I own IML a good review for USLM:
Money is flowing in my home/life in abundance. Idk how to define it but it’s as if I am in different reality and we have enough to pay off our debts and house loan and still have enough left that we can invest those in real estate stuff..
Toxic people are now out of our life. Inshort everything is so clam and smooth. We are attracting good and positive people.
Before starting USLM-5.5G I wanted my family/parents to get out of the huge mountain of debt and thanks to USLM I have managed to manifest stuff due to which my parents are absolutely tension free… Now Things are getting better and better. It was one of my goals and it was achieved kinda in unexpected ways..
This subliminal is awesome.. It works on basically everything on life.. Consciously and even unconsciously..
I am now in a different reality. A reality me and my family could only dream off..
So many stuff have happened on USLM my journey and its still happening…
I wish I could write a perfect reviews but.. Life is good. Thank You so much Shannon… You are literally turning my world in to a heaven/paradise..
“I have been in the so called self help industry for more than 5 years and I tell you I have nearly tried everything and I have not witnessed anything that benefited me more than my 4 months of AM and the funny thing is I’m not done with it yet.”
As a small update, I started listening to overcoming fear since the 2nd of this month and to put it shortly so far so good haha. I will say that have been experiencing less fear when it comes to social interactions. It’s always been hard for me with my social anxiety to make phone calls, send emails, or simply writing posts like these where I know someone else will see them.
However, lately, I’ve been calmer about it. I have made small steps in just simply asking people how they are doing in which I would usually just be silent.
Today I was just able to get in the car and drive to the and talk to people without much of a second thought. School hasn’t started just yet but I am less afraid of it starting and it’s been more anxious than fear. Anyway, I don’t know how to end this properly so I hope whoever reading has a nice day.
I had booked a $99 room and I saw that there was a problem with it, I got a free upgrade to a $350 room.
In Poker entered a 5 cent tournament, won that to enter a satellite and came in the top 40 to win an entry into an $11 tournament. Games were quite fun and between the two there would have been over 4000 players. Got knocked out of the big one but I put that down to making a stupid mistake.
I’ve noticed that I seem to hit traffic lights when they’re green (at least 80 – 85% of the time).
“I’m on my second run at the moment and have to say the changes i have made from my years of using Shannon’s subs have been phenomenal, especially from doing AM.”
From three days I feel extremly powerful and manly. Sometimes even like Greek god or the ruler of the world. It`s insane! I don`t know how Shannon`s done it but I`m really glad that I invested my 500 bucks in such a powerful self development tool…
I`m way more communicative than normal, I can easily interact with any one, especially with girls and… they approach me and tell me their names! When I pass girls I must look in another way because I don`t want to attract so many of them! It`s quite insane! But you know what? I love it!…
Today I finished this subliminal training and all I can say is that AM6 is the absolute life changer for me and I`m more than delighted that I spent 500 bucks on this brilliant program and the best thing is that I can rerun it how many times I want. Probably, it`s the best self development tool for men and using it is obligatory.
I`ve attained great results with Alpha Male Training despite the fact that I`ve been using it with minimal amount of time and when I started this program my english was poor, also I`ve been using cell phone and poor quality speakers via 3 months and when I switched to a good quality mp3`s player, headphones and ultrasonic tracks, my results with this program dramatically improved right off the bat. Ok, but to the point!
All bullet points that I needed to accomplish (and I did with AM6) are;
-Maturity improvement.
-Kill excuses and refuse to accept them from yourself or anyone else.
-Approaching focus, for making it easier to approach others, especially attractive females.
-Be able to effortlessly approach any woman you want – and the more attractive you find her, the easier it will be.
-Self empowerment/self empowering.
-Have unshakable self confidence. (That was the most important thing for me and AM6`s done it for me!)
-Be selective about whom you spend your time with, and which women you give your time, interest and affections to.
-Exude an aura of confidence, commanding presence and authority, which gets you respect, attention and obedience.
-Display graceful, confident body language, which broadcasts your power and dominance to all, but especially females.
-Display the attitude, thinking, actions and speech patterns of an Alpha Male.
-Strong, centered masculinity and masculine presence.
That is fear of confrontation and escalation. I realised, I exaggerate how conversations escalate during confrontation.
After realising that, I am able to confront people and point what they are doing.
(without fear in my mind of, how wildly things could get escalate.)
I am not a nice guy anymore.
I think, that is fear of no control over how conversations escalate.
I have realised multiple aspects about this and it might be hard to explain it here.
I am excited to test my new found understanding regarding this.
Its amazing to realise for how many year i was living with that fear.
Haven’t seen results as obvious since I first tried US back in 2014, only this time they’re at an exponential level; it not only materialized $3k out of nowhere, it enhanced my trading, removed mental blocks as far as programming my scanners and am entering trades with a sense of calm, just waiting for the $$$ to grow.
The materialized $3k did not come from trading or any work on my part whatsoever, to be specific.
It also enabled me to start learning about affiliate marketing with no limitations whatsoever, just absorbing information and putting it together in small steps.
Lots of projects I put off in my past due to my mediocrity and an overwhelming talent of finding excuses, now are coming back with clarity and with an impulse to make them work.
Guys, stop bitching & just buy it; the Man, our Shannon, did amazing work with this one.
I listen to about 2 loops / day while I sleep.
Many thanks for creating this program & continuing your amazing work for everybody’s benefit.
There have been great changes, but they are just starting to emerge, and are hard to describe. For now, I will say that I am very motivated to focus on my classes. Very interested in my subjects, almost buzzing about them. This is different. I shouldn’t be this into differential equations. Motivated to understand and study hard.
I’ve noticed on my walks home, that I am trying to piece information together solidify what I’ve learned while I am walking with nothing else to do. It feels really satisfying to do this. I’ve been walking the same route for 1.5 years, but never did that. Now it happens daily.That is new since MLS.
Since starting MLS, I have begun to integrate information from seemingly different subject areas. For instance, I realized the things I’m learning in my speech class are directly applicable to pick up and attracting women. I was amazed to see the usefulness of this information.
Above all, my enthusiasm for learning has increased substantially. If I was not on MLS, I’d be bumbling through these classes — like I did last semester. As I was considering the knowledge learned in my speech class, I realized that before MLS I simply wouldn’t have cared enough to find connections between public speech and PUA.
Make you realize how important interest is to the learning process. We all go to school, but are we learning because we have to? Or are we so interested that we find these connections to be fascinating and exhilerating to discover? One mindset is obviously superior.
“I haven’t been listening that long to the US one but I can see results already I may look into buying others I am only 18 and have experimented with this stuff before. These in my opinion are the most powerful by far.”
“In my opinion Ultra Success is a amazing, it is already changing my reality …”
I wrote a testimonial on the Allergy Relief program last night but in my opinion it sounded too good to be true so I removed it. And maybe it was, I don’t know. But it’s morning now and I still feel great which is unusual. Well, anyways, I had an allergic reaction and within 30 minutes, as usual, my nose was completely plugged. So I thought before taking a bunch of medicine that will just put me to sleep I would try the Allergy Relief subliminal program. I did take a pill my doctor prescribed but it takes at least an hours to start working and never has cleared my sinuses.
Anyways, I started the subliminal and whether or not I had a placebo effect or not I don’t know but within 5 minutes my nose began to clear just a little bit. And by the time I was done with the 30 minute program my nose was completely clear. The only other thing that has worked this well is nasal spray. But with nasal spray my nose would be worse the next day.
I feel great, thanks.
“5 months use, min 8 hours a day usage. Betwewen 1″ and 1.5″ gain.”
“Now, the 32C bras are far too small. My cup runneth over, as they say. LOL!!”
“Prior to using the breast enhancement subliminal I had great success using other subliminals created by Shannon. As such I felt that investing in the breast enlargement subliminal would be worthwhile adventure. I remain a 32D nearly 6 months after completion of the breast enhancement subliminal. I am most pleased with the results.”
“Self-improvement with subs is a great and fun experience. Thanks to Shannon for creating them!”
“Self-improvement with subs is a great and fun experience. Thanks to Shannon for creating them!”
“I have not had success with affirmations, but your subliminals work well.”
…I feel amazing inside every day, people constantly want to hang out with me, people at work have been helping me with my stuff, stuff they aren’t supposed to help me with and never have before, and this includes my GM, every day is a good day. I’m probably going to run Ultra Success for well over a year like I was planning. This sub is amazing. I can feel it in my bones, I am going to be successful in life.
….BIABWS is one bad@ss sub I’ve had some crazy @ss experiences with it and it looks like they are just going to keep coming even though I stopped running it…
“….your subs are actually working! At least i notice a difference and my erection dysfunction is almost gone after only a week and i feel like a more confident man.”
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share with you all an experience I had with MIR.

This was during February. Me and a friend of mine had a 15 min ride with a cab driver who kept sneezing non-stop. After we got off, we were both pretty sure our health was gonna get #$%^& up. Sure enough, by the time I got back home in the evening, I had begun sneezing a little myself, and I could also feel a very distinctive sore sensation at the back of my throat. I decided not to take any chances and went to sleep with MIR that night.

The next morning, I felt a slight itch at the back of my throat, but there were no other symptoms. Just to be on the safe side, I kept up with the sub for another 4 days (and nights) . By the 2nd day the itchiness had disappeared and that was the end of it for me.

My friend, on the other hand, developed a pretty bad cold. Afterwards, I remember he told me that it was the worst non-flu cold that he ever had. I actually tried to convince him to use MIR and even offered to purchase for him a copy, but despite my best efforts he’s VERY stubborn, has “anti-subliminal” sentiments and really doesn’t like the idea of “someone messing with his head”.

Anyways, @Shannon – Your subliminals kick-ass! They are literally a life-saver! Thank You

Ok so I finished ACS 5G about a month ago but never gave my testimonial. Wow, this was my first experience with both Shannon’s subs and 5G technology. There is no doubt this sub was effective. It made my confidence at an all time high. Every time I walked past a mirror I stopped and stared in amazement. I was not doing any affirmations while doing this sub but kept finding myself saying I’m so confident or I feel confided randomly. Girls practically looked like they wanted to rape me at times. A tribute to the power of the subconscious my Facebook page has never had so many likes, comments and messages as it did while I was running this sub. Also, it was removing the barriers in my mind of what I thought was possible for myself, this was absolutely amazing.
I used Grow taller 5g for 3 & 1/2 months. At the end of it I was 1 and 1/2 inches taller. That was when I was age 24. No stretching required.
Yesterday I spoke with a women who was walking her dog and she seemed to be into me. This is the second time since I’ve begun OF that I’ve had female interest which I found odd. Fears surrounding women have been one of my major issues from my teens, and normally I will avoid them whenever possible, but when I spoke with her I felt pretty good even. Definitely progress.
…I have noticed that I am standing up for what I believe in and calling people out on their BS that comes my way. Most of the time I just brush it aside, because they’re not even worth my time or effort. I also feel a overall contentment, happy, some times just carefree not giving a care about anything sometimes.
“SM really is one hell of a program for any of you wanting to use it use it. you will not regret it.”
“….The new 5g is unbelievable. The naturlizer is blowing my mind. I feel like I’ve come so much further than I have in the last 1.5-2 years! Shannon, I’m all for you updating everything in 5g now even if it takes you 4 years. ….”
“Thanks Shannon for your subliminals. They helped so much in giving me that kickstart. And they’ll continue to be something I use for the rest of my time on earth.”
“2 days off of ASC 5G and I feel like a badass. How’s that for a testimonial Shannon.”
Something weird happened to me today, it started yesterday actually. I was on my phone and just decided to check my camera and see what I look like and then I realized (Shocked) wow I actually look pretty good! (which is very strange because selfies usually frustrate me trying to get a good looking picture.) So I took a few pictures of my self, quite attractive ones at that!.
Then today, I was just checked my self in the mirror and I looked pretty attractive and this stands out because it feels weird, it’s like…
“Have I always been this attractive? How come I am only just noticing?….What the F/ck is going on!??” ”What voodoo magic spell has been cast upon me?!!” ”Have people always seen me this way or has my perceptions of myself changed, which changes peoples perceptions of me also?”
Very interesting.
Today I also started working out.
“… AM5 is amazing so far. I’ve had many a-ha moments. I am realizing that we as human beings can keep on going to the next level of personal development and discovery. There are no limits, except the limits that we place on ourselves.
Once again, I appreciate your hard work and dedication towards creating products that are making a difference in peoples lives. …”
“I think it´s really cheap with 500$, as it will (my feeling tells me that) at LEAST give the results that Cory’s (Cory Skyy) program will give me,… and all of that, while I am sleeping. And it will go a lot deeper and really transform from the inside out. Glad, that I made the right decision ;-).”
Well damn, this is interesting stuff. How I feel is one thing, but how others feel around me can’t be denied. They feed off of my aura, I’m certain of it.
My friend was driving on the trip, he went to some guy in another city to sell a sword. What really stood apart was these 2 teenage girls walking on the street, they were staring at me, like starstruck, turning their heads as we drove past. Like 20 yards away from the car, looking through the window, yet they sense it. That’s unheard of.
Tops as!! I absolutely love this program!!! it always gets me off my butt and moving and getting stuff done! works with tidying the house/clearing out the garage, studying, assignment starting and finishing, general paperwork that i hate doing, exercising and everything. Total Winner, thankyou
Shannon: “and that pain has been reduced by 70% by the program?”
Her: “yes. believe me-that itself is a huge blessing”
“Shannon: How are you doing with the smoking?
Her: good have not even had a craving in like forever
Shannon: which means? No cigarettes since you quit from the program at week 8?
Her: yep almost 8 weeks
Shannon: How long ago was your last craving?
Her: oh wow, weeks ago, at least 3.”
“Oh btw you are LIGHT YEARS BEYOND all those other subliminal companies.”
“I have been using Maximum Learning Speed for 4 days already and I have to say I’m quite impressed with the results!”
“You don’t waste money IF it’s Shannon’s.”
“Last night I ended Stage 6 of Alpha. I have noticed that I am way more assertive this time around. Been calling people on their shit on a regular basis. I like how I am able to convey my message when calling people on their shit, it’s unapologetic, straight to the point and with grace.”
“Shannon, AM5 is worth far more than you charge for it. I need to buy the second half before you change the price to match the value.”
“Shannon, for this, I’d have paid the price of a 5G 6-stage program by itself. I’m only on the second stage of the AM5 4G product, and it’s making me a much better father to my kids. I cannot thank you enough.”
“The Naturalizer (a technology in the latest AM program) is like a ninja: I had to review my posts to remind me of all these things. My progress this month is amazing.”
“The Naturalizer is the subliminal equivalent of disguising a rodeo clown as a ninja-wrapped-in-stealth-bomber-material. The effects of AM5 are so radical, they’re like a clown at a funeral. Somehow, the Naturalizer masks all that like the invisible gorilla in the selective attention tests.”
“It’s one thing to know what polishing means, and it’s quite another to experience the changes. I was expecting Stage Six to do less: Just smoothing over any rough spots left after the big work of earlier stages. Instead, I’m finding that it is making changes of its own, and I like it!”
“Shannon, EACH Stage has been worth the price of the whole package. Convincing me of that beforehand would have been very difficult, and the Laffer Curve on your products won’t support that price point right now. That said, the value IS there!”
“I’ve finished my first series of AM5, and I’ve come a long way. I don’t have the time to enumerate everything that has changed. Suffice it to say that this level of transformation blows away any expectations that seemed “realistic” when I started.”
“These (promised results) are all very strong, and I look forward to strengthening them with my behavior.”
“AM5 is fantastic, and I would buy AM6 tomorrow, were it released.” (stated before the release of AM6)
Growing up, I had horrible insomnia. As I’ve grown older, the quantity of sleep has increased, but the quality and results have remained poor.
I purchased each of these products hoping to improve this, and it is working.
Hypersleep is nearly miraculous, and I only use “nearly” because a miracle would overcome the bad choices I make, like having iced-tea with dinner, when the caffeine will make it very difficult to fall asleep. I would not expect HS to work under those circumstances. When I’ve not chemically impaired my brain’s ability to sleep, Hypersleep works great. I just used it last night because I had to get up early this morning to get some chores done before going to work. I was too tired to get it done last night, so I put Hypersleep on my headphones. I awoke super early, feeling refreshed and got a bunch of work done before leaving for work.
Compare this to my normal morning, where I lay in bed, ignoring my obligation to get up and go to work, which results in skipping parts of my routine or forgetting to bring things along.
Sleep Shuttle works very well. Even when I’m stressed out and I can’t stop thinking in circles, Sleep Shuttle gradually slows me down and sends me off to sleep.
Power Nap is highly underrated. On days when I’m tired, I can take a lunch break in my truck, with the seat reclined, and take a Power Nap! It’s very refreshing.
Shannon, your BWE products are fantastic. I’m grateful you have produced them.
“So I’ve noticed my Fear Of Heights is nearly gone. I used to be TERRIFIED, but back at work walking on walls isn’t so bad. I wonder how I’d be on the roof.”
“On another note, this sub is really working wonders. I’m getting so much respect and people are following me like I’m their leader lol. I also am socializing so much easier and it’s just effortless at times. Reaching out to people I don’t know is still un-nerving however, look forward to this getting busted as well. All in all, I can’t wait to see what I’ll be like at the end of this thing, it’s SO powerful!”
Just started Self Esteem 5.5G
First day was pretty good, i noticed my confidence skyrocket.
Have too see what next day will bring me.
Got some free clothes that she didnt pay and gift from my GF today.
Friend at job got special tickets for a cinema movie asked me too come with him.
Found 4 tickets for cinema i forgot i had.
Also feeling better atm, things flow better.
Lets see if something else “happend” soon, hehe.
Also i have been having some sparking feelings firing off inside my body all day, can lead too smal brain orgasm.
I had some really fun times with my fps games today.
LM is kicking in, poor players coming against me with all my luck lol, im dominating.
Feeling more positive about the future, like something good is going too happend soon.
I did switch too ocean masked and feeling zero resistance wich is good for me.
Motivation just kicked in,
Thinking about success in life, training, lose some weight, diet. Styling my self, already did this.
Is like my mind think how too be successful and showing me ways too improve myself with motivation too do it.
Guess I have some work too do tomorrow.
Looking forward for success in all area’s of my life.
“Man, I love how EIP feels. All that negativity disappeared and now I feel like I can conquer anything.”
“I can see a big difference in it vs. 2011, but in 2011 I was depressed in stage 1 and it was very very rough. Stage 1 of AM5 is 10x easier and more comfortable. Naturalizer?”
“Shannon you’ve done it again. AM 5 is nothing short of spectacular. …”
“I am highly impressed with this product. I will continue to use Indigo Mind Labs products as a valued aid in my continuing evolution.”
“I used AOS and BIABTW in tandem within 2 months and I was literally feeling afraid of looking into women eyes… because they would either look back with lust, get very nervous, or turn their necks to me like mad. And you know… when you are an average guy, your not used to that… So get prepared AOS is powerful…”
…I’m beginning to transcend many old paradigms. I feel like I’ve emerged from a cocoon that I built when I started EHPRA 2.0. Now I’m a butterfly, but it doesn’t stop there. I’m building another cocoon. I feel like I’m going to keep going through metamorphoses.
I’ve begun to not care about what other people are thinking (at least in the negative sense), or what others have achieved. I’ve used other’s judgements, beliefs, and achievements as excuses for self-pity. I’ve used that self-pity to hold me down (by giving away my power in an underhanded, sneaky way), by pre-choosing my own failure through that comparison – whether or not I even want to be, do, or have what they do. I’ve used all of this to blame my failures on others.
I feel like I’ve had these tendrils that I’ve sent out into other people’s lives, and now I’m withdrawing them to gather and keep my energy and focus where I can control it, within myself…
Quick note: As I continue to listen, I’m noticing a general feeling of contentment and gratitude. It’s a very calm, peaceful feeling. I’ve been very loving toward my son this morning, and my heart just feels very, very open.
Today has been a whole new feeling. First thing at the gym, I sit down to do some lat pulldowns, and suddenly I’m surrounded. One chick starts doing tricep pushdowns on my left, another lays a mat down for floor exercises on my right, and then another starts doing dumbbell bicep curls behind me. Meanwhile, I’m focused on the mirror and watching as each one of them flits their eyes to look at me.
What really amazed me was as I left, I had this immense feeling of sexual abundance. It’s literally the opposite feeling of how I used to feel before I started doing E2. I’d go into the gym, puff up the chest, walk head-held-high, but inside was just hoping and praying I’d see girls checking me out. Today, I knew they were. I could not only see it, I could feel the energy of it. It was an amazing feeling.
Immediately after, I had a client to train at home. Haven’t seen her for about 4 weeks. She’s early 30’s, not bad but not great, and we’ve been friends for a long time. Today, she talked about her boobs, let me know that someone at work came up to her and asked her out, and pretty much crotch-displayed the entire hour. She had the windshield-wiper legs going every time she sat down. Instead of the pauses being with legs closed, it was with legs wide open. Crazy. …
“….MLS is really brilliant. I’m learning new things a lot faster my memory and recall are excellent and have improved greatly.”
“This version is brilliant and huge improvement compared to the 2010 version I used before.It feels a lot more smoother and normal.I change and it seems like it’s was there and it’s not a big deal.”
“Women also seem to be affected.They seem to be acting differently.”
“It’s a fun one. I was more in the moment and flowing and no self doubt or hesitation in what I was doing.I was more playful,more intent and women seemed to respond better maybe to something I was doing with my body language. I also was more direct and physical.”
I have my first USLM3 success story to report and it’s a BIG one. On Sunday, December 23rd, I won a Fantasy 5 jackpot worth $169,710 !!!!! Best Christmas present ever.
I have been regularly playing Fantasy 5 since May of this year. I track the results and pick my own numbers, and then wheel a set of usually 9 or 10 numbers into different combos. I have hit 4 out of 5 a few times, but this is my first jackpot.
I am absolutely blown away at how great the USLM3 program is. There is no question in my mind about how phenomenal Shannon’s products are. I have been using this program for only 1 month and I have already achieved one of my sub-goals. My main goal is manifesting more money, and my first sub-goal under that was to win a big Fantasy 5 jackpot. WOW !!!!!
I want to attach a photo of my winning ticket and claim stub, but I keep getting a message that the file size is too large. I will email it to Ben and hopefully he can post it for me.
Thank you Shannon for your amazing products and for your dedication to continually improving and upgrading them. Nobody else does that. Period.
…I am amazed how productive I have become during the past weeks. I almost cannot understand anymore what held me back so long and so hard. I am almost done with my article. It is amazing to watch it grow on a day to day basis…
I have avoided reading scientific literature that plays on my playground for a long time. Last few times I tried I couldn’t really concentrate on it and consequently wouldn’t really understand the data and implications that the authors wanted to make. That had a lot to do with fear of failure and thinking that I am not good enough. Thus I went into hiding and ran from it a lot.
Now I am finally taking the simple steps and am coming out of my shell again. Reluctantly I gave reading some rather specific papers a try … and boy oh boy, not only do I completely understand the reasoning, data, and implications, I also clearly see the flaws and over-interpretations and am able to articulate them (the latter being something I had always had my problems with).
Needless to say that I am happy and blown away.
33 days.
I have come to like PTPA more and more. It has risen the ranks and now easily is one of my favourite subs. Things flow and although this journal may not really reflect it, I had several awesome upgrades in my life because of it.
I used this sub for about 2 weeks. It definitely attracts women.
Everywhere I went there was always girls that were interested in me.
I walked out of my house and there were 2 girls waiting for the bus. I walk to wait for the bus as well and one of the girls noticed me coming from afar ( must be the aura ), she & her friend started to get all excited then right before walking into the bus, one of the girls gave me a huge smile.
There was a girl with her mom at a mall. As soon as her mom noticed me, she pointed to me to show me to her daughter. I walked up closer to where they were then I moved away. I could see her mom standing on the tip of her toe to try to catch a glimpse of me over everyone.
This aura stuff is for real. It works. Now I am planning to use BIATBW. Once I get result I’ll post them. Next time I’ll use aura of sexiness for a longer period of time plus I’ll socialize more.
So I decided to stay on this program for a while. Been on it for last few days. Yesterday I went approaching with my friend and I approached 3 beautiful women in a span of an hour. First approach was okay not bad, she said she had bf at end. Second approach was amazing, one of my best ever, i was funny, completely relaxed and got her number.
Third approach she also said she had a bf after talking few minutes but the approach wasn’t that good. The initiial approach was good for each of the 3 approaches, but only the 2nd approach was perfect, 1st was not terrible but 3rd was not that good. i didn’t think of anything to say thats good.
I am stoked. Im so happy because yesterday showed that I still have it in me. I had almost no anxiety.
This is the beginning of a new chapter of my life, taking action and doing what I need to do to get what I desire in life. Always approaching instead of living in regret.
This anxiety program is so strong and effective and im very happy I bought it. I am grateful to be using it and I can only see my life getting better and better from here on. There are so many things in my life that anxiety was getting in the way of & now that the anxiety is dissipating I feel reborn. I feel like a new person almost. I feel like I’ve willingly fallen into another chapter in my life & from here on everything in my life is going to be amazing.
I feel unbelievably good about myself & the future right now. I’ve also never felt the level of NON NEEDYNESS that i am feeling right now. I almost give no fucks. I give very little fucks right now compared to the past when it comes to dealing with women.
**** I was super confident today.
Thats how I know self esteem is working really well.
I was NEVER that comftorable. I was SUPER playful and direct and it didnt feel like i had any inner turmoil. not even a little. I think my anxiety is even less now.
i’ve never seen my parents so driven & happy before in my life. They are motivated driven and constantly working now. There are only on stage 2 still but it feels like they’ve already completed the program as the results have been spectacular.
They wake up every morning at 8 or 9 am (before they woke up at 11am for the last 20 years) and they start cleaning every little detail of the house and take out the garbage. They go for walks and bring the dogs out and they have been extremely focused and have made ALLOT of appointments in there life insurance business. I have never seen my parents this happy and motivated ever in my life. They cook meals EVERY night now & even cook me my vegetarian meals. My mom used to HATE cooking now she enjoys it. They look act and feel completely healthy. I’m so happy to have bought this program for them and to see how it’s changed there life. This is not the first subliminal they’ve used. i’ve also gave them emotional pain healing subliminal and that worked as well but Base has made them 100 times more productive.
I think this program literally put another 10 years on there life because they are so active and healthy now. My mom lost 10 pounds and is workingo out and bringing the dog for walks everyday. They never stop working and they never complain. It’s INSANE.
‘m so blessed to have this subliminal and i want to thank Shannon from the bottom of my heart for helping my parents and myself. Using Base has helped me personally quit drugs and cured my depression. I’m motivate and driven again and im going to become RICH. Thank you so much.
And on a side note. we stil haven’t experienced stage 3 4 5 and 6. :DDDDDD
“Luck Magnifier is really amazing-I’ve been on the leprechaun juice for a few weeks myself and been having easy as pie-to downright fun opportunities for 60-100 extra $ practically falling in my lap EVERY DAY for the last two weeks.”
“Everything is gorgeous…there is so much to laugh about. My confidence is through the roof..but I feel more humble then ever.”
“First off, thank you Shannon for developing such an excellent line of subliminals. I can honestly say they’ve changed my life for the better, and while I still have a lot of inner garbage that needs to be purged, count me in as a customer for life.”
Just ended the second day’s loops and I feel on top of the world. I feel like all of the little traumas from my life never happed. I can think back on some of the things in my life that have messed me up, and they didn’t happen that way. Or more I chose at the time to react to them differently. Even though I, well, didn’t. This thing is a past editor. There is some cognitive dissonance that should be bugging me, but it isn’t.
This thing is definitely making me more social and less shy. I was painfully shy as a kid and throughout my teenage years through my mid twenties. I had thought that I had gotten over it a while ago. Partly through use of subs, and partly through just forcing myself to do it. However, (and I am just now realizing this now). It was forced and wooden with people I didn’t know well. I kept the talk to a minimum and just interacted as much as I had to. Nothing really felt natural unless I was among close friends and family. I didn’t really recognize that this was me working around a social phobia rather than actually dealing with it. I didn’t reciognise how much of my aloofness was the old fear.
That’s changing though. This afternoon I woke up and went to get my hair cut. I bantered with the lady who cut my hair when I used to just kind of sit there before. I’d never met this girl, but joking with her was easy and I enjoyed it. I put actual inflections in my voice (before I used to keep it as neutral as possible. I have an awesome voice and hadn’t been using it).
Then I went to the grocery store, and wound up having a long, light conversation with the checkout girl. She was cute, and about half my age. She told me a lot about herself without me asking, and was playing with her hair and doing all of that stuff. I am not trying to get that to happen, but it is kind of fun…
I’ve officially been on LTU for a month. Im now starting ASRB break #5.As far as new stuff, I’m getting the near euphoric bursts of positivity and optimism that I was having on USLM1. They’re happening both while I’m running the program, and at random times while I’m not, on run days and break days. These are usually coupled with a very vivid visualization of having one of my major goals accomplished or some good thing in the future after it’s accomplished. There is no negative voice saying that this may not be accomplished accompanying it. Sometimes though, I just feel really good suddenly and for no reason.
Quick recap of the effects so far.
-Three lifelong serious nervous habits (twitches, tics, tooth grinding) gone.
-Major decrease in the frequency and intensity of almost dissociative anger episodes (usually revenge fantasies or something like that that really pull me out of the present moment and involve a serious anger reaction). I don’t think I’ve had one for a few days, and the last few I’ve had didn’t cause jaw clenching, muscle tightening, or anything, they were just vivid thoughts. This is major progress, these used to be a multiple times daily occurrence.
-Parinoia and twitchyness in crowded places is gone. This used to be a real problem. I COULD stand trips to a store or whatever, but it was unpleasant and exhausting. Lately I’ve actually been feeling good there.
-My relationship with my wife has improved. She still takes her bad moods out on me occasionally, but it doesn’t get under my skin nearly as much. I recognize that it’s her somewhat disfunctional way of dealing with stress, frustration, fear and physical pain. It’s a problem with her not me, and it’s up to her to solve it. Also she’s been doing it less. Though she does seem a little confused that she can’t get a rise out of me anymore.
-Massive boost in self confidence. At least as far as knowing I can handle any challenge that life throws my way goes. I’m in a rough situation now, but I’m coming to the end of it, and once things are back on track, I can level life up in a lot of different ways.
-I have stopped drinking soda. I didn’t really plan on it, I just switched to sparkling water.
-Aches and pains that I felt on waking up are gone.
-Increased energy on waking up.
-Increased productivity toward my goals.
-Fear of failing in my job search because of past failures gone.
-The default setting on my face went from slight hostile scowl to slight smile.
-I am calmer all the time and in all things.
-My wife has noticed and commented that I am different in a good way.
I am quite impressed.
This morning it hit me that I have absolutely no negative thoughts about finance at all. I am absolutely sure that my plan for getting us out of financial trouble will work in short order, and everything will be good from then on. Matter of fact, I’m thinking like it’s already happened. The phrase “were back on an even keel and we’ve got the wind at our backs”. went through my head repeatedly today. That’s a little odd, I’m not a sailor and don’t tend to think in nautical terms.
I also got stuck in traffic on the way to work this afternoon I was very close to being late. What hit me was how calm I was. The thought of being late for work used to really freak me out because I’d always try to be perfect and falling short upset me. This time, I just fighred it would be ok because I’m never late and a lot of my co workers are.
WIFE: There has been a major change in her. She had a couple of days where she was very frustrated at something. She told me what was frustrating her rather than taking it out on me. If anyone wonders why this amazes me, see my LTU journal. Funny thing is, I don’t think she noticed.
Yeah, this sub is really cool. There is more to it than just relaxation I think. I’ve been recently feeling an urge to go out and have fun. I haven’t felt that way in many, many years. And when I’m out I do have fun, and I do enjoy myself altough I still have some tension in my body. I catch myself thinking that this tension is not a reason to feel upset 🙂 so… I’m in a better mood despite of the remaining pain 🙂 Today for instance I’ve been out whole day! And in the evening although I was tired I still wanted to stay out and have fun, lol
..Now I’m doing stress relief again. But in just a little bit more than 60 days on Stress relief I have almost completely recovered from anxiety. No pills, no doctors, no nothing. This sub should be available at hospitals, seriously…
My case has been very difficult and intricate and with E2 I have almost completely got passed my issues…
…I did tremendous progress on STRESS RELIEF in just one year, but on EPRHA 2.0 listening to it for just 1 hour a day I already have made a significant progress in just three days. The point is that the growth takes place more naturally – it just happens I just relaxed, didn’t even bother with trying and wanting to release feelings, it just happens – meaning I just do it it’s not about releasing something that is stored in the body anymore, it’s that I naturally change the way I feel even though I’ve been still dealing with a lot of fear I woke up today positive and thinking that “I can”, and feeling “I believe in myself”…
“On September 19th it was my birthday and it also was my one year anniversary of quitting smoking.”
“So just finished one month of Stage One of AM 5.0. This month has been pretty amazing looking back.”
“I find I have almost no neediness with regards to women. I didn’t realize how needy I was before till it was gone. Now I’m just focused on having an awesome time and life and when women come around I enjoy them immensely but feel no need for them to stick around.”
“I’ve had a lot of self-reflection on my life and habits during AM. At times rough but always coming out stronger.”
“Just finished AM5.0 and I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the results. Shannon really has produced an amazing product.”
Right now I feel much better again. Yesterday I went to the city to buy some stuff and have a drink. I felt completely relaxed and my slef consciousnes has also dropped a lot again. An other great improvement I noticed was my eye contact with strangers. In the underground I noticed a man looking at me, instead of ignoring him like I usually do, I made eye contact with him. I still found it difficult to hold eye contact for longer time with strangers, however that wasn’t needed this time since he looked away almost imdediately.
I also made eye contact with 2 good looking women. With the first women thh situatuion went exactly the same as with the men except it did happen on street. With the second women there was improvement. She looked at me, I looked at her and whd held eye contact for like 3 seconds. I couldn’t handle more than that. It’s just too intense for me right now.
The last thing I want to mention is something I also already mentioned in an earlier post. The way I walk is very powerful and confident. I always had a quiet relaxed confident walk, atleast that’s what people told me. But right now it’s improved even more, I really feel like a boss when walking. I also noticed that more people were willing to move out the way when I was passing them.
LM 7 days: Yesterday with my business I made in ONE day, what I usually make in ONE really bad month when everything is going bad etc. (~1000€)
Of course there were preparations for this that were anterior to the listening of LM but it was still really impressive!…
This E2 is quite interesting. By that I mean that I feel different every day. It’s not always the best of days, but every day something seems to change.
Today for the first time I felt like rather going to class than staying home!!!! WHAT THE ****?? I have never in my life felt like rather going out than staying in (with the exception of alcohol). Today I had a class with all new people and I seemed to be an absolute social magnet. My social anxiety seems to lessen with time, since my jokes were on point! At one point a dude in my class couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes because the timing of what I said was perfect. Actually, usually I wouldn’t even talk during class, however this time I was one of the few people who did and I probably talked the most…
“Thankyou, Shannon. I’ve done only 2 days of LTU3, after having done 4 years of subliminals and hypnosis from other vendors and in those 2 days I’m feeling results I never had before.”
Had no intention of posting again so soon, but execute week is starting off unexpectedly. Went out for a couple of minutes to pick up take-out and found myself smiling involuntarily at nearly every pedestrian or passing car as if they were a cute pet that had just done something adorable. The food place had CNN on, which I watched as they prepared my order, and, against all logic or reason, I still couldn’t stop smiling. It felt like a totally inappropriate response to my surroundings, but I just kept smiling. At home, before or after? No uncontrollable urge to smile. Strange…
Day 29
Real talk now. I notice a lot of changes in myself, positive ones. There are possibly too many to count, so I will focus on 2 ones and mention some of them here briefly. I feel more energetic, motivated. I finally getting stuff done. My flatmate thinks I matured a lot recently and I got grasp on my life better than ever before. All of that with little resistance, changes feel natural and organic, as if I was doing nothing and just keen on going with my life as always. But wait, there’s more!
I’ve always wanted to lose some weight (I’m currently at 30 BMI) and finally I’m managing it. I don’t want to post anything yet as I’m scared of yo-yo effect, but I think the trend is there. All thanks to self-control (not eating crap, not drinking beer every second night etc.), eating less while still not being hungry and having lots of energy and regular exercise. As for the last, in the recent months I was exercising a bit, more and more with every week, but now for the first time I use exercise to challenge myself. To prove to myself that I can. And it feels great when I indeed can.
Secondly NoFap. I’ve also played around with this one, not going all in but limiting myself. I started measuring when I do it and made up some rules on when I can do it. This gave some success but did not resolve the main issue. However, now I’m on the day 6, feat I’ve managed to achieve only 5 times in the past 2 years, and I intend to keep on going with this one. Two reasons. First one is my new born confidence brought by my weight loss. Second one is girl I met recently in work, she’s pretty and intelligent, exactly my type. Obviously she’s got a boyfriend, but I cannot escape the thought that if I was to stop with PMO I might have had such a girlfriend and not be lonesome like I’m now. I don’t think it’s time for dating just yet, I want some more time to deal with my other issues. However, when the time comes (and it’s approaching) NoFap can only help me with my confidence and sexual power!
Overall, seriously, if I were just to keep on going like I’m doing right now I think I’d consider this sub to be the best of all of subs I’ve tried. It’s almost scary and undoubtedly beautiful that more is yet to come!
I did this sub for over a month along with a second sub. I must admit that I usually didn’t get the full exposure of 8 hours because of the other sub (usually I was between 4 and 6 hours). But, still, I got noticeable results. I got a better understanding of math and I was able to learn math stuff quicker than before. I was also more interested in math, and at some point it was even fun to do math! I know one day I was like “Ah, good time for a movie. Ehhh, no, I do some math instead.” I would have never said something like this before.
I decided to write a brief testimonial since this program is just great. Before doing AM6 I was needy, insecure, I didn’t believe in myself, people seemed often to not taking me serious and women often didn’t even notice that I exists.
Many things changed with AM6. I lost a lot of neediness during the program, I started to care less about what other think, started to feel more solid and confident. Women started to notice me, looking into my eyes and sometimes flirting with me. When I walk through the city people usually walk out of my way. Last but not least, my body language changed, too, and other areas of life (other than women) became more important to me. I recommend this sub for all men who are serious about their personal growth. Thank you Shannon for creating this one, I know it was hard to do so.
… I also have the feeling that my approval seeking behavior went done quite a lot and I like talking/socializing much more than before…
Hey everyone!
I’m new to subs!
I started using OP at the end of July, then saw that UM/OP 5.5 came up on sale on the same day I happened into unexpected money and just went for it.
With OP I noticed changes very quickly. My house is cleaner, and it’s staying clean because I’m naturally putting things away when I’m done with them. I wanted to complete Custom orders for my business rather then put them off for quite a while and I normally do, and dropping a package of at the post office that had been on my desk for a month made me extremely happy.
New sub is working well for the same things… I can’t remember the last time I could see my kitchen counters clear for a week, but there they are. I’ve also sewn way more stock for my Etsy shop this weekend, so I guess the sub has paid for itself already. It feels like my cell phone addiction is almost gone, I’m not nearly as interested in youtube as Facebook as I normally am. It’s just a can contentment with getting things done.
I have noticed I’ve been extra tired the last 2 days since I started the new sub and have had to nap both days, not a big deal since I’m getting more done that usual anyways lol.
I’m a single mom of 4 who runs her own business so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens from here…
This thing saved my butt yesterday. My son is starting a new job today and I decided yesterday to just find the paperwork he needed for this afternoon, rather than grabbing it all last minute as we were getting ready to leave. Couldn’t find his SIN number anywhere. So I had time to look up how to get him a replacement and was able to get him up and to the government office calmly this morning, rather than in a panicked rush, which would have been the norm. Also got him to complete his courses yesterday rather then today. I tried running the script as an in the moment script for him since he really didn’t want to do it, and he became really tired so I turned it off. It was his first exposure to a sub and I remember being tired the first 2 days I used it.
So glad I got onto everything ahead of time!
Since my last note I have worked steadily at my new part time job.  I am now up to 15 new clients in the space of two weeks!  My boss told me that I am the highest paid tutor and that he wants to extend the relationship to the school year.  I have also had some of my own private clients tell me they want to work now in advance of the school year.  All this is VERY unusual as tutoring has historically been dead for me during the summer.  Things are going great, and I feel I am close to my initial monetary goal.  As a result, I have decided to raise my goal.
“This program for me worked perfectly and have achieved quick results my fear has reduced loads! Tbh the little things that would affect me dont bother me at all anymore! It actually keeps me happy! And gives me really goodnight sleeps which is a bonus! I’m just more focussed on the things that are important to me! Thank you Shannon. Its had a huge positive impact on me!”
Observations from last night, was pretty tired so didn’t continue the after party. Although the waitress kept leaning on me or over me whenever she was at the table, often to the point where people were joking it would be easier for her to serve drinks and food to is if she came a bit closer to everyone else, it was a 10 person table and she used me as a leaning post to reach 8 by pivoting over and around me. Got smacked in the face by her chest multiple times. Is this how waitresses flirt, “seen these tits” smack KO! …
…Size remains the same, but interestingly, the shape has beautified. Hard to put into words but the shape of the breast has expanded around the breasts with contouring, so that if I were to (but hubby wouldn’t be that supportive of this idea lol) go out into the world without a bra I’d have no problem with it at all. This is a major mindset shift and results observation of how my breasts have evolved. It’s pretty remarkable how this program has worked thus far.
“AM is definitely a game changer. Get on it as soon as you can :)”
So far I have noticed the following:
  • I keep manifesting things that help me and not just money either. For example, I manifested a course on negotiating (a skill I am currently weak in) and got it on sale for only $70!! The person teaching this course is one of the best and very well known expert in the field of persuasion.
  • I have manifested money multiple times, the last time was $520.
  • I manifested a refund faster than it should have arrived. It was supposed to take 10 days, I got it in 3 days.
  • The emotional healing portion of the subliminal has cleared a way a ton of crud. Including my old maladaptive patterns of running from things (a fear response brought on by my PTSD).
  • Haven’t had any anxiety or flashbacks in a week or two now.
  • My mom (who is pretty toxic) no longer effects me. Her negativity just passes by with no effect. Not sure if this is the non-directional shield or something else.
  • I am on medication and my dosage was way to low, had been for a while but my doc was being a bit stubborn. Now sure happily upped it to the proper dose. I think this was UMS because the low dose was causing chronic fatigue and preventing me from working properly. Now I can work all day with no issues.
  • I find I can learn faster now. I was always a fast learner, but now even half paying attention to a video and I remember most of it. I also find I act on what I learn instantly, as if it was programmed into my subconscious mind directly. (is this an effect of UMS?)
“It’s only been about 2 days. I’m really liking the direction of this sub. I feel like it’s really getting to the heart of the issue I’ve been wrestling with for a while now.”
“It’s only been about 2 days. I’m really liking the direction of this sub. I feel like it’s really getting to the heart of the issue I’ve been wrestling with for a while now.”
“I felt confident and I didn’t have to try, I just was. It blew my mind. It’s like a eureka moment where things come together and you think to yourself “why didn’t I just do this before?”.
“Been listening to ASC.5G for a couple minutes now. Shannon, my god man you’ve tapped into an incredibly power. My whole body is buzzing, I’m euphoric, and my mood shifted from being slightly depressed to feeling amazingly good.”
“I’ve said it about a million different times. I’m so thankful for these subliminals. They just cut right to the root issue.”
“…. And you’ve been doing some fantastic work with these subs! You’re truly light years ahead in your implementation of everything and providing individuals with what they need to live a happy life.”
“Well I use AOS and I can say it works brilliantly.”
“Definitely has been working, even in this short time period. I’d say length is 1/2 again to twice as long, and intensity is at LEAST 1/3 again to 1/2 again. Much more going on, and more letting go. Speaking as someone who is already in touch and very sensual this is pretty neat. I’m looking forward to what insanity the future brings with this title.”
“….This is such an amazing title, and something really meaningful to loving relationships totally aside from the absolutely selfish desire that I have to enjoy mindblowing orgasms.”
“Just wanted to mention that I don’t even identify with who I was before AF at this point. Yes, if I try I can remember what it was like. But my past has become a story book rather than something that I can feel anymore.”
“I just got healed in 2 hours that’s crazy, now I am 100% your sub is really working.”
“For something that costs $ Free.99 it’s worth a shot for anyone interested in improving oneself. Especially now that it’s being offered in the 5G HST/SOS format which kicks ass!”
“…. I’m impressed Shannon, I’m feeling like THE MAN! I agree wholeheartedly with Ryan (again) about how wherever I go I just feel like high value male, almost like royalty where I deserve respect. Of course I’m very respectful to people and I’m not arrogant about but it’s a very powerful feeling.”
Since late 2015, I have been running Absolute Self-Confidence and lurking on this forum, reading about others’ subliminal experiences while patiently observing the effects on myself. As of now I have finished 90 days of ASC, and can now write concrete observations on my progress during this time:
– I am now more confident, and I believe in myself more.
– I have definitely become more decisive, and more sure of decisions I have made.
– My body language have noticeably improved. I stand taller and walk in wider strides.
– I swear more around people (not a very good thing). I do not know if it is ASC but the timing is quite coincidental. Either way, I ought to correct that.
– I have always been extraverted and sociable, but ASC kicked that up a notch. I have reduced anxieties and worries about how people perceive me and such things, which is liberating.
– It became a bit easier for me to strike up conversations and simply talking to people for the sake of socialising. On more than a few occasions this has helped me tremendously, compared to if I took no action.
– I also don’t shy away if someone is taking pictures (Snapchat) of me anymore.
– My overall mood is better. I have always been upbeat and optimistic around people, but I only recently see how it is such a contrast with the person I am when alone. I become more self-critical and tend to feel down. I am almost permanently positive now, which is refreshing.
– For the first few weeks the changes are more obvious. I became more aggressive, and I noticed that I was very eager to jump into arguments on forums. This became more balanced over time. The third month is the best.
– Towards the end of my run especially, there were some odd instances of people I know being much friendlier to me than they were before.
“Since the start of SM, I’ve slept with several women, one night standish, who were VERY different, that it’s actually quite funny and when I think about it.. I would never have the thought of sleeping with a few of them before SM.”
“The subliminal is strong. Holy sh**. A combination of my recent realization and this subliminal! I am already doing and seeing things that a natural would do!”
“Just met a twenty six year old girl with her mom at our usual bar. She wanted to work to get me. She said she didn’t want to kiss in front of her mother but later she just kissed me.. plus the words coming from her mouth.. uff! And I thought I was a very straight-forward guy…”
This is a good sub. I feel it just might have what it takes to finally push me over the edge, by helping me overcome that feeling that I’m doing something wrong by really expressing open interest with new women…
…Now, this may sound strange, but I am at a place right now where I don’t need, or even want any girl or friends in my life to be happy. A huge weight has lifted off my shoulders, and I no longer fear to be alone. Trust me when I say it, guys, I have never been this content and at peace with myself in many years. After a long time, I feel good being me…
“Shannon your subliminals are absolutely amazing. The results I have had so far are a lot more than I was expecting.”
So I ran AOSI two loops 6 hours ago and went to my brothers prom party! I didn’t stay long but man
JUST TWO F***NG LOOPS … And i see girls staring at me where ever i look just as if i am wearing a dildo on my forhead. Before this girls would only look for 1 second now its about 4 seconds stright up! Cant wait to run this full time
Backdrop: I went to a conference for work which was a collection of some of the richest people in the world. We all stayed in 5 star hotels, the conference was in a floor of a 5 star hotel. Amazing food, drink, etc, all paid for. I’ve never been to anything like this, but I acted the part and don’t think too many people rumbled I wasn’t a millionaire.
The women there, my god. They all had the looks and grace of celebrities. Money can buy them the finest clothes and make up, and it’s all very subtle and classy. There were a few trainees at a big law firm who were more similar to me in terms of status and that. 1 was absolutely gorgeous, looked very similar to Clemence Poesy. At the conference she seated herself directly in my eyesight and then she spent the entire conference shooting me the biggest indicators. She kept rearranging her hair, putting a clip in it, taking it out, throwing it around, shooting glances to see if I’m watching etc. To confirm this, even my colleague said without me mentioning anything: “Dude, that girl is trying to get your attention so badly”.
Speaking of my colleague, whenever I felt the aura hitting, the poor guy would be sweating like crazy and have a red face like he’s been in a sauna.
I don’t want to go on about this, but it’s been confirmed so many times I know its fact. When I sit near women, they sense me, and they start preening. With enough exposure they get restless and horny. When I shake their hands, sometimes they look at me like I’m an alien. 1 touched my hand and then pulled her hand back like she’d touched electricity and looked at me like wtf lo.
As part of the event, we all went on a late night cruise (rich people really do live a different existence). I got chatting to the CEO of a law firm, she wasn’t that hot but she was friendly and fun. We talked about all kinds of shit, she was pretty drunk. Then out of nowhere she says: “So, are we having sex?”
I grinned and said wouldn’t you like that but inside I was thinking “oh shit, this is for real”. I didn’t take her up on her offer and to be honest I didn’t find her that attractive, but looking back now I regret it because it would have been a great life experience. At my age to have ***** the CEO of a major law firm at 1 of the finest hotels in the world… dammit, I should have done it.
So that’s pretty conclusive proof the sub is working, I can’t fault the sub at all. I can only fault my own inexperience. I don’t have lots of experience with women, and I think that’s a common pattern of lots of us who journal. I saw Shannon is thinking about improving the sub even further which makes me scared and excited at the same time. I would like to suggest some kind of scripting that makes us take action when we are outright offered sex like that.
But yeah, the sub is 10/10 in effectiveness for me. Thank you Shannon.
DAY 13
Went to golf and then BBQ at a friend’s flat for their birthday.
Other than normal IOIs, one girl there was very openly flirting with me. Lots of teasing back and forth, kino, blah. What I wanted to make a note of was she behaved very affectionately after me speaking to her 2 hours. She hovered around me permanently, when I sat down she came nearby and started running her hands through my hair. Lots of boobing. I had a headache at one point and sat on a sofa by myself for a bit while people played beer pong. Thrilla in Manilla documentary was on TV and she came over and wedged herself between my legs and used my chest as a pillow. When we spoke we did lots of eye gazing… it was a very lovey vibe. I left fairly early because I had things to do the next day and she was upset I was leaving so soon and invited me to her birthday party coming up in September. I thought it was out of the ordinary as I literally only met this chick on the day, but it’s like we had an instant connection.
“If you want to make some female friends fast…use PSE. I swear this thing is like a real world easy button as long as you give it enough time. Females are much easier to get along with while this is playing. I had one girl in particular who was definitely being affected.”
“I also agree with Ryan, get WM2.0 if you’ve got the money.”
“But even with that short exposure the waitress (female, definitely 18 or 19) started acting strange for the rest of the night. My cousin noted that everytime she came around she would give me lust eyes and when she came to tell me about the progres on my food she got waaaaay up in my grill. My folks actually thought she was going to kiss me.”
“…I’ve been lucky enough to use BOTH Ultra Success and Luck Magnifier. I love both of them to death, you honestly can’t go wrong with either…”
“The REAL story has been Overcome Procrastination. I have been a MACHINE for the past 4 days. It’s simply amazing at the amount of things I can get done when I don’t procrastinate.”
“Maximum Learning Speed 3.0 kicks all kinds of @ss. Give it enough time and watch you’re learning curve shrink and your memory/recall improve. I loved it. Definitely going on my favorites list.”
“I’m essentially, back to normal. I know Shannon can’t make medical claims with this stuff, but this sub rocks!”
“I purchased the Special Meditations Kit about 2 years ago myself and I absolutely loved it! I played around with Alpha and Theta mostly (specifically, levels 1,4, and I believe 6). Great stuff no doubt. I noticed that doing it regularly made me feel smarter and more balanced mentally.”
“Even at just day 26 of listening to LLCF I’m experiencing incredible effects.”
“My procrastination level on a scale of 1-10 was like a 9. Now, in the past month I’m a beast. I can start on projects and finish them, I can plan ahead and stay on top of my work, and right now I currently have A’s and B’s in all my classes except one which is pretty solid considering 3 of these classes have notoriously high failure rates.”
“NSFM is some good sh!t. I mentioned earlier about how it made me more carefree and playful but here’s a new one…direct. I’ve been much more bold and direct in my interactions with women.”
So I’m nearing my 90th day on Maximum Learning Speed 3.0 and it’s review time. I used headphones for 2-4 hours in the daytime and got 6-8 hours of exposure at night through speakers. This subliminal is definitely something else. Memory has been something that has come and gone for me even at 21 do to *ahem* certain activities.
When the effects first started kicking in it was like my brain was undergoing a serious mental upgrade. Things and concepts just started clicking and I “got” things more easily. But the biggest difference…was memory. I was a person who relied on landmarks to get around. Street names were hard to remember and I had a rough time remembering locations but now I can remember the street names much better as well as local landmarks which has definitely helped me in navigating around the city especially when I need to use mapquest to find a party. Plus, I can more easily remember names and faces even while intoxicated.
For school, I took two college classes this summer, aced one of them (a speech class) and got a B in the other (health class) although the only reason I got a B was because I slacked off and I was literally just 10 or 20 points from an A (and this was when I was dealing with heavy procrastination). In terms of video games, my skills have vastly improved and I tend to notice certain things now like how to properly burst fire, good ways to move around maps, flanking maneuvers, etc. I played Halo for the first time in almost a year and after a couple matches one of my friends commented “you’re learning this game pretty quick”.
My main reason for using this sub is because I am entering a challenging major at a new university and I needed to find a way to cut my learning curve. I feel this sub has done that. To be fair, you still need to put in time and effort into whatever it is you want to learn. This sub doesn’t replace the need to practice but it does make a positive impact on what you get out of practice.
Your mileage may vary but you’ll no doubt enjoy this program especially if you’re a person who must rely on a sharp memory or needs to be able to learn something quickly. Great job again Shannon.
Wanted to quickly stop in and say: DESIGN GOAL ACHIEVED.
My coworker admitted to me she’s had a crush on me for over 4 months (I’ve been using DMSI throughout most of that time). There was a day where we both attended a company event where she stated she was trying to find a way to isolate me so she could kiss me. She told some other coworkers I’m friends with about the situation and she was urged by them to just come out and tell me. She did. And now she wants me to f*ck her on her birthday.
Well done Shannon, well done.
Less hesitation when doing tasks. Ex.) My dad asked me to come out and help out one of our relatives whose mower was broke down and needed help pushing it back on the trailer. I simply got up and said “Ok, let’s do it”. This effect also has the added bonus of allowing me to work more efficiently and focus somewhat easier.
Procrastination in general is lower however I still get distracted and still don’t do things when I need them to BUT if I focus on what needs to be done and make a conscious effort to start doing it the push back from my subconscious is diminished.
Calmness- this has been reported by a lot of users and it’s the same case for me. The internal chatter that I normally have in my brain that’s centered around negative bs is heavily reduced to the point that it’s  not noticeable. I believe this effect is further accentuated by the presence of the DRS which at full power can block out negativity and can elicit a similar response. Which leads to the next point…
Interactions between the DRS and FRM 4.9 – OF 5.75G is actually a combination of both the DRS (Directional Reflection Shield) and Fear Remover 4.9 and the effects are quite positive. For starters, the DRS main positive is that it deflects and prevents negativity and BS from affecting you (assuming you use it properly) and allows you to maintain whatever state you’re currently in. The problem of course is that the DRS doesn’t directly deal with any internal turmoil within its user which is where FRM comes in. FRM 4.9 works from the inside out by numbing the fear response and helping its user work through their fears which reduces the anxiety and internal negative chatter. The result of these two combined is reduced fear/anxiety on the inside and a powerful shield that keeps the user’s mood/energy safe from outside influences. The DRS is hands down one of my favorite IML sublminals and its inclusion here is greatly appreciated.
Positive outlook and reduced negative desires – One of my biggest fears when it came to removing fear was the thought of all those negative experiences, injustices, and past traumas suddenly being unshackled upon the world resulting in me becoming a huge @sshole. OF 5.75G is clever in this regard. As it removes the fear it replaces it with positive emotions which allows me to be more direct with people but respectfu and with the end goal being peace  between us and not necessarily violence and retribution. I would hazard to guess that this is the work of Shannon’s balancing statements that he hinted at earlier. Don’t get it twisted though, OF has made me more willing to be confrontational and I have no doubt its users will be able to defend themselves if need be from physical harm however the program does a good job with balancing those things out. In simple terms, rather than being a fearlessly vindictive and violent person due to the absence of fear OF’s balancing statements encourage me to become a fearlessly positive and good natured person although lapses (will discuss later). I feel that the DRS helps with this also by reflecting BS from other people and helping maintain this positive outlook. In fact, I would hazard to guess that for me personally, part of the reason why I started becoming progressively more negative in my life was due to fear of being criticized for being happy.
….One of the most important things I have noticed is I don’t get nervous at all when I find any constrain. I am calm and seek the challenge. It’s that kind of confidence that you know everything will be ok….
I’m definitely starting to see some of the external manifestations AM6 is bringing out. The biggest one so far happened today.
So there is this asian girl I have met in class. I’m not physically attracted to her, but her personality definitely makes her a keeper. But still, I’m not looking for a relationship right now, as my self-development is more important right now. Anyways, we would have good conversations throughout class, but nothing that struck me as anything more than that.
Well today, she sits behind me as usual in class. I was listening to my music before class when she came in, so she got my attention by touching the back of my neck with her cold hands. That’s the first time she initiated kino, so that definitely caught my attention. She then proceeds on to ask me what all I have planned for the summer. I tell her I’ll mainly be in summer school and looking for work. She then asks me if I was doing anything else for fun. I then tell her I may go traveling for a bit during the summer. I made mentioned if I do travel, I’ll probably go to San Diego for a bit. Her reaction?
Her: I wish you were going to California in May, so that you can ride with me and my friend. It would be nice to have a guy like you around.
That’s when it hit me. In all my years before AM6, I have NEVER had a girl suggest I go on a vacation trip with her. Even as I’ve been using pheromones for some years now, that has never happened to me. To me, this is clear cut that AM6 is making changes in my life that I have not seen before. Even after she made that statement and talked about something else, she later on mentioned it again that she wish I could go on the trip with her. Of course I didn’t react much to her reply, because I have no interest in going on trips right now. But no doubt, I truly believe this is a clear cut sign of the things to come. Man am I looking forward to it.
“Remove the negativity within and gratitude are literally transforming my life. What was a crippling fear two months ago that I couldn’t have even imagined has now become a possibility.”
“So started listening last night and Shannon you aren’t joking about 5G. I feel exhausted this morning both physically and mentally. Going to have to plan to get a few extra hours sleep at night to keep up.”
“….WM2.0 has made changes faster than any other sub I have tried :)”
“It has been awesome. For the first time ever I walked into a mall today and felt zero Social Anxiety it just wasn’t there no matter how hard I looked for it. The changes have been huge and i’m feeling quite solid within myself even with my current financial crisis. Decisions are being made quickly and smoothly even in high pressure situations.”
“….it all feels so natural. It wasn’t till this morning when I was heading up heading up the elevator to work that I realised just how much I’d changed in the last year. I remember this time last year coming up that same elevator feeling suicidal and now I’ve got every part of my life back in order (and in most cases a lot further than back in order) apart from women but I know that’s just a matter of time.”
“I have been seeing a therapist for about a year but I would say that has had a minor impact compared to subs.”

“Also another direct result of AM which shone through in feedback from my manager ‘You provide valuable insight whilst being calm and collected at all times.’ goes to show the power of AM to allow a man to deal with issues in a rational manner without getting to emotional and childlike or allowing fear to take over.”

“I’m now in the best emotional state of my life doing things I couldn’t imagine before hand and I got a promotion at my job. This was AM11 and I know Shannon has said in the past that AM5 is a bit smoother than AM11.”

“I’ve been finding more and more random people are talking to me since starting stage 3 as well. Last night I had a random girl come over from the other side of a room to start talking to me. I found I had no expectations of anything and was just chatting to her like I would with someone I’ve known for years.”
“Also listened to the Depression Release aid for an hour on headphones yesterday to try it out and wow the change in my mood was huge. I’m guessing this is due to the BWE in it and the fact it was releasing serotonin. …”
“Then my mate asked this girl to go out to the car along with our other mates. So they went off for a drive which left me outside with this other girl. As we were walking back in she puts her arm around me then about 1 minute later just grabs me and pulls me in for a kiss. This went on for about 5 minutes getting friskier and friskier while she kept saying I’ve never been with a guy only girls.”
“So I decided to go out last night to give myself a break from working and Shannon it still amazes me the changes that I have made with the help of your subs. Stuff that used to seem like such large unimaginable feats are almost second nature now. While I do still have some anxiety around really good looking women, most I can quite easily talk to and feel completely comfortable with.”
“Last night was one of the craziest nights of my life. I was out catching up with a friend and while waiting for my ride to come and pick me up i had a car full of girls yell out “youre cute. Come over here” so i walked over and went up to the car door and starting hooking up with the girl that had yelled out. Then as quickly as it had happened they drove off.”
Day 7 – One week in I continue to be impressed by what this sub is doing for me. Its done more in one week that a lot if not all prior subs did in months. I still have self doubts but they are rapidly going away. I’ve been far more assertive at works which I was not expecting but given the need to be to do my job the way I want to having that increase is awesome . I no longer focus on what I might be missing out on or what other people are doing. I used to have an occasional habit of trying to get into conversations other people at work are having. I have the awareness now to not do that. I have so much more ability to be patience & delay gratification . As someone with ADHD that is huge. I no longer question my ability to do my job. I realize that the only things I need to do is be patient so I can gain the knowledge & experience it requires.
“… From my experience, AM5 was the best thing I did for my business.”
“I feel that I have grown more as a person from using this than anything I’ve ever done.”
“Day 7 stage 2.I have to say I feel like the AM program has done more for me so far than any self help or therapy I’ve done in the past.”
I have just downloaded BASE and the result is nothing short of excellence. I feel very motivated to develop my business now and have found that my observational skills, especially in the business area, have developed at least 10x than before. If everything goes well, I will be using this hidden talent of mine to create something that is also amazing, like this product, in my field.
So, about the time when MHS 5G was released, I had some hemorrhoid problems. Every time I had to go “number 2”, I was losing a bit of blood. Not too much, but also not too little.
At first I thought it would pass and I didn’t pay much attention to it. This kept happening after every single “number 2” for about a week and it was starting to get serious. I was feeling lightheaded and I didn’t know what to do. So… right after one of the many “incidents”, I really started not feeling well and I decided to run MHS 5G.
I immediately felt a tingling sensation around my anus. Two hours later I dreaded the fact that I had to go “number 2” again… only this time I didn’t bleed at all. I never bled after that.
I was so impressed, I really didn’t know how to process what had happened. I guess my coping mechanism was to dismiss it as a “coincidence” and forget it, but now I know better and I know there’s no way it was a coincidence.
“When im going to finish this sub, i’m definitely getting another one because Shannon is a genius and awesome guy who obviously does more than any business man i’ve seen, to help any way he can. And since his subs work better than anything else out there, I will be getting multiple subs, AM and WM are definitely going to be purchased later.”
“… A bunch of people were coming down this nasty cold that was taking them out for weeks so I decided to use MIR. It cleared me right up ….”
First off, the reason I picked this sub was to improve my learning speed for work. I’m a software developer that works as a contractor. The ability for me to learn a new system is very important since I’m learning a new one all the time. Also, I was taking a few different dance classes at the time and wanted to retain the skill.
I spent 96 days running MLS 3.0 for 12+ hours each day. The effects in the first 32 days were very subtle. Around the 50 day mark, the effects really became pronounced. At the time, I was learning a dance routine and could tell my memory had improved. I was helping others on the team get their part of the routine down (which was different than mine in some cases).
The effects at work were remarkable. I had been working at this place for about nine months before I started MLS. During those three months I was able to pick up on things quicker. My boss seemed to trust me more and he gave me assignments and was pretty much hands off after that. This could be a combination of AM5 results as well. By the end, they were begging me to stay. I was offered a job on any team that I wanted just to get me to stay.
The results for my dancing were remarkable. I had spent over seven months learning to dance. During the three months I listened to MLS, I went from learning three dances to learning eight dances at once. I could keep up with all the classes easily. I got comments from my new teachers saying that they couldn’t believe it was my first time dancing those new dances. My salsa dancing improved more in that three months than it did in the first seven. By the time I left New York City, girls really hated to see me go.
Now, I’m preparing for starting summer school. I am really excited to see how MLS will help with my school work. My grades were pretty good last time around, but, I spent a ton of time earning those grades. My hope is that MLS will help me cut the amount of time needed to achieve those type of results.
I’m writing this review of “Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear” on my 96th day of usage. I started back on February 19th and have listened to it every night while sleeping getting at least 8 hours of usage per day. I’ve been thinking about how I would write my review for the last few days and nothing really came to mind until this morning. A story to show how much this has impacted my life popped into my mind.
It was March 23rd and I was flying back to New York City to start my new job on Monday. There was a lot going on in my mind at the time. I basically dumped the contents of my car off in my apartment and hit the road back to Kansas City as fast as I could. I was coming back to an apartment with no furniture that had a lot of work before it was ready to be livable.
It is funny to think that such a situation would cause me little fear but what happened on the way back was much different. I was sitting in St. Louis waiting for my flight and so I grabbed a seat to wait for my flight. After a while a cute girl came and sat at the seat one over. I was thinking about what I could say to start a conversation and my mind starting flooding with fears. What should I say? What if she doesn’t like it?
Looking back these thoughts did not help me at all. They simply clogged my mind and didn’t allow me anything useful to think about. Then something even worse happened. An even cuter girl sat right next to me. I knew from all my studying of body language that she had some level of interest in me but I still couldn’t think of what to say. My mind was still flooded with thoughts like “You have a great opportunity! You better not screw it up!”
Needless to say, I didn’t start the conversation. To add insult to injury, the two girls started their own conversation. I think the situation felt worse because I knew I was better than that. I had been working on myself so long just to not say anything.
The contrast today is much different. As I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Banson, I have already talked with 4 or 5 people including two cute girls. My mind isn’t clogged with wasteful thoughts of screwing up or failing. It is filled with constructive thoughts that allow me to be the man I want to be.
I’m am truly grateful to have access to such a product. It has helped me in ways that I could not have imagined. It is amazing how much I was getting in my own way before and how much clearer my thinking is now. I highly recommend this product to anyone that thinks they would benefit.
Start of phase 1
21″ across
10″ across individually
Beginning of phase 2
21.5″ across
11.5″ individually
Start of phase of 3
22.5″ across
almost 12″ individually
I lost one pound since starting the program..
The 36B bra fits me the same way it did during phase 2. A 34B strapless bra doesn’t fit me anymore. A size large sports bra from prana used to be just ok, now it fits me nice and snug. The profile looks beautiful in this bra, almost as if I am wearing a push up bra. There is no push up at all from this bra.
I felt soreness that was mild compared to the soreness I felt during phase 1. I felt soreness on the 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 23, 27, 28. I switched from trickling stream to ocean surf on the 27, on that night, I felt soreness all night just like I did when I was on phase 1.
I continue to feel bliss and comfort all the time. These feelings have become normal.
I played one loop last night. I’m going to try to run the program just once a week.
SO and I went to an estate sale today. I began to feel so happy from about five blocks away, and it continued to build. I had to tell SO that this wasn’t normal for me, and that we were going to do great there today. The euphoria only lasted about a minute or less. We spent close to $60. We got a box full of old stuffed animals because we noticed something in there. It turned out that one of the stuffed animals was wearing a huge 14K chain, weighing 85 grams. It’s worth over $2000 if we were to just sell it for the gold value.
ETA that in case anyone is wondering. There is nothing unethical about this. The people died and a business was hired to sell the stuff.
…Some results:
Inclination to study has massively increased. Not thinking about DMSI related goals at all anymore.
Two nights in a row, I have woken up after 7-8 hours of sleep with the solution to a problem, for the thesis I’m writing…
Hello. I did MLS 5G for 90 days, 1630hours and 18.10 hours a day.
My results that were evident:
– in how i no longer had anxiety about sitting down and studying and performing in tests,
– in how i had no fear about learning, before i would dread it and procastinate on it
– i started having an expectation of doing well and remembering stuff, when before it was the exact opposite i expected to not remember stuff and ‘study time’ for me was viewed as a waste of time because i usually did not remember much at all, which also got me even worse results.
– My concentration got better, (this also has been improving consistently because of meditation)
– My problem solving abilities got much better, i improved a lot in a video game “starcraft 2”, even though i play it only for enjoyment. I find solutions much faster
Basicly the biggest change has been an improved confidence when learning, an expectation to learn well and to remember. Also my perfectionism has gone down and i concentrate more on getting things done and not getting them done perfectly.
…About the MLS confidence, just like many users have reported its not the same confidence that dmsi gave me but its nothing to take lightly. Its not the same as the raw unreleting dmsi cofidence but its an intellectual one. I know who i am and nothing is going to shake me!…
…Some cool stuff happening. I had some downtime at work yesterday so was reading up on story structure. I was very tired, and some of it was quite complex, but even though I felt like my brain wouldn’t be able to handle reading and comprehending the material, I managed to make my way through it without too much difficulty.
The cooler part is during my drive home, I started remembering what I had read and found I could recall pretty much every major insight and theory that the book provided. I didn’t make a conscious choice to start remembering it all, it just started happening by itself and I ran with it.
I’ve also noticed that when I hear music, I can detect patterns and then deviations from the pattern in the music and what effect they are trying to cause by that deviation.
After 8 hours sleep this morning with the sub running, I woke up feeling clear headed. It’s like there’s less mental chatter and so I’m able to see things more clearly and to focus more of my attention particularly on one thing…
To be honest, I don’t know where to start. Last few months have been a heck of a roller coaster for me.
I used AM6 along with programs of Paul Mckenna as tools to a great effect. its been more than a month since I finished AM6, I have changed the direction of my life completely and now taking active steps to do what I want. I am not yet a proper Alpha yet, I may need to do one more run. but I need to take a break from it. I am doing programs such as Develop a more masculine voice 3g. just one at a time.
I quit my job, found a sweet girl who I want to marry, and I am going to marry her this year. I am talking with people to start my own company. Now, I may take a break from subs and then start BASE later.
Thanks everyone.
…I feel much more relaxed, happy even. Currently I am extremely swamped/overwhelmed with work and home but I am handling it without a problem, staying calm, cool and collected. It takes a lot to get me angry or make me react. I am speaking my mind without apology and not rehearsing what I have to say in my head before I say it.
The change was so smooth that I really don’t even notice it. I will just do or say something and will think to my self “Wow, where did that come from?”
Small update after the third day: I’m not 100% certain yet, but it seems the FRM (Fear Removal Module) is working on overcoming my social anxiety. Usually when people I don’t know (or actually often even with people I do know) come for a little bit of smalltalk, I cut them short or somehow try to avoid it. Over the last two days I found I have been much more open to socialising that way, and I feel more comfortable doing so than I have before…
“I also feel like I can handle situations a lot more easily at work. I’ve always been able to calmly handle any situation in life and that was true in my personal life and earlier in my professional life.”
….Generally speaking, however, motivation is smooth and ambition is high. This is quite a shift from me, especially compared to the February/ March period where I felt everything was going wrong. I expect the motivation and drive to get things done to expand and deepen as I continue onward.
I have done so much “pushing” and innovating within the past 3 weeks that I am now doing new stuff most in my industry have never seen before….
…Day 9
Well, reading concentration has received a boost. I didn’t realize this until today when I sat to read an older copywriting book I never had a chance to dig into.
I can typically do 20 – 30 minutes chunks if the book is only mildly interesting. I was able to read for over an hour easily without much distraction. That is pretty interesting for only 9 freakin days on a sub.
I’ve also noticed that reading comprehension has slightly increased and that thing where you read a page only to realize you space out – that has greatly reduced, which is a huge development.
Admittedly I caught myself doing that just once, but I caught myself almost instantly, and I used to only reflect on that after it had happened.
Obviously my awareness/ focus is getting cranked up and it’s slowly becoming noticeable in active learning environments…
Shannon I want to express a tremendous amount of gratitude for offering your Stress Relief program for free. I have not seen too many people comment on this particular program but it has thrown me a life preserver when I needed it most. Long story short — my supervisor of 14 years took credit for my work to leverage a large promotion for himself. Worse yet, I have caught him in several lies. I cannot tell you how badly I reacted to this. But basically I went from thinking he had my back to totally losing all respect for the man. Needless to say I have had a high level of anxiety and anger as I try to figure out what to do about this situation. I was unable to sleep at night or concentrate on my work during the day. I downloaded the Stress Relief sub on Tuesday and it has helped calm me down so I could get some sleep and begin to sort out this situation. I know you usually recommend 30 days to see effects, but this one began working for me immediately. Since you do not get paid for this sub, I thought the least I could do was pay you with my gratitude.
Wait, what day on MHS is it? it’s day nr 16 Heart – I thought that I would have to wait until day 100 before there would be sth worth reporting
oh God, I love this sub! IT’S AMAZING Heart. I wasn’t even on physioterapy session and some of my muscles that were so tense – they just relaxed and are rejuvenating – first they hurt as though I had sports massage and manual therapy, of course I had none of them! They just started to hurt and then heal, it’s f%&^ing awesome……………….
I was doing squats on today’s training, jumping higher than in many years, oh and I walk normaly (not like someone with muscle disbalance – which seems to be healing, reversing, getting back to normal, the way it should be….)
Heart MHS Heart
…Overall I couldn’t run in the past due to knee injury, now I’m jogging few miles once a week – no pain in both knees during jogging and afterwards.
I train a lot, from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is a day off. Seems like a have more energy during the workouts and recovery takes shorter time.
I love this sub, MHS 5.5G – I’m going to use it for the rest of this year, at least.
“Shannon, all I can say is that I’m a convert. This stuff is powerful and I can’t wait to see how it pans out if (and I pray I do) I stick with your programs – Limitless is the goal.”
To be honest, I don’t remember how I felt before. But I felt pretty terrible before, and now I almost feel OK, and at moments pretty good.
Some observations, actions and insights I have had over the last days.
I went out partying to a rave totally sober, a thing I can’t imagine myself doing even before I got depressed. Absolutely progress! I had a pretty good time, enjoyed dancing and listening to the music. still social game isn’t fully there, I saw some girls being interested and showing ioi’s like flipping their hair and giving me looks, but I hadn’t the guts to approach them. But it was fine, I kept enjoying the dancing and focusing on having a good time in a way that suited me. There will be a day, pretty soon, where that will include approaching the interested girls.
I catched myself realizing that I should be happy that I am who I am. To be happy to be me. Thats fundamental to emotional well-being and emotional health. I sometimes go around looking to others and in some way thinking that they are better than me, more “able” or what you should call it, but that kind of thoughts stems from poor self-esteem and i should cultivate thoughts that reinforce my happiness and belief in being me and believing that I am whole as I am, not needing to try to be like someone else.
Happy new year to all !
On December 26, I went to two parties in two villages. In each party there was one raffle. The grand prize of these two raffles, was a big sack of rice of 50 kg, an important prize for Asian families.
So my wife told me to play in these two raffles and I accepted to test the sub USLM Hehe I have never ever won a raffle or a game of luck in my whole life… So I played without hoping anything.
Results of the first raffle : suspens Hehe And Yes ! I was the great winner DrinksYeye I won the 50 kg sack of rice Yeye Then, the second price ? A sack of 25 kg of rice ? Who became the second winner ? I again YeyeYeye And yes because I paid for 10 tickets Lol The people were disgusted Lol But being on diet, I don’t eat rice anymore so I gave my 75kg of rice to a poor family which is struggling to buy their daily food.
My wife was laughing and astonished by my luck. So she told me lets go to the party of the other village and lets win again ! So I played again in the raffle with the same prizes. Believe me or not, but I won again but this time only the fifth prize… an assortment of can goods, with a bottle of wine, nice stuff for December 31. There were around 2000 candidates for each of the raffle.
After that, I tried 2 other raffles on 27 and 28 but I did not win anymore… probably I had enough Wink
Just got an awesome result from OF!
So as I mentioned in my first post, I have a crippling fear of making a mistake/performance based fear.
Welp, I directed a production for my class, literally had the professor sitting next to me judging my performance and guess what? ZERO anxiety. ZERO. I came out of the director room in utter disbelief.
Like days ago I was dreading doing the directing and was worried about it for several days. Not long ago, public speaking was about a 9/10 or 10/10 on sheer terror/anxiety.
For this alone, I give OF a 10/10.
I’m about 25 days into the sub.
Did a filmed 10 minute presentation today and anxiety was like a 1-2/10. Blown. Away. Once again, I give OF a 10/10 for this unbelievable outcome. Every speech I’ve done my whole life has been filled with a ton of anxiety. This time, I was able to be calm, relaxed and myself. Funnily enough, I was anxious in the hours leading up to my presentation. But during it, I was cool as a cucumber.
Thank you, Shannon. You subliminal eradicated one of my biggest fears!
….Without a shadow of a doubt, this sub has deeply changed me forever. 10/10
Hey it’s been a long time since I post somethings here.
Sorry for my English, I still can’t write fluently but I hope that you will understand !
It is been now more than 6 month that I am using DAOS, before this I used AM5, SM3, AM6(not worked for me) and stopped sub.
I had good result with SM3 but didn’t want to use multistage program it is too tiring so I decided to test DAOS.
For the two first month I didn’t notice anythings, but decided to continue with it. The third month I went out to a lot of party, in bar and club, it this at this time that I saw a lot of changes, girls were locking there eyes with me, everytime I was talking with girls they wanted my facebook or number with excuse like ” I am going there next time blaba come with me”.
Other girls was stalking me on Facebook looking on the friend’s list of their friends and add me. It was ridiculous ! I am the center of the party everywhere I am going.
I had like an harem of girl now, (I know that it seems fake but just try to use it for 6 months you will see).
In October I met a girl that was member of a facebook group who used to go out together at party. So I decided to integrate the group and in 2 months I had sex with 70% of the beautiful girls in that group that was incredible but weird at the same time. Because it like you are going out
with 6 or 7 of your ex at a party and they try to cockblock you everytime you are speaking with a new girl. lol
I am sure that this sub is working beautifully, everygirls is saying the same things that :
-I have this aura on me
-My voice is sexy
-My gaze is ***** sexy
-Every movement that I am doing is so ***** sexy.
lol but yeah they are exactly describing what their is in the script it is just incredible.
“This passage from the description of X24 pretty much describe my results with the sub. When I think about it, the sex when using this aphrodisiac was really great.”
“Honestly the four months of listening to this program is definitely worth the wait. It just seems like being with any other woman I seduce consciously is nothing compared to “attracting my perfect lover.”
Concerning the masks I’ve hidden behind, I had a refreshing experience today. I’ve shared I’ve often BS’d myself and others, mostly unaware when it was happening, as if I were on autopilot.
I was in a meeting today, one I’ve been in almost 2 years now. What was really (positively) different was that my sharing came naturally. I led this meeting, I’d done these same questions before…….but I was much more inclined to be honest. I wanted, and even needed that. If I were sitting on the side observing me, I’d think “where’d that come from?”
It was nothing earth-shattering or dramatic on the outside. I just spit out quickly how the questions related to me NOW. I then saw so clearly how some I’ve known for a while kept drifting back to what I call “scripted responses”, which I’ve heard numerous times and done myself, for years. For the first 10 minutes, I toyed with being annoyed with it. It faded as I had a little party inside, feeling I’d done something quite miraculous, for me.
I felt so relaxed and comfortable sharing this last week’s experiences in light of the questions. I celebrated inside :-). I still feel amazed at it–for I’ve wanted freedom from my self-dishonesty FOR YEARS. That was a great and memorable experience!
Life changes when I get honest. Wow 🙂 Great sub Shannon! Thank you for making this one!
It’s blowing my mind how many single attractive girls are available to me right now and how many of them are making obvious moves on me. This beard is killer! So many girls have acknowledge that it makes me a lot more attractive. Maybe I should just run SR again after my next two AM runs instead of WM haha.
So in the past couple of hours, I have gone from having feelings of self shame and self hatred to having fantasies about my future self, where I’m confident, secure and emotionally healthy, and while I realize these are fantasies, it hits me that E3 is designed with this feature: “Projection of part of the awareness into the future in which the goals have been safely and successfully achieved, and then pulling the ‘now’ self to that future through the connection.” And I realize this may be what’s at play with these fantasies. I have never imagined a version of myself with this kind of self assured confidence and security until E3. I’ve imagined more dominant versions of myself, but no version of myself I’ve ever fantasized of becoming has had the qualities my fantasy self now has. There’s a subtle sense of… authenticity to it. Hard to explain, but it DEFINITELY is a projected version of myself into the future where the goals of the program have been safely and successfully achieved.
I originally bought this program a few years ago when I was working heavy overtime to try and recharge in between work and school. It comes with 2 programs, power nap and sleep shuttle. This review is for the sleep shuttle program as I really don’t remember the results of the power nap program.
Back in April I decided I wanted to start weening off pain medication I was on from an accident 2 years ago. One of the side effects were sleeplessness. I would go to bed around 12am and not fall asleep until 4 to 6am. If I did fall asleep earlier I could only sleep for 2hrs at a time. I would get 1 decent night sleep every 3 weeks. It was just so draining.
I finally remembered I had this program in the beginning of August. The first 2 nights I used it nothing happened but I decided to just keep using it. The third night, after about 10 minutes all I remember is waking up sometime in the middle of the night with my headphones still on so I took them off and fell back asleep and slept like a baby. This is usually what happens but even if I am still awake at the end of the program I fall asleep shortly afterwards. I’ve been using it about 5 nights a week ever since and it has been a life saver. My sleeps have also been so much better as I only need 7 or 8hrs whereas before even after 10hrs I would still be tired. I wake up feeling recharged now and it really is a great feeling.
I highly recommend this program for anyone who has trouble sleeping. It has been a life saver.
… Anyway back to reality. Yesterday Danielle came over to the house for the house meeting. we crossed paths at the front door, she was coming out and i was going in. so she blocked me, and i hugged her. she shoved her boobs to my chest (butt outward) and we held each other for like 30 seconds. and she was saying how she had to crouch down because it was weird hugging a guy shorter than her (when in reality she’s shorter than me by a couple inches LOL). Excuse to give me boob contact? she has a boyfriend and she’s pretty committed to him.
Funny because I’ve gotten similar boobxperiences quite often in the past week. writing these experiences off as platonic isn’t as easy as it was a week or so ago.
I also have this “intuitive” feeling that girls are staring at me a lot these days. I don’t consciously see them doing it, but it’s like the everfamous feeling you get when someone’s watching you type thing. And through the corner of my eye, I feel they’re looking at me. It could just be my ego being raised, but it’s like a gut level feeling that I’m right. If I try to pin it on coincidence, I’m going to be surprised in two weeks when I find out I’m right all along lol.
AM6 is such a beast. It’s hard to imagine that in just 3.5 months, I’ve grown so much, in an unquantifiable way and it bleeds through my existence. My daily thought patterns and experiences, and reactions/responses to scenarios now are completely natural but they’re LIGHT YEARS different than the person I used to be! …
 …i’m thoroughly enjoying my life right now. good vibes have almost entirely replaced the depression from a couple weeks ago. there was some work to be done, and it was done…
one major note i feel compelled to tell y’all is that i’m SUPER comfortable being myself around people, strangers and friends… and this in and of itself is a far greater female magnet than pheromones and SM3 combined…. granted i only ran sm3 once, and do expect to run it again, but from where i stand, my ability to be ME has been my greatest asset, something i’m learning over the course of the E2 run. i’m blossoming into the best version of myself as possible. although the vibe i have now is a softened version of alpha, i don’t believe that i am any “less self actualized” from running this program.
i’ve been hearing the words “i adore you” and “you are amazing” and “i love you” from women of all types lately. not so much in thes sense that they’re attracted to me, but in the sense that i’m a bright light shining in their life… and that definitely makes me feel GOOD…
The following goals are becoming fully integrated into my being:
77. Operate from an “I can learn and do anything I choose to” success based positive thinking positive attitude ultra success basis.
105. Remove people from your life and influence who would act as a negative for achieving these goals, and surround yourself with people who enhance them.
I also just made $100 extra this week at work because of my newfound MLS driven success.
Also.. Yesterday… My boss said that I’m worth every penny, and MORE.
Thanks MLS!
“….I can say that ASC.5G really is strong and it works!”
…On my second day of using the sub, my focus was amazing. I finally got some things cleared off my plate that I had been dragging my heals on…
I am MUCH MUCH more aware and better at keeping my thoughts, and energy aligned with my desired path. Also, my self-control in various things is better. My desire is greater. My drive (general, not sexual) is stronger. LTU is amazing. It’s like as if all the stuff I learned in my spiritual awakening and things i discovered about the true nature of reality has been focused and enhanced within me, and I am now 1000% sure I will succeed in everything that I want to do and everything that i desire, in all areas of life, both short-term and long-term. I’m only 6 days in, which means 4 nights listened so far. I cannot wait to see what improvements future versions hold…
I ran LTU 3.1 5G for 6 months. If I were to review it just from the top of my head, I can’t really pin-down too many exact changes other than:
-It got me out of depression (I was messed up from my last break-up)
-Got a new gf (big deal because I was in a serious slump from depression)
-I’m much happier
-Somewhere along the lines, I figured out what I want in life and part of what to do to get it
-I resolve interpersonal conflicts more effectively than in the past
-More likely to be the “bigger man” than in the past
I’m actually taking the day off for Ltu but still experienced something highly profound. It didn’t hit me until after I woke up this morning that I had abandonment issues. That epiphany helped me realize why I seem to have such a tough time forming and maintaining social connections and romantic relationships. I began to explore my own mind through meditation in order to discover the source of this issue.
I was lead back to my childhood 20 years ago when I had a powerful attachment to my Mother. I remembered vividly two things. One, how when she was late picking me up from school, I would become frightened because I thought either something bad had happened to her, or she simply didn’t love me anymore and decided to abandon me. She would usually be there within an hour because she got held up by something but my own childish mind sent me into a frenzy and I would simply stand right in front of the school crying. It didn’t help that the second thing I remembered is that a couple of times, my Mother actually played a prank on me and told me she was leaving me all alone in the house and never coming back. She would then proceed to walk out the door and lock it behind her. I would get so upset that I’d forget to unlock the door. I’d instead feel afraid and alone and angry. After listening to my cry by the door for a couple minutes she’d come back in the house saying it was just a joke but I’d still be angry at her for s couple hours after that.
I hadn’t even remembered any of this until today. My meditation then revealed to me the reason I may have seems to constantly have people all of a sudden up and leave me, rather it was a friend, girlfriend, etc. was because I’d formed this belief and fear that people would abandon me eventually anyway. Sure enough, I experienced that more as I grew older. In my teen years, I bothered absolutely none to be close to anyone at all and became emotionally and mentally the coldest and hardest I’ve been to date. I eventually did grow tired of being negative and broke out of that cycle around 18 years old. But from time to time I’d still experience remnants of that experience.
Now, thing is I’d never made this connection score today and held no blame or resentment towards my Mom because I didn’t remember any of this, but even remembering it, I forgave my mom because she had no idea how a simple prank, or just being late because she had to handle some business effected me. I accepted that she was completely unaware. In recent tears I’ve just realized that there are multiple reasons why people come and go and so even though I had become indifferent, I had no idea that my indifference was a defense mechanism hilt up against my underlying abandonment issues.
During the meditation, I visualized myself going back in time and wrapping my arm around that frightened younger me, and telling him that it’s ok. I explained that mom is just a little late, but she’ll be there for him, she loves him and there are others who still love him. I let him know that he’s not alone and he’s not powerless. If he ever ran into a problem that triggered fear, there would always be a way to find a solution. He and I then traveled to the main time that I remember being locked in the house and instead of letting him get upset, I encouraged the younger me to stay strong, and aware of what was happening. He looked up and smiled back at me, asked me who I was, so I told him that I’m his future self, he thanked me. I was the. Snapped back to the present and felt a sense of joy and freedom, knowing that today, I just hit a huge emotional healing milestone.
Because the source of my a abandonment issues has been healed, there wasn’t even a need to revisit any other events related to them. Even now as I’m writing this, my eyes are slightly watering, I know this is just me subconsciously releasing the last of the fear. I can now move forward in life without fear of showing love or receiving it because I know that even if things go astray, I have enough self love to get myself through anything. Feels like the E3 component really is the star of the show today. This may also be UD and USLM4 helping and assisting as well. Either way LTU5 has delivered another huge breakthrough for me.
I manifested $1200. I want supposed to even get this money for another 30 days.
The funny thing about results sometimes is that you really do feel as though you’ve always done things you’ve only just started doing. It just dawned on me that I understand my job better than I’ve ever done in my life. I’m daily reading more and more about my trade in consulting, and developing the mental models I need to think better on the spot. I’m having conversations about finance and theory which I’ve never done.
I’m shamelessly asking questions (didn’t do before) and taking on, with no second thought, things which would have made me shit myself. I just had to read several academic papers for a project and start using what I’d learned to design a product -I don’t know when the F I’ve ever been confident enough to do something like that – but I’m doing it, and it’s not even an issue.
Last night I went to a martial arts class, and was able to internalise movements and techniques after seeing them once – it was the first class I’d attended and people who had been doing it for years kept asking me where I’d trained before (I haven’t trained in anything in over 10 years). In sparring I found myself adapting to my opponent, learning quickly from tricks they were playing and ways they were responding to my movement in order to trick them – it was fricken surreal.
I was asked about my experience on SE recently so i thought i’d just post up a summary.
I’ve been under the impression that Self Esteem is the most fundamental building block of a good life for a while.
I know I’ve been trying to become smarter, better with women, more popular, richer, admired and accepted really just to cover up that I am unwilling to accept that I am fundamentally flawed and that, because of that, it is possible, and often (with that belief) probable that people will neglect, reject or outright hate me. The foundation of all of this work with subs, spirituality, even dabbling in the Occult has been predicated on the need to fix something in order to be safe.
I wanted to get passed this since no matter what I achieve, I just return to that base of i’m no good and it’s never enough.
That’s me, and not everyone else, I’ve met plenty of people who – however ***** up their life is, seem to have a self acceptance which gets them through.
So for me I needed to get self esteem in a higher resolution; find out what it was and see if i could nail it. I originally thought nailing it looked like me never having self doubt, fear, and discovering and endless well of self acceptance and love; well that didn’t happen.
SE 5.5g didn’t give me unending self esteem – it might have done if i’d stuck with it longer. What it did teach me though, was self esteem resilience, the ability to face down threats to your personal identity, to go through the emotional range that comes out of failure and the fear of failure. After five or so months running SE, i cultivated core principles that I regularly refresh and adhere to, I have significantly reduced negative self talk and very much reduced bouts of depression. I have emotional honesty so if something doesn’t feel good, I can grieve, cry it out, just be with the pain and feeling in my body until i’ve moved through it.
That’s the emotional side of it. Now what happened in real life (before results started to peter out).
(1) Found myself reading a shit tonne on self esteem and figured out how i could measure my actions and be more conscious in doing things which enhance self esteem. These included, never lying, patient confrontation with reality and applying more thorough truth telling to it – for example, yes you’re imperfect and possibly more shitty than a lot of people, but that’s not all if you’re really going to be honest about it, you’re also (insert virtues here), and yes many people don’t really care about you, but that’s quite possibly because you don’t really care about them or yourself and that’s something which is in your power change or you may think you’re alone, but you’re not the only one and connection is an honest vulnerable conversation away.
(2) With this, when practiced, I’m able to unleash my intellectual capability more; i find myself able to have complex conversations at work with experts, think much quicker on the spot, generate creative ideas and manage my own team. Highlights were being in very technical meetings with experts and generating complex concepts on the spot which shocked even me.
(3) I’ve detached from needing people or engaging in activities for validation, not that i don’t feel lonely at times when i’m less conscious, or feel that I’m falling short sometimes – rather i have the ability to keep it moving, to integrate these feelings as lessons, to be able to re engage with people and life’s activities.
(4) Relationship with girlfriend is increasingly good, many times it’s phenomenal. It’s one thing to have girls just on you – that’s certainly fun and exciting – it’s quite another thing to just be deeply in tune with a woman, to love her and for her to love you, there is something powerful about that connection which opens up the senses to many aspects of life previously not withing my realm of cognition. Here i can only talk for myself though, I don’t know if that will resonate with anyone else and it may be just something I’ve experienced. Since people are interested in generally getting laid here as well, i’ll say that old gfs have been regularly trying to connect and i’m vibing with women in an amazing way, if i wasn’t committed i don’t believe i would have many problems in that area.
(5) I’m just enjoying life so much more I laugh much more. I ***** run!, I’ve never been able to run in my life now i’m like a ***** runner, i started being unable to jog for a 60 seconds i’m going for a full half hour before i collapse in a sweating ball of exhaustion. This same out of being able to accept small daily progression rather than be impatient. I socialise for fun, I enjoy people’s company, especially funny people who are interested in the world, I have great enriching conversations with people. I find myself doing things which, in my previous bottom feeding consciousness made absolutely no sense to me, hiking in the hills? wtf? the old me would have laughed at someone who just wanted to be in nature. When you don’t have yourself as someone who needs to be fixed, you free yourself up for appreciating beauty, for being refreshed by good things, you allow yourself to feel joy and you learn that life doesn’t have to be just about proving your existence is worthwhile. This frees up so much space in your being…
I had to move to US/LM – had an honest to god lure and just knew i’d topped out in MLS for now.
4 days later and ho-ly-shit is this thing crazy. No matter where i go, i run into someone i know. I’ve had such great opportunities come my way out of the blue, i can’t even talk about the main ones. so some minor things.
The first night i used it, the morning that followed i ran into an old boss outside my office, who gave me useful info for a task i’m trying to do – then as i was meeting with someone he happened to be walking by – again and gave me an opportunity to do something which is massively raising my profile. Then i had a problem with another work issue – and the guy who i needed to talk to just rocked up at my desk!
I could go on and on about these, i went to another building and ran into another old boss who is now a managing director in another company – and she asked me to put in a meeting to catch up over a coffee.
So many more but i’ll stop there.
I would say the important thing is i am getting in touch with success and what it means, and how to achieve it. my mind set is shifting from needing to get there now, to success in stages, to getting one thing right then moving on (that sounds very linear, i’m actually on around 5 different causal goal streams)…
Well, thought I would update since some major things have been happening.
I did have some kind of switch turn on the other day that just cleared up my mind. I don’t know what was taken care of but its like I know what I need to do now moving forward and I can see things so much more clearly without all the usual second guessing I do. One of the things clear in my mind is that I will need to run UMS whenever it comes out. I will need money to live the life I want and to do the things I want to do. I’m also just in general tired of being strapped for cash at one point or another.
I did realize something else that has been on my mind regarding the Indonesian chick. I’ve realized over a while now that , most likely due to LTU, I am starting to outgrow even her now. I can clearly sense it in the way even when I talk to her now I am not as keen and engaged as I used to. I think she is starting to sense this as well. So, as bad as it is I do have a choice to make. End the relationship now or hold on to it for a few years which she is still willing to grow which is true but I know when it comes to a certain point and a choice I have to make (which I will keep private for now) that the relationship will end. She will not be able to follow me at that point of which I’m 95% certain. The only thing that is keeping me possibly holding on to this is the fact that she has already mentioned me to her parents which for her culture is a very, very big deal. So, my sense of what is the honorable thing to do is fighting with my reason at this point. Would just be extremely disrespectful to do that at the moment but at the same time I know where this going to lead.
At least the good news is that she has said in the past she will listen to Shannon’s subs so that might help out just well. This transformation has been deep and I think I know what has been going on. The first thing that came to mind as I pondered this was something Nietzsche had explained. It was the different types of morality: Slave morality and master morality. I think for the longest time I was acting on slave morality and then since doing subs I’ve been fighting against that type of thinking and then finally now I think I have transitioned over. Funny enough despite you thinking that this would make the sub listen effective its like the sub has made me even more independent in the sense that I don’t want to be subservient or controlled by the whims of anyone. I think the sub gets a pass on this because it is trying to persuade you to its side of things. I do appreciate Shannon for doing that as well because this transformation has really made me appreciate that he’s willing to go the extra mile instead of taking the easy way of using fear to motivate us to cooperate.
Most of the world doesn’t operate like this. Most people in your day to day life don’t try to persuade you to their way to thinking (or even to be persuaded themselves). Most of the time they just expect you to listen to them due to their position (like at work) and think that gives them the right to treat you like shit. Then are others who will lie (whether straight out or by omission) or straight up manipulate you in order to get what they want out of you (my mother is a good example of this). As of now I have this strong aversion of being controlled by anyone even more than before. I know this isn’t over yet though as Nietzsche had another type of man who was on an even higher plan of existence. The Ubermensch or the self actualized man. Not sure if I’m at that level of self development yet but now I certainly have other’s will imposed on me in general. There is just something about it now that leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.
Also, something that I forgot to mention which is related to the whole relationship issue I feel even more like once in my life my life doesn’t have to revolve around finding some relationship or being in one. I’m actually more concerned with progress in my life and my life’s betterment than some other person. I don’t “need” anyone as it were and I don’t want to “need” anyone. I’m also making plan now on what I will do for investing once I start running UMS. I want to work on wealth generation hardcore when I can over the next few years. Eh, will I run DMSI I again? Possibly. I might be tempted to run it again right before I touch down in Korea or China (just to see how the affects are in another country) or sometime over the next few years just for fun (if I have already met my wealth goals to a degree).
I know as a certainty though that if I were to run it now I would be getting much better results. I think I just needed a bit more self development that LTU v5 gave in order to possibly get the results I would want. Though I will say American women still aren’t my cup of tea so therefore I would expect much results in the US. Just the general attitude of women over here doesn’t make them attractive for me. Therefore I doubt I will get many sniper hits over here due to the lower attraction.
One last thing as well, the idea of fear disgusts me now. I’m sure there are some times I might still fall into the same habit and fear a little bit but its like the concept really disgusts me now. Its like I see fear as some disease that doesn’t belong in my system at all and it is not my ally. I’ve wasted too much of my life and accomplish almost nothing due to that shit. I’m just done with it. Anyway, that’s the stuff that has been going on lately. Some big stuff and quite frankly with the upgrades UMS will have in regards to FRM I will be very happy to see how good I will do on that. I’m ready to progress my life a lot more.
Oh boy where to begin with this. Lots and lots of changes and I have to think of most of them since I haven’t felt the need to post any of this. I’m only doing so now because (1) I have plenty of time to do so, (2) It might help out some people by reading this and possibly give some hope to those still resisting, and (3) It might not be best to get results then just disappear like some forum members have done in the past. I do admit I was very resistant to this due to this idea I have now that I rather not focus on past victories when there are still more victories to come. 
– Fear is pretty much completely destroyed and even times when I would “almost” feel that emotion it only takes me a second to say “nah” and dismissed whatever I might have tried to be fearful of. 
– I would say before that my general sense of well being before the breakthru was probably fluctuating between a 1 and a 4 based on how bad the PTSD might be that day. Now, I would say I fluctuate between an 8 and a 10. I reach a 10 at least once a day as it is, a kind of high on life type feeling. Other times its just a relaxed calm happiness and confidence. A very grounded feeling.
– I don’t give a crap about calling people on their BS to their faces. I’ve actually already done this to several women automatically with little thought. For some reason I find it now “fun” to do this to people and see their reactions. I also don’t mind blocking them when it gets stupid and just moving on to something else with my time. My time is more valuable than dealing with idiots. 
– Funny enough I actually enjoy texting people, etc a lot more or going outside. When I was very, very young I was actually quite outgoing to a degree and talkative. Only reason that changed was because of past situations which caused me to slowly withdraw emotionally and personally from engaging people. 
– A somewhat minor thing but shows a big shift in how I do things. I’ve been playing the Hitman 1 and 2 series the last couple of weeks. At the beginning I would look up how to efficiently do certain challenges and story quests for various stages. Now I don’t even look them up anymore and just try to figure them out which can take quite a while and kind of have this huge resistance to looking up how to do them. This actually touched on a huge fear of mines: Fear of making mistakes. I think this fear kept me from trying lots of things in the first place unless I had detailed instructions or something to guide me so I wouldn’t make mistakes. If I could or didn’t feel confidant enough about the info I was given (or it was a field where it was impossible to move throughout without making mistakes) I would probably just not even try whatever it was. Essentially failing before the race even started. Now I don’t give a crap if I make a lot of mistakes along the way and i have a persistence now to keep on trying until I get it. I don’t want some easy way handed to me. 
– I deserve to live a life of luxury and deserve to sleep with hot women if I want to. More than anything I feel like I am destined for such a lifestyle. I “know” therefore that the new DMSI and UMS will work when they come out.
“I am using the stop drinking alcohol with great success.”
“Here’s my testimonial for Absolute Self Confidence 5G…it works damn well. I have been on it for over 32 days now and I feel like I’m back with a vengeance. Confidence is an understatement.”
“The 5G is pretty bad ass, I have to say.”
I was thinking something similar to RT. Excited to see where this goes. If it works out will you revise OF, or wait half a year and re-release? If it’s juicy enough I’d pay for OF again in under 6 months. This sub has already given back more than I paid.
I think living fearlessly is priceless at this point.
… So, I’m out and about grabbing some supplies for my business. I’ve been hard at work on a new website and a new product to launch, so I haven’t shaved in a few days. I’m wearing some smelly, stained workout clothes from my early morning run. Standing in Wal-Mart, eyeballing one of those fitness smartwatches. I feel someone staring at me. I look up — it’s this pretty 7/10 latina wearing some super tight yoga pants. Short, innocent face, amazing curves — JUST MY TYPE. She’s eyeballing me so hard that it’s UNNERVING. Then, she turns around to the smartphones and bends over to “look” at a phone she clearly wasn’t interested in. I mean, she was holding an iPhone 6 Plus, so I doubt she was interested in a $30 prepaid phone. Nah, that was a butt display. At this point, I’m so shocked that I can’t say anything. I’m not in the zone because my mind is solely on business. When I don’t respond, she then makes a point to saunter by me, making sure to walk in front of me so I get a good view and then say, “please excuse me, sir.” …
Stage 6, day 21, 398.5 hours listened so far…
Each time I go out, I get IOI’s from women without even doing anything. Some are attractive to me, some aren’t, but the point is, it’s becoming more and more real and it’s an automatic process. It’s just “expected” and normal everyday results, amazing change there from before subs. I’m hoping SM3 greatly magnifies this, and allows me to smoothly be able to escalate when I want, at last.
I’m literally counting each day obsessively until I can start SM3. If my experience with AM6 is any indication, SM3 will be the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Finally, I may have the answer to my situation with women once and for all. After all the thousands of dollars of PUA nonsense over the years, the conflicting advice from well meaning people around me, the pain of acting out that advice only to be disrespected and unappreciated, I’m glad all the insanity is over. I didn’t know how much longer I could take all that frustration and resentment towards women before subs, I went through a long period where I just gave up and stopped bothering with them in any capacity and didn’t try anymore. It seemed futile. What a turnaround, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now.
Wish I got to these subs years ago, but I might not have been ready to open my mind up enough to try them. I only tried them as a last resort to be honest, I didn’t believe they were real or could do anything. I was pleasantly surprised! Smile
Anyway, attraction is getting more and more smooth and dependable. Basically, if I have a few minutes of facetime with a girl I think is cute, and I’m relaxed and she has an open, fun personality, I’m pretty confident I can create attraction often. Sometimes as I’ve posted about, I don’t even have to SAY anything to girls in order for them to be attracted or even sneak taking pictures of me! If this is me on AM6, SM3 will be so much fun hahaha. …
Okay! Report of things so far:
As you know, we got this very late at night. Had a back end issue preventing me from getting the download going. I decided to listen to it asap after download and Ben wiped off the coffee Cyanide spilled on the server Tongue, and fixed the issue lol.
This is what transpired:
-Seconds in, I felt a massive knot in my chest, dead centre. Tingling in right arm by my upper bicep, lots of it and it felt like that part of me was weightless. Very weird sensation and made using my computer a bit difficult, lol.
-24th minute of first loop, began making mental lists of things I NEED to do, but haven’t forever. Thinking about getting off my ass finally for them. Thinking of what it’d be like to have it all done, how good I’d feel and visuals of that.
-Got butterflies in my stomach hugely, at 40th minute mark.
-Woke up, got immediately to work. Organised the shit out my place. Cleaned, sorted, fixed things I’ve let stay messy and crappy for an embarrassingly long time. I’m not sure even WHY I didn’t do any of it for all this time. I just know as soon as I woke up, I spammed for several hours doing it. It was fun and rewarding to finally “get stuff handled” I wanted to do forever, but DIDN’T for some reason…
-Feeling more general control over myself and my urges and desires and pursuits. Feeling proud of myself for hitting the ground running, and getting things done and seeing the fruits of that. And realising things I’ve tackled were extremely simple and easy to do after all, and regretted wasting so much time not getting on them way earlier. And regretted putting myself through all the guilt and being angry at myself, for not doing so for so long. Such waste for so long.
-Also getting back onto other things I lapsed on. More of habits in my routine, not so much “procrastinating on tasks”, more of lapsing on routines that I liked and benefited me. Maybe still procrastination, but somewhat of a different form. Renewed priority and focus on them.
-Also, less interest or thoughts about delving into diversionary things like games or videos etc. to distract me from things I want to do. I either don’t think about them as much, so they don’t start up, or it’s an “okay that was fun…NOW what…time to get back on it”, or they’re now viewed as a side thing, rather than the focus to take me AWAY from important stuff or things I want to do, but don’t. Or rather…DIDN’T now Wink…
Finally, remember how I said I listened the first night and went to sleep? Here’s the most epic thing for this program…
My sleep that night…EQUALED 3 HOURS. THREE HOURS. I woke up, godly rested, full of piss and vinegar…ready to own anything on my list with extreme vigor!!!!!!!!!!!! And I made massive progress in one day, or rather like 8-12 hours since downloading, lmao. Crazy progress. I was up the whole day, went to sleep “for real” like 16-18 hours later. Incredible energy. So, I will tell you Shannon isn’t exaggerating when he said if you listen to this program late night or during sleep it may cause you to have sleep issues. Due to that experience, I erred on the side of caution and switched my listening to mornings when I wake up and counted that nighttime listening session as the usage for that day it was on, and the next. I feel this sub is best to listen to in the morning anyway, that way it kicks you in the ass HARD to start the day! Awesome start to the day!
I was busy today preparing for an outing, and then the outing itself, so not a ton of time for stuff at home. But still made some tangible progress regardless. Tomorrow I’ll get a ton more done as I’m all clear. During the week, is when my business procrastination stuff will get handled. It’ll be epic! I’m very excited.
There we go guys! Sorry it took so long.
Hi Shannon. Perhaps you don’t recall my posts about this issue. I can add some perspective here. My brother has Schizophrenia. I’ve spoken about it before here, as well as his use of subs. He is followed by a doctor, medication etc.
That said, as I’ve mentioned before, OF 5.75G is the first sub to finally show real progress with his paranoia, that has derailed more things than I can count. E2, E3, OF4G, OF5G, ARA, all of them did not help beyond at times stopping an attack or lessening it. Even then, that was pretty rare. When OF 5.75G debuted, I hesitated getting it for him for awhile, remembering how hard we tried with the other subs with getting the loops in and just huge hours of listening daily with the earlier versions. But, I thought the money to me is nothing…having a chance to rid my brother of this horrible paranoia is worth it! At present, OF has given him over a month of zero paranoia. Which has been unheard of, since the attacks began over 15 years ago when I took him out. They’ve happened ever since…for 15 years. Awful, wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Hopefully now, this will hold and he will be rid of them for good. I plan to keep him going on the 8 month run. Excellent response to this one, at last. I told him I’m jealous of his results with a sub, haha! undefined
Anyway, just wanted you to know. All the best.
Day 26
For the last 2 days I have been working for 12 hours a day. And keep in mind it was Saturday and Sunday. It`s insane. Not sure how to describe it. It`s not about me being and feeling motivated. It`s more in the line of self discipline. I outlined what needs to be done that day and just didn`t stop until I was done. It`s like I couldn`t stop. The most fascinating thing in all of this was that the things I was doing were frustrating, tedious and boring. I didn`t want to do them but I still did. Normally this would be a serious energy draining mental battle but I just kept going. Matt422 said in my journal the other day how there is a threshold where most people give up and the truly successful people are the ones that move past that. I can really see that now. If I could maintain that mindset and work ethic that would be…epic.
Shannon man…what the hell did you put in US/LM?…
…Well, despite my initial skepticism regarding the aura’s, I am now utterly convinced that they are real/and work! The first 4 months went by and I didn’t notice a huge difference in my life, but once I got to the last two stages, women (of pretty much all ages) were checking me out/touching me/talking to me etc. Whilst I didn’t feel I could just go up to and seduce all women, my self confidence with women in general has just exploded (and I was doing ok before), and their increased interest in me is pretty blatant. I have been laid numerous times during the final stages, and pretty much feel like James Bond when I go out. My neediness with women has completely perished too! How can you argue with that?….
Hi Shannon,
I just want to attest that your program – Testosterone Maximizer – WORKS. After a few months of listening to it, I keep erecting several times a day as if I became a teenager again. I also wake up with extremely strong erection almost every morning.
The first few months, though, mental side effects were obvious. Aggression, irresistance towards people and things were so present. Later on, these behaviors began to subside. What remains is just a healthier body and frequent and stronger erection. At first, I wasn’t really comfortable with this. Later on I just came to accept this as a part of my life.
Again, let me state that it works and is exceedingly effective. Thanks for creating a subliminal program like this. I wish more men have an opportunity to listen to this, so that we have more real men on this planet in which men are getting more and more feminine.
…I am restraining myself from making decisions on a whim, but I had a strong urge to quit alcohol. I ignored it for a couple of weeks, even had more drinks than usual during that time. But I have stopped enjoying it all together and made the decision to quit it three weeks ago. I’ve dealt amazingly well with the change so far, and now I am allowing myself to enjoy, have fun, and be free without the crutch of alcohol. I don’t see myself going back to it, at least not in the near future.
I am much more vocal about my thoughts and opinions. And the best thing is, unlike before, it doesn’t trigger fight or flight response. And when I do express my disagreement, it is not for the sake of proving myself to be an “alpha” or anything. I am growing to respect myself more and more, and as a result, I am also growing to respect others and providing them space to be themselves. They are not a threat to my identity and I don’t need to respond with fear whatever comes my way. I’ve always been in the favor of a social sub, and I’d still pick it up if Shannon makes it, but I don’t believe I need it anymore. Not if things continue the same way…
“I can also testify to the subs. They saved my marriage (from being sexless).”
“My wife was frigid – Poetry of the Silent Eros and female orgasm enhancer restored our sex life. I study Chinese because I live in Shanghai – I get through my flashcards 3 times faster if I listen to the subs while I study (even without continuous overnight usage). My wife’s chest was flat – she gained about a cup size after 3 months and is still growing, I’m not stopping it till she hits DD.”
“I don’t know her cups. Let’s be figurative: She started with grapes, now she has tennisballs, after 3 1/2 months.”
“However, my wife doesn’t know about the sub, and its working, ninja-style. She must actually want bigger tits – but she doesn’t know why they’re growing.”
“My wife, while still not knowing what is going on (I never told her), is loving her new breasts. She flaunts them around me and shows them off to me. However she is complaining of discomfort from her bra being too small. Isn’t this, like, every man’s fantasy and dream? Yet its made possible.”
“…I have to report: the orgasm enhancer is taking effect already, on only the first day of playing it. I won’t say much, but its making cuddles 10x times the fun! I was really impressed. She *never* behaves that way.”
“…I’m loving ‘Learn Chinese’. This was long overdue. I’m chatting away in conversation now, full of confidence, happily spending 3-4 hours each day studying vocab. My wife thinks its great. Someone told me today I should be fluent in 6 months.”
My studying “skill” is increasing.
I’m taking advantage of highlights, flash cards, mind maps and other tools to increase my ability to retain knowledge. This is all coming intuitively. I was never doing any of this stuff, then something clicked and I’m doing it all at once.
I notice I’m also seeking the meat of what I read. I’m no longer meandering through text aimlessly. I’m looking for what is most applicable or what I specifically would like to know.
…Today I decided to learn something I was genuinely interested in and managed to do a good 2 hours of work quite easily. I barely even took breaks until I finished a significant portion of my work. I was completely entranced and feeling really good with the work I was doing and having fun with the challenge…
I have just completed 8 months of LTU.I’m extremely proud that i chose this subliminal because it definitely worked. From a person that was shy ,and could barely speak my mind , I am now a confident individual that feels invincible when I walk out the house. My social skills have gone up due to having more self-esteem and assurance in myself. I seem to have more goals now related to trying to improve
myself both on a physical and spiritual level,and my perception on life has been changed to the point where I don’t take the petty things so serious and I just live.I haven’t felt this good about myself in a long time,and I ask anybody with confidence issues to try this one.
Day 26:
I can’t believe how much I’ve grown already. I am seriously a different man.
“After buying so much personal development stuff in the past your programs are the only things I still consistently buy after 2 years of use. Most of the other stuff I pretty much gave up on.”
“So i’m happy with the motivation so far! It’s 9:08pm and I don’t plan to stop. Got a few more things I want to do.”
“Wow i’m pretty sure that today I got more done than I have in several months! I really like the productivity programming in Ultra Motivation!”
…I’m a pretty introverted person, but during my dream I was more outgoing than I can remember being in a long time. Usually I wait til I get to know people before I open up, but during my dream I was at a party and was lively and talking to everyone.
During the day today I’ve noticed that I have this general sense of enjoyment in whatever I’m doing, and an overall enjoyment of life again. Even being furloughed for months and being at home all the time I still have this sense of happiness inside. The voice inside and inner talk have started to decrease lately as well.
Another thing that happened is people have been blocking off my garage at my apartment complex the last week or so. Usually I would just let it go and not say anything, but anger took over one night late last week and I had to resolve it or it would just continue and I would put it off. Speaking up and saying something I’m attributing to OF since I didn’t even hesitate to voice my displeasure with my neighbors.
“Shannon, nice job on TUW-P18 (Wife Material). You nailed it. Not only does she have a desire for sex but she has an increased desire to satisfy me. Wow once again nice job. Gents the experimental alone are worth the cost of WM. …. Just as a side note, I’ve started AM 5.0. You nailed that one also.”
“AM 5 is great program. I am on Stage 6 and I know it is a HUGE improvement for my emotional health. Thanks a lot Shannon.”
“Overall, AM 5 is great experience for me and I know this is my FIRST AM and my FIRST RUN of AM, so I understand that my result will be optimum in the next run. Thank You Shannon for creating such wonderful program so we can get the benefits from this program.”
Day 11
I added a day counter widget on my phone to keep track of what day I’m on. Things are feeling more and more natural in such away that it feels like I have always been this level of intelligent so when I do intelligent…things… I am no longer surprised Smile Not that I’ve been a dumbass but… MLS has brought me to a new level. Update on putting conscious thought into not becoming intellectually annoying… Its going great! I feel like MLS is allowing me to do all the learning I want and If i consciously focus on something, like Arash Dibazar’s videos on seduction and social dynamics, I become very skilled and knowledgeable within those topics, and in effect, am becoming a cool knowledgeable guy instead of a scholar which is perfect…
…Overall I’ve really been enjoying V2, it makes me feel good and I have lots of little pangs of happiness for no reason – these feel like the same as when I was a child and life was stress free. I know I have a long way to go and I dont know what an end game will be, at what point do i say “yeah im fixed”…
…I’ve also felt an interesting side effect; I have not felt actual, let’s say, ‘male vitality’, for a couple of months at least. Nor have I felt a full-body attraction towards a women. This woman was a fair bit taller and a bit thicker than I’m normally attracted to, but I was popping a full-on erection just looking at her. The weird thing is that she wasn’t that objectively attractive; but, there was nothing wrong with her either. She had a nice figure and was feminine. She was a volunteer at my work today. I spoke with her for a couple of minutes but I didn’t try to get her info (we are at work, after all).
I think that my body might be pumping a normal level of testosterone again. I’ve had moments where I felt like I was 21 again.
Yes…I am way more assertive in the way I walk and talk, much more confident, more focused, more positive, more masculine, more alpha. Freer of past negative issues and drawbacks. Basically I’m more of a man. I’m not afraid to speak out and air my opinion. I’m confident no matter where I am.
No….in that…I’m still me….just 100x better.
“Keep up the great work, Shannon. You’ve not only created what appear to be the best subliminals available anywhere, but a thriving community of people passionate about realizing their potential.”
So anyway, yesterday I woke up tired again. I could feel it in my eyes and they looked dull and a bit bloodshot. I decided to give the power nap a go so I bought it and tried it out straight away. The results were great! Afterwards I actually felt like I had been asleep (I hadn’t, I had awareness during the whole session). The tiredness had all but gone, I felt rejuvenated and my eyes looked bright and white again.

During the session I felt some very nice sensations of rejuvenation wash over me. It was like I could feel a few hours worth of beneficial sleep suddenly appear and take hold – bit hard to explain really. For something that costs only $20 and that I can use over and over again with such beneficial results, this is incredible value. I’d always taken occasional power naps in the past but this takes it to a whole new level.

I have used Happiness and Joy, solo, for 64 days, 8-12 hours a day. I would just like share my positive experience with this subliminal.
The first thing I pretty much started feeling 3 weeks in was the feeling of everything being okay, as if my past, present and future was okay, very much contented feeling
The next thing I noticed was when I was around someone negative, having a argument with someone, I found it very, very easy after to just let it go and be happy, as if nothing was more important then that I felt happy, reaaallly like a switch, on/off, instantly. Awesome.
I also started doing simple things that I had never done before, just appreciating the beauty of my surroundings. I have a very beautiful garden and I never really took much noticed of it, but I started feeling really good and happy just to sit outside and to smell the roses to sort of speak. Being happy just doing nothing, experiencing the beauty around me, is a awesome feeling, it is like being one with everything around me, connect to nature, connected to source, connected to I really am, everything is perfect.
Being in alignment more through experiencing simple things, things that are always around me but forgot take take notice of, I really started seeing all the positive things that have happed in my life, and it really made me realize how much my life has changed for the better, this is a really good understanding to have, before I was looking but I could not see.
I noticed negative people that I was connecting with that I had wished for a long time I would not see, just seemed to disappear.
It has helped confirm to myself that energy is always moving, change is inevitable and there is always something positive happening right now, I just have to look at it.
“My name is Alec and I’m new to subliminals. I did do the free self confidence one though. It was absolutely amazing. My social life has honestly never been better, there has been soo many changes. I’ve been so happy with it, I am so impressed by the results.”
“Last night I went out with my friends and had an awesome time. I was so damn free man it was unbelievable. I could say whatever I wanted I could do whatever I wanted. There was basically zero anxiety at all. Man a few months ago I couldn’t have a normal conversation without being in my head. Now I think I can go a few hours of just having fun.”
“This last week at school has been marvelous. I have changed so much since last year it’s unbelievable. Before I was anxious, uptight, and had an ocean of suppressed anger. During the last school year I understood the concepts of the alpha male. Now my behaviors and ideas are starting to become inseparable.”
Just had a meeting at work, where my boss told me about my annual performance, and if I had any bonus for the way I worked this year.
Turns out I get a bonus of $150000, which is around $2500 USD. It was waaaay better than I expected, since this means the bonus equals the salary I would get in 3 months!
So pretty damn excited right now!
… I have been to places while traveling where i tend to get nervous in past but i was so relaxed this time. i was behaving like the commanding person of the group even i was the youngest in our group …
All i can say is WOW!!!!
I just finished my second run through of AM6, and 3 days after i finished stage 6, i am just amazed at how i’ve changed.
It was a long, at times brutal, journey, but I’ve come out stronger. I am more comfortable and at ease with people, more easygoing, more at peace with myself (perhaps the most important thing), I can have a conversation with women without being anxious, my job performance has improved, i’m more focused and calmer… And I’m more energized and excited about life in general…
“… I can say definitely though, that AM5.0 is the real deal. Something about this program just changes you inside and makes you constantly reevaluate yourself and think about how I can make myself better….”
I used to have panic attacks whenever I was driving and had to wait for the red light to turn green. It was so bad, I had to put down the windows to help me breathe even though the inside of the car was cool from the air conditioner!!!
Then I found Indigo MindLabs and listened to the free subliminal program Stress Relief. I don’t experience panic attacks anymore when I get stopped at a red light. The only thing I did different was listen to Stress Relief for 3 months and now the panic attacks are gone!
…People that hurt me in my past, that I feel owe me an apology and didn’t apologize. I have been able to pretend they don’t exist, in my memory their actions that hurt me are like a movie I watched and had no effect on me.
I know they exist because I see and interact with them. EHPRA 2.0 has given me the ability to smile and laugh around them without having to act fake. The way I feel and act are genuine.
I can see from the expression on their face and body language that my actions make them feel uncomfortable, they know that I’m not faking it and they aren’t sure how I’m able to feel so at ease around them. The power they had over me is gone.
…Procrastination no longer exists… if it’s on my calendar; it gets done. I used to pile the dishes and clean them all at once; now I wash them clean as soon as I’m done eating!
Just yesterday, as much as I wanted to go to sleep. I stayed up until everything on my calendar got checked off!! I don’t feel or want to stop, I just keep going until it is done!!…
As I pulled up to my Uncle’s home, he was already outside waiting to tell me something. “4Kingdoms!! Some lady gave me a $4,000 bike yesterday. It has 28 speeds and it is light as a feather. Her son stopped riding it after he started driving a car. When I was done with my job, I walked out to my truck and she asked me if I wanted it.”
My Mom is so appreciative of Overcoming Fear 5.75g
“Son, I used to be so scared of fireworks!! Now they don’t even bother me, LOOK!! I’m not wearing earplugs!!”

Everyone at the factory knows my name and they call me by my first name as you should expect.
Lately, people have been addressing me as “Sir.”
Hello sir. /Thank you, sir. /Your welcome, sir /Sir, could you (fill in the blank)
Today an operations manager wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing my face mask.
(I was isolated and I was hot and I walked away from him because he was getting within 6 feet from me)
He radioed the maintenance manager about me not wearing a face mask.
After I explained the situation, the maintenance manager said I was good and had a word with the operations manager to leave me alone and let me do my job.

Both coworkers and my Mom keep saying aloud how happy they are.
I’m very happy too!!

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