program is designed specifically to affect only heterosexual males of 18 years of age or older, it is strongly recommended that you not expose children of either gender to this program.

What’s New In V6?

Version 6.0 includes many new additions, including:

1. Improved on circle of friends manifestation so that they are genuine, long term friends who will help you for the long haul, instead of stabbing you in the back.

2. Self forgiveness

3. Forgiveness of others without allowing them to walk on you or mistreat you.

4. Let go of the past

5. Maturity improvement

6. Wisdom enhancement

7. Self healing emotionally, mentally, physically

8. Trauma and abuse healing

9. Supply your own love, affection and attention

10. Overcome the victim mentality

11. Refuse to justify actions that are not moving you forward, or accept that behavior from yourself.

12. Kill excuses and refuse to accept them from yourself or anyone else

13. Seek the challenge

14. Optimus Engine 2.0

15. Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear programming

16. Self validation

17. Maximum rate of growth, healing, self improvement and change

18. Optimize script to be more comprehensive, more specific and more positive in impact and effects.

19. Optimize scripting for [surprise! You’ll have to use the program to discover what this one is].

20. Improved procrastination scripting.

21. Approaching focus

22. Approval seeking destruction

23. Self empowerment/self empowering


The Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training Set Version 6.0 is designed to act as a major part of your training in becoming an Alpha/Dominant Male. There are two other parts you should also have in order to achieve the best possible results:

1. Ideally, you should obtain a copy of the following basic books and read them at least three times each while using the training set, if you have not already:

(a) How To Become An Alpha Male: Attract Women and Become Suc- cessful At Seduction, by John Alexander (You can get this book on or at
(b) Double Your Dating, by David DeAngelo. (As far as I know, you can’t get this book in print. It’s available from,, http://www.DoubleYourDating-Book. com,, and along with his other products. Get DYD and worry about the other stuff later, if
you decide you want to get it, after you’ve finished using this training set. Too much at once is only going to overload you.)

2. If you want the ladies to notice you, and you want to improve your so- cial skills, you must get out there and socialize. It doesn’t need to be “hunting for a mate” type socializing, but at least get out there and en- joy the company of others. You will learn a lot about how to implement

this programming by interacting with others, if that is not something you commonly do. While there are some attraction and manifestation tech- niques used in Version 5.0 concerning women, the great Wayne Gretzky once said, and correctly, that “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Get out there and socialize.

These books are very basic, but if you have not been exposed to this information previously, they will help you in many ways. These are the books that I found to be the most useful, well written and worthwhile while I was doing my initial research in 2006 and while I was testing the original version of this training system on myself between 2006 and 2008. They taught me seriously important basics that I use and value to this very day. Get those books and read them until your eyes fall out. Then, go out and socialize. (I realize that time moves on, and so do books. I have not sought out any books for becoming an alpha male since then, so you may find other good books for this purpose are out there now. John Alexander’s book, however, will always be my top recommendation.)

I’d like you to know that I do not get any kickbacks, profit or benefits at all from the sale of those books or suggesting them to you. They are recommended only because they are well written, useful and effective, and because they will help your subconscious maximize the effectiveness of this already incredibly powerful training set. The training set by itself is really amazing, but if you read these books too (at the very least, once each; preferably, every few months for a year) the results will be even more so. The more this information is in your conscious and subconscious minds, the better. Think of them as tools to put booster rockets on your Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training Set. I recommend getting both, but at the very least, get one of them. If you can only get one, absolutely get John Alexander’s book, as it’s more timeless and on point. And please remember that these books are high quality reading material, so please don’t pirate them (or this program!). They really are worth buying. (I would buy them both again in a heartbeat if I had to. DYD is basic, but it’s very important basics, especially if you don’t already know it. Consider this an investment in yourself and your future.)


This subliminal training set is designed to be used in a specific way. Because of how it had to be made in order to have maximum effectiveness and impact, it must be used:

• By a heterosexual male 18 years old or older.

• By itself. (This is a 5th Gen subliminal. No other subliminals at all, or hypnosis for becoming more alpha.)

• Stage by stage, in numerical order,

• For exactly 32 days per stage,

• Back to back, with little or preferably no gap in between,

• Every day (or better yet, every night) for 8 to 21 hours.

In other words, it is going to require slightly more than six months to work your way through this entire training set if you use it properly. You should listen to the program stage you are using at least 8 hours a day. 12 to 16 hours exposure per day/night is best, but do not expose yourself for more than 21, as you need to allow your mind to process the barrage of information and instructions it is receiving and be able to act on it, just as your muscles need time to build up after a workout. If you find yourself exhausted all the time while listening to this program, you may need to back off the amount of time you’re using it a little bit at a time until you find what balances you out again; being tired from the process is normal in the beginning, especially if you have never used a 5th Generation program before. For most people, the first 3 to 6 days of using each stage is noticeably tiring also because of the shift in direction. You should plan on needing a couple hours more sleep per night because of the 5th Gen format, and what the program is doing.

You should also do your best to never miss a day (or night, depending on when you use the program), and use it every day/night without fail, if at all possible. Use each stage of the set for exactly 32 days/nights. Mark when you started on a calendar and keep track of when to switch that way. And last but not least, it is highly recommended that you use this program playing on speakers and in loop mode all night long as you sleep, and an hour or two on headphones while you are awake each day (up to the limits previously mentioned).

If you don’t read the books I recommended, and don’t do anything special (like getting out of your house and going out to socialize), it will take longer to see your first noticeable social results, and they won’t be as obvious. If you do the things I have suggested, you’ll see things changing in your thinking, actions and attitude in pretty obvious ways (and probably quite rapidly).

You may even start to think you can to stop using the set before you have finished it fully.
Use it EXACTLY as instructed. Commit to using all six stages, for
32 days/nights each, and using them for enough time per day/night, every
day/night. Don’t use each stage for less time, and don’t use it for more time.
In other words, even if you think after three or four months that you don’t need
to finish the program because you’re already there – do it anyway. You’re
not, and you won’t regret finishing it, trust me. It is definitely worth what
little effort is required. ALL six of the stages are going to have an important
impact, and they are designed to balance each other out in exacting and specific
ways that you will need. Only after finishing all six can you really get the full

impact and effect of using this amazingly powerful program. Don’t play with it. Seriously, use it right, or don’t use it at all.

And what happens if for some reason you don’t or can’t use it consistently? Missing less than a week, add that much time to the end of the 32 days you would normally have used it. Missing more than a week, but less than 32 days, you’ll have to start over with the volume you have been missing exposure to. If you get to more than 32 days without exposure at all, you should start over from the beginning. DON’T miss proper exposure time.

What Should I Expect?

You should expect, first and foremost, that no two people will respond at the same speed, or in exactly the same way. While subliminals certainly do work, and my subliminal programs are without a doubt among the very best, most powerful most effective and fastest working in the world, how fast they work depends on a few things:

1. Which stage you are currently using. Stage 1 is designed to be a “garbage removal/foundation building” stage, and while it does introduce alpha male training groundwork, not everyone will notice much happen- ing from this stage because it’s designed primarily to lay the foundation for the other stages. If you are “clear” already of what it is working to erase, remove and neutralize (primarily negative thinking, negative self image, limiting thinking and beliefs and beta male thinking, responses and programming triggers), you’ll notice little change in yourself through this stage. In such a case, the alpha training groundwork will usually show through, but not the garbage removal process.

2. How much you resist them. If you are very accepting of them both consciously and subconsciously, expect to start seeing noticeable results within as little as two days to two weeks, depending on your personality type and thinking style. If you are like most people, you’ll probably be- gin to see noticeable results in between a couple days and three weeks. Subliminals can be resisted entirely by people who are very strong willed, overly skeptical, afraid of losing control of themselves and/or stubborn, but this set is designed to help even resistant people to benefit from the effects. If you are a very strong willed, stubborn person, and you have not seen any results within 32 days/nights, then move on to the next stage.

3. How much of the material you have already mastered. If you are new to all this, chances are this will all be new material and you won’t have had a chance to develop any of the Alpha/Dominant Male characteristics in yourself yet. This is where you will see the most obvious change. But if you are already on the way – at say an intermediate or advanced level

– while you can and will still benefit from using this program, the alpha training effects may not be as blatantly obvious for you. Rest assured, it’s still having an important impact, so keep going! Everyone should notice effects from the “support modules” this program’s base employs, such as fear/guilt/shame removal, emotional healing, and so forth.

4. How consistently you use the program. If you don’t use it every day/night, expect the results to take longer to achieve. The more regularly and extensively you use it, the faster the results will be had. (Come on, now, how hard can it be to press play once or twice a day? Or, if possible, to just leave it playing in your bedroom 24/7?)

5. How much exposure you get. If you only use this program for an hour a day, don’t expect to see much in the way of results. This is an extreme subliminal training program, and I had to push it to the absolute limits to fit all the training materials into just six stages. To get the intended results, 8 hours a day is required, and my personal preference is to use these programs on loop mode as I sleep, all night long, every night. That gives me 8 to 10 hours of exposure a night. 12 to 16 hours of exposure per day is the sweet spot for most people. More than 21 hours of exposure per day will not have significant increase in results and may even slow them down, as your mind and brain must have time to process the input for maximum results.

6. Whether you have the volume set properly. The ultrasonic version of this subliminal set consists entirely of “silent” subliminals without any masking sounds. That means you will not hear them when you play them, even at normal volume, unless you have exceptionally good high-frequency hearing (or they are playing too loudly, or your speakers can’t reproduce them properly). Make sure you don’t accidentally set the volume to zero (or too low) when using them, because if you do, you’ll be wasting your time and electricity, as one of my ex-girlfriends found out the hard way. The masked versions of the set, which use the ocean surf or a trickling stream as a masking sound, can be played at a comfortable volume at which the lowest volume areas can still be heard. However, the best volume at which to play masked and ultrasonic subliminals is the highest you can stand, because the louder the program, the more obvious and effective it will be. How to set the volume will be covered a little later.

As for results, by the end of the six month training course, you can expect to see:

• Increased self confidence

• Increased self respect.

• Better self control.

• Little to no interest in and concern with what others think of you or your actions.

• More interest and comfort in being your own man and doing your own thing.

• Better self esteem.

• Better self image.

• Stronger sense of self.

• Being able to handle rejection without taking it personally.

• More social confidence.

• Less to no social anxiety.

• Enjoying socializing more.

• Much more confidence and relaxation when dealing with women in general, and especially those you find attractive.

• Willingness, confidence and ability to simply walk away from situations you don’t like.

• Refusal to allow yourself to be taken advantage of, walked on or treated poorly by anyone, but especially females.

• Alpha/Dominant male body language.

• Alpha/Dominant male attitude.

• Alpha/Dominant male “aura” of unexplainable sexual attractiveness that women love so much.

• Alpha/Dominant male eye contact and communication.

• Better, more easily expressed sense of humor.

• Enjoying the company of others, and especially beautiful women, more and more comfortably and easily.

• More beautiful women in your life.

• Having beautiful women notice you more, find you more attractive, and want to be with you more, physically, sexually, relationally and emotion- ally. (In other words, they’ll want to spend more time around you, be much more likely to want you as a boyfriend/lover/husband, and be more interested in you both sexually and emotionally.)

• Treating socializing as just a fun game.

• Being entirely unconcerned with getting the interest of any woman, be- cause you know there are plenty more where she came from.

• Refusing to allow females to dominate or control you.

• Taking care of yourself better, in terms of exercise, eating, hygiene and dress.

• Drastically reduced or completely destroyed neediness.

• Having purged and overcome a significant amount of guilt, shame and fear.

• Having become more mature as a man.

• Having made significant progress healing and growing past emotional trau- mas and issues.

• And more.

You can expect that the effects of using this program properly for at least six months will be long term or permanent, depending on your personality and thinking style.

This program is designed such that it includes a 7th stage, which can be used in one of two ways. You can use it as a periodic refresher for a month or two or three, or (after having run through Stages 1 through 6 at least once according to the directions) you can use it as the AM6 program. For example, run through all six stages and then just run Stage 7 forever after that.

You must run through all of the first six stages of the program as instructed before attempting to use Stage 7. DO NOT use Stage 7 by itself until AFTER you have “stepped up” to it by using Stages 1 through 6 at LEAST once in order.

You can also run Stages 1 through 6 multiple times without using Stage 7. I recommend running through stages 1 through 6 two or three times before you rely on Stage 7 as the whole of the program instead.

I also strongly suggest running through this training once per year with the latest version of the program.

Literally, you are going to end up transforming yourself into a new, stronger, better, healthier man, and the benefits go far beyond simply how you are going to be so much more successful with women. The importance of the books I suggested is so high because they help you understand the “why”, “what” and “how” of some of what is in this training program better. For some people, it will be like building a bridge from point A to Point B.

Setting Up Your Subliminal Training

There are a few things you need to take into account and do when setting up to use your subliminal Alpha/Dominant Male training set. First of all, you’ll need to understand that the set comes in two different subliminal formats: ultrasonic (silent), or masked (ocean surf or trickling stream).
The ultrasonic version of the set is effectively a silent format. That means that the sounds are within a pitch range that does not register very well on your ear drums (so you can’t consciously make out what is being said, even if you can hear it at all) and yet it is also able to be both heard and fully comprehended by your subconscious mind.
(Think of the subconscious as that part of your mind that dreams while you sleep.) The best explanation I have found for this is that it vibrates special tiny hairs on the inside of your ears that are responsible for helping you maintain your balance. These hairs are not connected to the part of your brain that consciously decodes sounds, so you do not hear the subliminal through them consciously, but you still get the entire benefit of what is being said subliminally. Whether this is actually how it works or not, I have been unable to verify; what matters is that somehow, the ultrasonic audio does get through clearly to the subconscious mind and is very clearly understood.
The masked version is set to ocean surf or trickling stream cover sounds, and these tracks are entirely within the normal range of human hearing.
For the ultrasonic subliminals, you will need to use speakers, headphones, or ear buds that have a frequency response range of up to 20,000 Hertz or higher
– the higher the better. You’ll also need a player itself that can handle this frequency limit, but most players can, since it is the standard CD record and playback specification.
If you use headphones or ear buds, the volume should not be above
25% of maximum if you are playing the ultrasonic format. Ultrasonic
subliminals do not use volume differencing (as masked subliminals do) so the
volume is the same as anything else you would listen to. To prevent possible
damage to your ears, you should never listen to anything ultrasonic at a volume
higher than about 25% on headphones or ear buds. It works just fine at that
volume or lower when using headphones or ear buds.
I recommend using speakers if you are going to use the subliminal all night long, as this will allow you to move more freely and safely while you sleep. Headphones tend to come off while you sleep. Unless they are wireless, the wires may become entangled, which can become a choking hazard or disconnect the headphones or ear buds.
If you wish to be more precise, it is recommended that the maximum usage volume be -30 dB at the source of the audio, and -23 to -27 is probably where your calibration will fall. Never allow an ultrasonic program to play at a higher volume than -27 dB at the source.

Setting Proper Volume (Speakers)

If you use speakers, set the volume for a comfortable volume by playing the trickling stream audio first. Then, replace that with the ocean surf track. If you can at least faintly hear the lowest points of volume on the ocean surf track, you’re all set. If not, adjust the program volume upwards until you can.

Now put on the ultrasonic version. You should be comfortable listening to the ultrasonic track wherever you will be in the room while using the program.

You may increase this volume if your equipment and your body can handle it. As stated previously, do not play ultrasonic audio at a volume higher than -27 dB at the source. (To know what the volume is in decibels, you can get a copy of FrequenSee for your cell phone for free.)

Another great way to play your subliminals is on a laptop or desktop computer that is located in the same room as your bed, if you plan to use it while you sleep. You must use a player program that allows you to loop your selection, however. Windows Media Player has often been a problem with this in the past. If you need a program that can play your subliminals on loop mode, I suggest you use a program called Audacity. This is actually a sound editor, but allows you to play your audio files and loop them, too. It is freely available without charge, and can be used on Windows, Apple and Linux platforms. You can get it here: The calibration of volume is done the same way as with stereo speakers.

Pillow Speakers

Pillow speakers are a good choice for playing your subliminals, but adjusting the volume is difficult if you are using the ultrasonic version. Many pillow speakers are of questionable quality and ability to play ultrasonic and/or stereo audio, at best. You need pillow speakers that can do both. Furthermore, their volume ranges are typically very low. If you have a pillow speaker, you should only use it for playing ultrasonic subliminals if it passes the following three tests:

1. When playing a normal audible program on it, can you hear it well enough through the pillow that the speech in it is comprehensible no matter what direction your head is facing?

2. Does the speaker play the ultrasonic audio without static at this volume?

3. Can you play stereo audio on the pillow speaker, and differentiate the left and right channels?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then go ahead and use the pillow speaker if you wish. Otherwise, find some other way to play the program, as

either it won’t be effective for ultrasonics, or the stereo channel limitations will reduce the effectiveness of the program as a whole even in masked format.

Because of the volume differencing of the masked version, pillow speakers may not be the best way to play the masked version of the program, as the pillow may muffle or diffuse the subliminal audio too much. All versions require stereo speakers, headphones or ear buds to be fully effective.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

This subliminal training program is specifically designed for use by adult men only.

DO NOT use it when people under 18 years old (or the age of majority, if that is different) are within hearing range! Subjecting them to this subliminal program could have serious negative consequences. This is not a joke: NEVER subject a person under the age of majority to these subliminals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have used Stage 1 for the required 8+ hours a day for 32 consec- utive days, but I haven’t noticed any changes. What gives?

Answer: Stage 1 is designed to “normalize” you. If you think about it, every man who uses this program is coming from a different background, location, age and so forth, and each one has a unique set of ideas, beliefs attitudes and experi- ences concerning himself that are responsible for his current state of being. The biggest challenge I faced in translating my years of research and development into a program that genuinely does what it is supposed to do was finding a way to overcome this fact. I handled this process in two distinct ways:

1. The “normalization” process, through Stage 1, and

2. Taking the time to phrase the scripting very carefully to account for as many variables as possible.

When you use each stage properly, you will get the desired result (unless you manage to resist it for some reason). However, Stage 1 is designed to act as a clearing and foundation building stage more than it is designed to be an alpha male/dominance builder, because if we started trying to build alpha-ness and dominance before we made you ready to become alpha/dominant, your old ways of thinking would make the process much less reliable and effective, and the outcome would be much less predictable, stable and permanent. If you go through Stage 1 normalization and notice little or no difference, it is a

good indication that you probably had a fairly good self image, self esteem and
“alpha/dominance build foundation” to begin with.

Since there is no way to know this for sure before you go through normalization, and because the process has serious long term benefits for even men who notice no difference, remember that Stage 1 just as important as (if not more important than) all the other stages. In other words, do not skip Stage 1 just because you think you’re “already there”, or you’re impatient! If you want this to work, follow the directions and do it right.

Question: I have been using Stage 1/2/3 and have noticed I am getting more irritated with the stupid things people do. Is this normal?

Answer: Yes! Alphas, leaders and dominant men generally don’t have time or patience for stupidity, manipulation, BS and time wasting in themselves or the people around them. Later stages will transform this irritation into a much more refined response.

Just continue using the program according to the instructions and try not to get yourself in too much trouble shocking the people around you with your new found intolerance for their BS. It does sometimes take time to learn how to respond differently than you are used to, and this requires a period of calibration in which you learn what the right responses are for your new mindset.

Question: I am getting into more arguments with (mom, best friend, girlfriend, brother, cousin, father, etc.) since I started using this program. Is this normal? Should I be worried?

Answer: This is completely normal. You will probably notice that you argue more with those who are used to dominating or controlling you, or being dom- inant to you. Your new found refusal to be taken for granted, treated poorly, controlled, dominated or walked on like a doormat will spark some arguments as you adjust to your new found inner strength and the effects of your dominance training, and force an adjustment externally in the “pecking order” of your life.

Parents will be used to being the ones in charge, especially if you still live with them. Friends, siblings and family members may have been more dominant than you in the past. Girls, women, wives or girlfriends may be used to manipulating you. Whatever the case, you won’t be at all easy to control, take advantage of or manipulate once this program starts working.

Expect a period of adjustment as you get used to your new attitude and how to express it. And yes, you might even end up leaving or losing your relation- ship partner, if she is a manipulator, domineering, very lazy or control freak. Changing your circle of friends, and even your significant other is to be con- sidered normal as your inner self no longer matches your outer reality. Your subconscious mind will always seek to manifest your outer reality to match your deepest beliefs and attitudes, so there is often a period of change and adjustment as you grow into the “new you”.

Trust me – you won’t have trouble finding a replacement for any lost female, and new friends will be easy as pie once this program is in full force. In fact it’s likely that once you’ve been through all six stages, you won’t be the slightest concerned with even having a woman anymore – and that fact will make you a serious chick magnet. Women are magically attracted to men who don’t want or need them, and who won’t put up with their BS. If you don’t believe it, get started and just watch what happens in the next six months!

Question: I have been using the program for a few months now, and I can’t get women to leave me alone anymore. They seem to be irresistibly attracted to me, now, and they follow me around like puppies, ask me out and even offer me sex. I have had marriage proposals and girls telling me they want to have my babies. This is ridiculous! How do I get them to stop?

Answer: Oh, you poor thing. Every man’s worst nightmare – being an Al- pha/dominant stud. Isn’t that why you bought this program in the first place? Sorry to tell you this, but you’re going to be rather noticeably attractive and interesting to women from now on. Just make sure you finish the entire set before you stop using it, and run through it again once a year for at least a few years. By the end of the program, you’ll have dealing with women down to a science, and they’ll probably be having a hard time not being attracted by your no-BS attitude. Such is the life of the Alpha/dominant male. Get used to it. I’m sure it won’t be too difficult.

Question: My refusal to put up with the BS women pull since I have been using this set has really put some of them off to me. What is going wrong?

Answer: Nothing! You’re acting like an Alpha/dominant male. They’re obvi- ously not used to this, and they don’t like not being able to control, manipulate or walk all over you. Ironically, the more you irritate them with your indepen- dence, self sufficiency and refusal to put up with shit, the more they outwardly hate it and secretly love you. But they won’t admit it until they have seen you pass enough “shit tests” to prove that you’re a real man now. Just keep using the set, and don’t worry about them. If they don’t come around, they’re not worth dealing with anyway. That means they are not for you, so nothing lost.

Question: I am married or in a long term relationship. Will this program damage it or threaten it in any way?

Answer: That depends on two factors. First, is the woman good for you? And second, do you have self control?

If the woman you are with is not good for you, is holding you down, holding you back, unhealthy, manipulative, domineering, or otherwise a negative influence in your life, you will probably lose her or walk away from her as a result of having used this program.

If you have good self control, then you will not have trouble with the women who begin expressing interest in you when you begin displaying dominant/alpha male qualities.

So if you are involved with a good woman, and you genuinely want to be with her, there’s no problem.
Question: What is “Slipstream” technology?
Answer: Slipstream is a new technology (this is only the second released pro- gram containing Slipstream) which is intended to deal with resistance by remov- ing the triggers for it. It allows the state change to happen without resistance by making the end state exist before it exists, and therefore “become” without resistance. It is difficult to explain beyond that without getting into technical details that I cannot share. Think of Slipsteam as a way of making things so natural to become that they become automatically by already existing.


Ultrasonic Version:
Ultrasonic subliminals are hands down one of the very best and most powerful kinds of subliminals you can get, and they may even work well for people with some kinds of hearing problems. However, they have certain requirements to be useful.

First of all, you must play them on a device that conforms to standard CD playback and recording specifications. Such devices can handle audio within a pitch range between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. It is not uncommon these days for players to be manufactured at lower specifications simply because most people cannot tell the difference between their favorite song played within a pitch range of 20 to 20,000 Hz, and their favorite song played within a pitch range of 40 to 10,000 Hz. Since less pitch range makes for cheaper manufacturing (which translates into more profit for the manufacturer) some players will be unable to play this standard program format. These players produce the same problem that is produced if you play the program on a pair of speakers, headphones or ear buds that does not have the 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency response: staticky speech.

If, when you play this program, you hear staticky speech, it could be that the player cannot handle the frequency response required (20,000 Hz). It could also be the speakers, headphones or ear buds you are using. Or, if you’re lucky, you just have the volume up too high, and it’s causing speaker distortion. These programs should play without obvious sound at the same volumes you use for other programs, unless you have really loud “normal” volumes. The majority of the volume range should be able to play without static.
If you hear staticky speech (you won’t be able to make out what is being said)
and adjusting the volume does not fix the problem:

1. Try playing the program from a different set of speakers, headphones or ear buds, and make sure they have the proper frequency response rating.

2. Try playing the program on a different player.

3. If you are using a computer to play it, try using a different software pro- gram to play it. The two programs I use the most to play and record audio produce different responses on the same laptop. Audacity seems to be a good choice for playing ultrasonic audio.

4. Double check the volume is not outrageously loud.

If you or someone else being exposed develops a headache or nausea while you are using the program, the volume is most likely too high! Stop using the program immediately. Wait for the symptoms to go away. Then try again at a lower volume after re-calibrating volume using the masked track.
Masked Version:

The masked versions are covered by ocean sounds or trickling stream, and uses no ultrasonic audio. Instead, it uses “volume differencing”. Therefore, anybody who has the ultrasonic version, who cannot find a way to make it work with their speakers or equipment, will have to use one of the masked versions in- stead. If you purchased the ultrasonic version, and cannot make it work on your player/speaker combination, please use one of the masked versions.

The masked version will play on any functional speaker at all. However, to get the best results, you should remember that because of the use of volume differ- encing, masked subliminals have a shorter range of distance from the speaker that they will remain effective. If you can hear the lower volume areas of the ocean surf, you are close enough. If not, try turning up the volume until you can always hear the low volume parts of the ocean surf or moving closer to the speaker.

Precautionary Information

Ultrasonic audio, like any other sounds, can cause hearing problems if you listen to it at unreasonably high volumes. If you have the ultrasonic version, use an audible program to set the volume to a comfortable level.

Babies, infants, children, some younger adults and many types of pets may be especially sensitive to ultrasonic audio. It may agitate them, cause headaches or make them cry. Do not play the ultrasonic version of this program around them if it causes distress.

This program is designed to change your thinking, attitudes and actions in pow- erful and sometimes dramatic ways. You should expect that your personality, thinking and attitudes will change significantly, and thus so will your choices of actions. When these changes take place, those who know the old you may not like what they see because the new you will be different. It is common for

a person who is undergoing this Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training to shift their social circles, sometimes significantly. Some of the people you asso- ciate with when you start the training will not like the change in you, and they may not stick around. Some of them will be impressed with the changes you undergo, and you will certainly attract new people into your life who will fit your new personality changes.
When I was undergoing the process during research and development of the
2008 set (back in 2006), I lost my girlfriend because I would no longer put up
with her whiny/complainy/princess attitude. At the same time, I went from
being in the “friend zone” with one of my (very hot) photographic models to
being quite literally the love of her life. During the testing of the 2009 version, I
ended up leaving her because I refused to be manipulated, cheated on or taken
advantage of. These actions would never have been possible for me without
using this program. Expect changes in the world around you as you change
within yourself.


Not every man is the same, and not every man will change in exactly the same ways because no two of us start from the same place with the same set of circumstances or personality traits. Furthermore, not every man will be the top Alpha or most dominant in every situation, because there is always someone who will be more Alpha or more dominant out there in the world. And then you must consider that everyone will have a different style of masculinity through which they express their Alpha-ness and dominance. Therefore, your level of Alpha-ness and dominance when you finish this training program may be more or less than someone else who uses it. It all depends on where you start from, how much you want it and how much you put into getting it. Unless you really resist the program, expect to see some big changes in yourself during the six months that you are using it.

Also, as I have said before, expect some people to really dislike the changes you are making to yourself. Those who know you when you start are used to the “you” they already know and have become comfortable with. When I began using this training on myself originally, during R&D, some people I knew really didn’t like it. I went from being a very weak “nice guy” beta male doormat to a strong, no-nonsense dominant, self respecting and self sufficient man. Those who didn’t like it, didn’t like it because they could not control, manipulate, take advantage of or walk on me anymore. You should expect to encounter that from time to time.

It is also possible to have people begin telling you that you’ve suddenly become an arrogant jerk. This will depend heavily on your personality when you start being affected by the training. If it happens, it will partly be because this may be something they’re not used to seeing, but it will probably also be partly true. After all, strong man who does not allow others to walk all over him, and

who has a strong positive self image, is often viewed as an “arrogant jerk” or an “asshole” by those who are not as strong or self actualized, just as a strong Alpha or dominant woman who does not allow others to walk all over her, who has a strong positive self image is often viewed as being “stuck up” or a “bitch”, etc. Less self-realized people don’t like being out shined in these ways, and their automatic response is usually negativity and trying to tear you down. (The rest usually respond with simply following the leader – you – or they will just get out of the way.)

The good news is, people may not always outwardly like the strong, dominant or Alpha male who outshines them (especially other guys), but they will tend to secretly respect and admire him. The bad news is, if you have a problem with your ego getting out of hand or being arrogant or cocky before you start this program, you may need to be very careful to keep these traits under control after you are using the program for a while. There is a difference between calm self assurance and confidence, and actually being a cocky, arrogant jerk. Yes, there are women who will flock to even that type of man, but that is not how a true Alpha acts. The true Alpha has himself under control, and does not have anything to prove to anyone else. He has a strong, positive self image and he refuses to be walked on, controlled, manipulated or taken advantage of – but he also is not a prick about it. Top Alphas tend to be very polite and respectful, in fact. The program is designed to build a True Alpha within you, so this should not be a problem once you finish adjusting to the new you.

As a result of my extensive testing, I have toned down the self confidence build- ing a bit, but if you already have a healthy ego, you will still have to remain vigilant that you do not go overboard with it and end up being too arrogant and cocky. On the other hand, being just slightly arrogant or cocky is very, very attractive to most women. It is a fine line that you must walk, and when you have become a true Alpha, you will walk it automatically, without even try- ing. Again, it does require experience and calibration, so if you make mistakes, just learn from them and move on. As William E. Gladstone once famously (and rightly!) said, “No man ever became great except through many and great mistakes.”


By purchasing and/or using this program, you accept full responsibility for how you use this program, whether you follow the instructions or not, and all results you get from using this program, properly or otherwise.

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