Free subliminals from Indigo Mind Labs

We make these subliminals completely free to allow you to prove to yourself that our subliminals do in fact work for you before you ever spend any money on our products.  These are the full versions of the programs, the same level of quality and capability that they would be if they were paid-for subliminals of their type and technology generation.

The free subliminals are all 5th Generation technology.  The current generation is 5.5G and 5.75G, as we are in the process of developing 6G.  The free programs will be updated when 6G technology is finished being developed. These programs do not reflect the current level of power and ability of our latest programs, but they should show you whether or not our programs are going to have an effect on you.

These programs are free and you may share and distribute them as you please; there is no anti-piracy scripting in any of our free subliminals.  (Our paid titles do include anti-piracy scripting, and cannot be freely shared and distributed.) We hope you find one or more of these titles useful and helpful!

Instructions can be found here.

Why so many free subliminals?

You may have noticed that we have a lot of free subliminals.  That’s partly because we are using them to help you prove that they work before you spend money, and partly because we are trying to do some good in the world by giving away some of these for free.  We believe that “what comes around, goes around”, and that doing some good without asking anything in return is good for everyone.

We are, of course, a business, and we pride ourselves on offering the best-in-class for what we offer.  There is continuous, ongoing research, development, experimentation and improvement done on our technologies and programs, and you will notice that we have what we call “technology generations”.  These are increasingly advanced sets of various different subliminal scripting technologies that cost more as they get more and more advanced; our 4th Gen subliminals, for example, cost $24.95 a copy for single stage programs, but the single stage 5G subs cost $89.95 a copy.  This reflects the increase in power and value that you get from them. 5.5G single stage programs cost $114.95 a copy, and so on. We can ask more than our competitors and stay in business because our products are so powerful and effective. And if you find that the free versions don’t work for you, there was no hassle and you have spent nothing to figure that out!

Ultimately, we want you to see for yourself that what we offer not only works, but is worth what we ask for it, instead of just telling you that with advertising.  We invite you to do this because we know that our products can and do stand up to the test, and because we value your trust and appreciate that our products are not inexpensive for most people.  When you buy from us, we want you to buy with confidence because you already know that you’re getting what you paid for.


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