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What is the difference between masked subliminals and ultrasonic subliminals?

Masked subliminals rely on volume differencing to make the subliminal portion of the audio subliminal. Ultrasonics rely on pitch differencing.

When you listen to a masked subliminal, you’re hearing the messages at the same pitch as normally spoken, but much less volume than you are used to, and your conscious mind ignores them, while they are detected, decoded and responded to by your subconscious mind.

Ultrasonic subliminals, by contrast, are just as loud as anything else you play on your player, but they are shifted to what is known as the “umbra ultrasonic” range of pitch. They are now playing at such a high pitch that your eardrum no longer effectively resonates in response to them because it is too big to resonate with such a high frequency. Instead, the tiny hairs inside your ear that help you maintain balance are being vibrated by these pitches, but they do not directly connect to the auditory areas of the brain in the same way, so you do not consciously detect or understand what is being said.

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How long do I have to use a subliminal before its effects become long term or permanent?

That question is complex to answer because there are so many variables in play. In general, a subliminal designed to be used as alteration programming – that is, not just intended for a short term impact or effect – will usually require a minimum of 32 days to achieve full effect. Multi-stage programs usually require specifically 32 days of use per stage.

For single stage programs to become long term in their effect, we recommend a minimum of 90 days of use, and 180 or more is better. It will depend on the goal, your usage patterns, whether or not you follow the instructions, your personality and the amount of conscious or subconscious resistance you have to the program.

For multi-stage programs, we recommend a minimum of 180 days of use for long term results, and depending on the length and complexity of the script, your usage patterns, the amount of resistance you have to one or more aspects of the program, and your personality type, it may require multiple run-throughs for a multi-stage program to have long term effects.

For example, the Alpha Male program usually takes multiple run-throughs to fully achieve it’s intended results, and until it does, it may be that aspects of its effects fade over time as the programming is challenged by other things. Once the effects become fully affected and self-regenerating they are usually permanent. How long that requires is dependent on too many variables to be more specific.

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What is resistance, and how do I deal with it?

Resistance to a subliminal is when some part or parts of your awareness is at odds with the new programming a subliminal is attempting to install, and tries to reject, avoid, stop or otherwise refuse it.

Resistance to subliminals can be complex and there are several types. In some cases the resistance is conscious, and is overcome by a willing subconscious, or consciously thwarting an unwilling conscious. In some cases, it is both conscious and subconscious. In some cases it is subconscious only.

It is very difficult to consciously thwart an unwilling subconscious because the conscious is very limited in comparison. This rarely works (about 10% of cases), but is possible.

If resistance is both conscious and subconscious, it will be almost impossible to consciously overcome by oneself until the resistance of one or the other is overcome, or help is gotten from a skilled mind programming operator using NLP, hypnosis, etc.

If resistance is subconscious only, it is challenging to overcome, but one can use conscious actions to succeed, such as subliminals, affirmations, hypnosis, etc.

Resistance to a subliminal is usually very difficult to overcome if the root cause (nearly always some sort of fear) is not dealt with first. It is possible, but requires a different approach, a different style of mind programming, or significantly more time.

A different approach usually means that you deal with the cause of the resistance, and then worry about what’s being resisted. In other words, you will be working on fear first, which is almost invariably the cause of the resistance, instead of whatever else you might have been trying to accomplish that was being resisted.

A different style of mind programming is going to be something like hypnosis or NLP instead of subliminals. Something the conscious mind can see and understand better and fear less to resist less. Again, it boils down to dealing with fear.

More time, of course is the approach of the wind wearing down the mountain. Given enough time, all things change, even by the light touch of the wind.

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English is not my first/primary language. Will these programs work for me?

If you can read and understand the majority of the script, the answer is most probably yes. In practice, Shannon has found that because the subconscious mind remembers everything you ever experience or learn, for your whole lifetime, most people who have had exposure to the English language to a conversational degree can use these programs successfully even if they do not consciously understand much English.

It is also possible that the subconscious mind has access to knowledge from sources we don’t know about, which could help people understand the script even when it doesn’t make sense that they should.

If you’re in doubt, try one of our free programs out and see if it works.

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Can I take days off using the subliminal? Do I need to use it every day?

These programs are designed around the expectation that you will use them every day for 8+ hours a day. If you use them less than that, your results will be disrupted accordingly. We strongly recommend that you never take time off using a subliminal, or miss days, unless it is specified in the instructions.

If you miss days of usage, you can use this rule of thumb to figure out how to recover your results: If you are off the subliminal or stage of the subliminal for up to 7 days, consecutive or otherwise, add 1.5 days of usage to the end of the run, rounding up.

If you miss 8 or more days, you should start the clock all over again, and use the program or stage of the program as if you are just starting it for the first time, except as directed otherwise in program-specific instructions or by Shannon himself.

It is extremely important that you use the program according to the directions, for at least 8 hours a day, every day, as directed by the instructions.

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What is this 3g/4g/5g/5.5g stuff?

Our programs are unique in that we have both versions and generations. We do constant research and development to improve our programs and our technologies, and this periodically means we have to release a new generation of technology. 3G refers to 3rd Generation technology, and so on.

So the generation will tell you how powerful, complex and expensive a given program will be. The version, on the other hand, will refer to the number of updates a program has had since a given point. Usually, major version numbers refer to the addition of new features, while minor version numbers refer to the number of errors found and corrected within that major version.

Most of our competition will be selling programs that are the equivalent of what would have been our 1st or 2nd Gen programs, which we have completely phased out. A few will have programs equivalent to what we offer as 3rd Gen. Nobody has programs equivalent to our 4th or 5th Gen technologies but us. We are currently in the process of upgrading all the 3rd Gen stuff to 4th or 5th Gen.

It seems unlikely that everything will be released in 5th Gen format because it is so complex and expensive to build, and therefore expensive to buy. If the price to performance ratio for a given program makes sense, it will be upgraded to 5th Gen; if not, it will be upgraded to 4th Gen.

Generation 3 is about seven to fourteen times more powerful than the typical subliminal offering you’ll find out there. Gen 4 is about twice as powerful as Gen 3, and twice as complex to build. Gen 5 by itself is about 9.2 times more powerful and complex to build than Gen 4 is, and when you add on all the enhancements I have made to it since creating the 5th Generation build specifications, such as HyperSpeed Technology, Self Optimizing Scripting, the Optimus Engine, the Naturalizer and MaxSpeed technology, it goes off the charts.

3rd Gen typically requires 1-4 weeks before you begin noticing results. 4th Gen typically requires 1-7 days. 5th Gen, depending on which particular technologies it incorporates and what it is designed to do, may take from a few days down to as little as four minutes for you to notice results.

5.5g is the latest technology and is much more advanced than 5g technology and is being used in the development of 6g. Each new 5.5g program contains new technology and developments aswell as the 5.5g ‘skeleton script’ which contains programming to further your results such as healing/clearing towards the goal, Ultra Success, Ultra Motivation aswell as other useful programming that are important for any endeavour.

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Can a subliminal program make me rich?

Depending on how it is designed, scripted, built and used, a subliminal program can trigger changes in your thinking, actions, choices and beliefs that can result in you becoming rich. However, no subliminal program in the world can do this for you with no effort on your part. You cannot lay on the couch and eat potato chips and play XBox, and have the money fall in your lap because you listened to a subliminal. It’s not a magic wand.

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Can I manifest my goals through the Law of Attraction using subliminal messaging?

It is possible, but depends on a number of variables being properly aligned. For instance:

1. The subliminal must be properly scripted.
2. The subliminal must be properly built.
3. You must use the program properly, including getting enough exposure per day, using it every day, and using it for long enough – typically until the goal manifests.
4. You must choose a goal that is attainable.

To give you an example of this, I manifested into my life a woman who was indeed well fitting of the title “perfect lover” by using the “Manifest Your Perfect Lover” subliminal, which I created to test a theory I had at the time (back in 2004). It required 4 months of using the program all night every night. That resulted in a relationship unlike anything I have ever had before or since. The ways in which we were compatible as lovers was astounding.

That is not the only thing I have manifested using this method.

Does everyone always get what they want using this method? No. Why?

* Perhaps what they want does not exist. If you were trying to manifest your primary soul mate, and they were not alive, there is no way they could come.

* Perhaps what you are trying to manifest is not ready yet, or you are not ready for it or them. If you wanted a relationship with your primary soul mate, they would have to be single first.

* Perhaps your conscious mind is interfering. Looking for it too much from a conscious level can actually interfere with getting it. When using manifestation subliminals, it is always best to “fire and forget”. Let it happen without you trying to make it happen, or look for it, or worry about how or where it will come from. That will get in the way.

* Perhaps your subconscious mind is interfering. If you were trying to manifest your perfect lover, and you were afraid of success doing that at a subconscious level for some reason, you may subconsciously self-sabotage your efforts.

* Perhaps you gave up trying too soon. Once I tried to manifest my perfect naturally platinum blonde girlfriend, and after 8 months, gave up trying. Three months later, she showed up in my life. Why did it take so long? She had to get divorced, get past her divorce emotionally, and then move before we could meet. It might also be that the goal you are trying to manifest requires more energy that you have given it for it to manifest.

* Perhaps your goal is too specific. If you want to manifest your perfect naturally redheaded freckled petite nymphomaniac green eyed exhibitionist kinky hermaphrodite bipolar alcoholic virgin 22 year old lover who also has inverted nipples and speaks swahili and has six toes on each of their feet, you may be asking for someone who simply does not exist.

* Perhaps your conscious expectations are impeding your manifestation. When I manifested my perfect lover, I was expecting her to be white. She turned out to be a black Jamaican woman. I had never even thought of dating a black woman before, but there she was. If I had refused to accept her as a potential lover because she was black, and therefore did not fit my conscious expectations, it would not have worked.

There are other possible reasons for failure, as well, but this should give you some understanding of why it may be that it does not work.

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Do I have to believe in subliminals for them to work?

In short, no. You do not have to “believe in” subliminal programming for it to work for you.

If you were required to “believe in” subliminals for them to work, they would be working based on the placebo effect only. That is to say – they would not actually work.

Anyone who tells you that you need to “believe in them” for them to work is either referring to poorly or incorrectly made “subliminals”, or does not understand how properly made programming works.

Properly scripted, properly created and properly used, subliminal audio will work whether or not you “believe in” it. It isn’t about faith – it’s about real results.

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Are subliminals dangerous?

No. We never use negative messages in our programs, although we may occasionally directly reference negative things, such as fear, in order to specifically target that thing for being dealt with. However, we do so in a safe manner, and there is no danger.

We also don’t put messages in our programs that try to change your religious or political beliefs. There are no “Buy more!” messages. We don’t do these things because it is neither moral, or legal to do so, and because we know that eventually it would come out if we did it. It would lose a lot more for us than we stand to gain even if we were willing to do that sort of thing – and we aren’t.

So you never have to worry about negative or manipulative messages in Indigo Mind Labs subliminals.

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I’ve heard that you can’t alter a person’s physical appearance through subliminal messaging. How do you sell programs claiming to do that?

We offer programs that aim to accomplish goals such as weight loss, height increase, breast enlargement and others along these lines. We offer these because they do work for the majority of people who use them.

Obviously, there are limits to what can be done. For instance, attempting to increase one’s breast size beyond a reasonable amount is not going to work. What would be a reasonable amount? Depending on the woman, it can range from 1 to 3 cup sizes. Most women increase their breast size by 1-2 cup sizes using our program. So if you want ZZZ cup breasts, we can’t help.

Weight loss also works, and reports of people losing 20 to 30 pounds using our subliminal weight loss program are common. It is possible to lose significantly more than that, but most people who use the program don’t need to lose more.

Increasing one’s height is also possible, but of course doing so requires that your body still be able to grow taller.

And so on. It isn’t a magic wand, but it certainly can be done. It’s just a matter of properly using a properly made and scripted subliminal for enough time to get the results, and having your body be capable of achieving the results still.

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Do subliminals do everything for you, or does it require extra effort?

That’s a complex question to answer, because the answer depends on specifics.

Do poorly or incorrectly scripted, built or used subliminal programs require extra effort? Most definitely.

Do correctly built, scripted and used subliminals require extra effort? Sometimes.

If you are using a properly scripted, built and used subliminal, it may require extra effort if you are particularly resistant to the goals of the program.

If you use a subliminal program to build muscle, for instance, and you find yourself exercising more often, did you do that, or the subliminal? That depends on how the subliminal was scripted, and how you reacted to it. It might have been either, or both.

Different types of subliminals can require different levels of effort from the user. Those designed simply to trigger arousal, for instance, require no effort. Those designed to simply change what you believe, also rarely require extra effort. Something like breast enlargement would not require you to do anything consciously, but you might need to work out to get the benefits of a muscle building subliminal – depending, again, on how it is designed and scripted.

EDIT: In saying that it is always beneficial that you put yourself in the situations that the subliminal is working towards. For example if a program is to help you meet women then putting yourself in situations where you can do that is more beneficial than just sitting at home hoping and wishing it would happen and will take longer to see results.

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Do I need to visualize myself achieving the goal for subliminals to work?

No. If a subliminal program is properly made, scripted and used, visualization is not necessary. It is truly “fire and forget”. There is no need to try to visualize anything.

However, if you want to speed up or try to enhance your results, visualization can help with that as long as you visualize yourself having already achieved exactly the same goal as the subliminal is aiming for.

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How do I know you’re not making subliminals that include mind control for alternate purposes?

Once people understand the potential that subliminals actually have, it is common for them to begin imagining horror stories. Things like, what if these programs have political messages in them? What if they have religious messages in them? What if they include instructions designed to make me buy more of them?

These concerns are reasonable, until you understand that to do such things would eventually be discovered, because the subconscious mind is in constant communication with the subconscious mind, and ideas introduced subconsciously do bubble up to the conscious mind. Even if we were willing to participate in such unethical behaviors, which we are not, having a public forum which is only moderated to observe rules that are designed to prevent flame wars, racism, sexism and such like would eventually result in someone reporting that they had been affected that way. Our reputation would be called into question, and we would lose business.

Therefore, it would not be worth doing, even if ethics were not called into question. It would lose us business, not make us more.

We are also very much focused on positive ethics for building these programs.

While we cannot make the entire script available to you, you can see that our forums are full of people who are happy with our programs and the results they get from them, and you can also see that nobody is having the effects that were mentioned above. That’s because there simply are no subversive messages in our programs.

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I want to learn how to make subliminals. Can you teach me?

Can I? Yes. Will I? No. There are two reasons for this.

1. Making subliminals that are safe, effective and useful to use is a very complex, exacting and demanding process, regardless of what the Interwebs would have you believe about it. That is why I constantly do research and development, and why we constantly upgrade and innovate new products and technologies. It is also why people pay so much more for my subliminals than those of my competitors.

2. If I teach you how to do what I do, I am creating a competitor, and that takes my source of income away from me. This is how I make my living, pay my bills and put food on my table. In exchange for the decades of work, research, experimentation and development I have done becoming as skilled and expert as I am at scripting and building amazing subliminals, I want to make a living – not give away my work so you can do it for yourself, quite possibly incorrectly and unsafely.

So I am not teaching anyone how I do what I do. I recommend that you are better off finding a reliable, reputable producer of subliminals to get your programs from instead.

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Can I buy your subliminals on a subscription plan for the multi-stage sets?

Yes,  multi-stage sets are available 1 or 2 stages at a time.  New products are only available 2 stages at a time.  All stages that have been released for at least two months will be made available in single stages.

Sets are available next to their full product, or also in the “sets by stages” category.

EDIT: The most current multi stage programs are no longer available in stages nor are likely to be in the future as we have found that alot of people weren’t finishing the programs which is important to get the complete transformation.

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Why should I buy your subliminals, when I can make my own?

Because chances are excellent that you don’t know how to properly script them, even if you know how to properly create them. Scripting subliminals safely and effectively is not like conversational speech, and even if you happen to be trained in hypnosis or NLP you may not be aware of all the quirks of how to properly, safely and effectively script a subliminal.

Sure, you could look at my published scripts and try to reverse engineer what I do and how I do it, but even if you succeeded, the resulting program would not be as safe, effective and useful as one I created because the published scripts – while they are the entirety of what most subliminal producers use – are only a part of what I use for my whole script.

In my scripts, there is always a metascript, which affects how the main script is interpreted and responded to by your subconscious mind. I also use a number of advanced (and exclusive) technologies in my scripts, which I have discovered through many years of testing, experimentation, research and development.

Additionally, you will not find anything that matches or even comes close to my 4th or 5th Generation build technology.

So even if you do somehow manage to create (or copy) a script that is safe, effective and useful, you cannot build it into a program as powerful, fast acting and effective as I do.

Making a mistake in your script, when it comes to subliminals, is not a small matter. You can cause yourself or someone else serious issues. Here’s an example. When I got started making subliminals, I made a simple, innocent mistake in my self confidence program. The result? It turned me into a raging jerk, and I lost my girlfriend and alienated my mother for months. In the grand scheme of things, the mistake that I made that day was very small, but cost me dearly. More serious mistakes could have been much more expensive. I was very fortunate to have only had such a minor mistake before I learned how to safely script subliminals.

I see constantly people using ridiculously bad scripts for their self-made efforts, and then either causing themselves issues or not getting the results they wanted. It’s no wonder! The other day I watched someone use a script for a home-made “stop smoking” program that was so bad it actually frightened me. I asked where he’d gotten it. “The Internet!” he said, proudly. By the time I got done pointing out what was wrong with that script, he was more than ready to leave it to the experts.

I have been scripting mind programming since 1992, and subliminals specifically since 2005. Thousands of people around the world have used my subliminals successfully, and get great results. My programs are always created with the goal of being safe, useful and effective. Safety always comes first.

Don’t take the chance and learn the hard way. Rely on a trusted, experienced expert for your subliminal programs. Rely on me. Rely on Indigo Mind Labs.

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Do I need to be conscious and think about my goals while I use a subliminal?

No. If you are using a properly made, properly scripted subliminal, and you are using it properly, you do not need to even remember that you’re using it at all for it to work. It will work regardless, to whatever degree your subconscious mind cooperates.

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Do subliminals put a person in a trance?

The answer to that depends on what the program is designed to do.

Most subliminals do not induce a trance or any other altered state of awareness, except perhaps in terms of causing you to think and maybe dream about what the goal of the program is.

However, it is possible to induce an altered state of awareness, including a hypnotic trance, through a subliminal audio. This is useful for very high speed impact subliminals, and can be found in some (but not all) of my offerings that are intended to work in hours or minutes.

Triggering an altered state is useful for some things, but not for others. It is never something we do in an unsafe manner, and where it affects the ability to focus, there will be warnings in the subliminal instructions and in the description of the program.

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What is an exo-subliminal?

A typical subliminal is designed to affect the person who listens to it. An exo-subliminal is designed to affect someone or something other than the person who listens to it. “Exo” means “outer” or “away from”. This would mean that subliminals we now consider “normal” are actually endo-subliminals (“endo” means “inner” or “within”, and in this case refers to affecting the self).

There are three major classes of subliminal in this direction: endo-subliminals, exo-subliminals and hybrids that mix these two.

You might wonder, what good is an exo-subliminal? Well, if manifestation subliminals work (and they do), then we can use our subconscious minds to affect the world around us through exo-subliminals. This makes perfect sense. It’s very much like passive guided visualization, done on a completely subconscious level, only there is no need for the visualization part; but the results are the same or better. You make a change in the world and achieve the goal you want to achieve.

An exo-subliminal allows you to use a subliminal to make a change in the world outside yourself. It allows you to put your subconscious mind to work on a target object, situation, possibility or person other than yourself. For instance, let’s say you want to cause a cure for all cancer to be discovered. By doing creative visualization, you could put energy toward making this happen. There are other ways too. But with an exo-subliminal, the process is literally effortless and automatic; you simply listen to the program, and your subconscious does the rest, without you having to think about it or try.

The beautiful thing about an exo-subliminal is that because the target is not you, a potentially unlimited number of people can use the same program and add their focus, effort and energy to the mix. According to basic metaphysical energy theory, when multiple people work together on a goal using energy (creative visualization, magick, prayer, whatever), the ideal result is not a linear progression (1 person generates 1 unit of energy, 2 people generate 2 units of energy, 3 people generate 3 units, 4 people generate 4 units) but a geometric progression (1 person = 1 unit, 2 people = 2 units, 3 people = 4 units, 4 people = 8 units).

This is why practitioners of magick, people who use prayer to generate change, and creative visualizers often work in groups: the more people who are focused on the same goal, the more powerful the effect and the more likely the success. The problem arises in managing to get everyone focused properly. The practical upper limit is around 12 people, which is why most groups are about 12 people or less. Beyond that, focus and control are lost and the effects are usually diffused instead of strengthened.

But, with an exo-subliminal, an unlimited number of people can now focus their minds on the exact same goal, in the exact same way for as long as desired. So let’s say our goal is causing a cure for cancer to be discovered. 12 people using coherent creative visualization (and producing the equivalent energy and results of 2,048 people on their own doing the same thing) might have to repeat the effort a lot to equal the results and energy of a hundred people using an exo-subliminal for the same purpose for a few months, as that hundred people would be generating a continuous effort equivalent to 100^2 (100,000) people 24/7 for the same period of time.

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Do you sell CDs?

No. We offer all of our subliminal programs and products as downloadable .mp3’s only, and we will not be going back to offering CDs in the near future, if ever.

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How long will it take me to see results from your programs?

Most people see results according to the type of program they use, their usage patterns, the goal of the program, their personality type, the resistance they have to it, and whether they use it properly.

In general, a Type A program, or a program including MaxSpeed, will require between 4 minutes and 2 hours of play for most people to start seeing results.

Type B programs in 3rd Gen format may take several days to as much as 2 or 3 weeks of use to start seeing results. In 4th Gen format they usually require between 1 and 6 days of use to start seeing results. In 5th Gen format, you may start seeing results in between several hours on up to three or four days.

Type C programs are designed to cause a physical change in the body, and they require time for the subconscious to accept the subliminal instructions, and then time to cause the change to take place. Soft tissue adjustment, such as weight loss, breast enlargement or breast reduction, typically requires at least an order of magnitude more time to start seeing results than if it were a Type B program. Breast enlargement or reduction is designed to work in 3 to 6 months, and weight loss is designed to work at a rate of 1.5 to 3 pounds per week, depending on whether you have the 5th Gen Optimus Engine based program that does or does not specify 3 pounds of weight loss per week. Growth in height may take 6 months to over a year for full results; penis enlargement will require 3 to 6 months or sometimes more. And so on.

Type D programs are based on manifestation methods, and use the Law of Attraction, among other things. These typically require between 2 weeks and 12 months, depending on the generation, goal, script type, and other factors such as the availability of the target goal. Most 4th Gen Type D programs require 2 to 8 months to produce results, and 4 months is common. Type Ds based on or including the Optimus Engine typically require 2 to 8 weeks to produce their results.

Type E programs are Very Long Term Usage programs, and these may require years of use to achieve the goal. There is only one Type E as of now, and that is Become A Multi-Millionaire 2.0. Most people start seeing results in a day or two of use; intended results may require 1 to 8 years of continuous use to achieve.

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Will you create a subliminal for me using a song or music I provide?

Since there is no way for us to know definitively whether the song or music you provide is your intellectual property, and it is uncertain whether making a subliminal out of a song that is someone else’s intellectual property is legal, we have decided not to offer this service.

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Will I lose control of myself if I use subliminal messages?

It is a common fear that people have when they first discover subliminal messaging actually works, to think that they may lose control of themselves.

However, that is not the case. If it was, there would not have been need for me to do years of research and development in dealing with, minimizing and getting past subconscious resistance.

You cannot be made to lose control of yourself with subliminal messages. Proof of this comes from my years of research into creating effective subliminal aphrodisiacs. I have been working on developing the most effective subliminal aphrodisiacs in the world since 2005, and to this day, there is no way to get someone to simply stop what they’re doing and have sex, especially if they don’t know or trust you and it’s a public place.

To get subliminal aphrodisiacs to work – even mine, which are the most advanced and powerful in the world – you need certain things to be true.

Let’s say you’re a man, looking to arouse and seduce a woman. Let’s say you have in your possession a copy of the most effective subliminal aphrodisiac ever. Let’s say you go to a bar and start playing it. (Don’t do that – it’s not a good idea.) What will happen? Well, you might get some signals of interest from the ladies, and you might even have one or more of them start hitting on you, and maybe even in some pretty obvious ways. But unless you have the right circumstances, she won’t do anything with you.

What are the right circumstances?

Even if she’s significantly drunk, and she’s coming on to you, she won’t do anything if you don’t have enough privacy for her to feel comfortable having sex. You also need her trust. She must be sufficiently aroused. She can’t have a significant other present and still be willing to have sex with you… and so on.

In other words, she still has reasons not to have sex with you, regardless of the subliminal.

But if you use a subliminal aphrodisiac with your own husband or wife, for instance, in the privacy of your own home, and you use the right one, for the right amount of time, and she has privacy, and time, and trusts you and feels safe – then sex is very likely to happen. I have many happy couples who report the same.

So subliminal messages don’t take away your freedom. What they do is persuade your subconscious mind to focus in a specific direction, but that can be overridden by your conscious or subconscious minds if it is for some reason inappropriate.

For example, you cannot get a woman to have sex in public with a stranger if that is not something she would normally do.

You cannot make someone lose weight if they are overweight for reasons the subliminal doesn’t deal with.

You cannot get someone to kill themselves.

You cannot make someone kill someone else if that is against their nature, ethics, morals, religion, etc.

And so forth.

Subliminal messages are not an effective form of mind control in that way.

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Where do I find the complete scripts?

This is not as simple a question to answer as you might think. Here is why.

3rd Generation subliminals were added before we made the decision to publish complete scripts. Usually they will not list a script, or they will only list a partial script. These programs are in the process of being upgraded to 4th or 5th Generation build format, and they will have their script published as is appropriate when that upgrade takes place.

4th Generation programs have their full base scripts published with the program description. The metascript is not published, as it is proprietary and based on research and development our competitors usually have not done. We do not choose to just give them the fruits of our labors in this direction, so we keep this as a trade secret.

5th Generation programs use multiple types of scripts and include multiple types of scripting technologies. These programs will usually not have a script published with the program description. If they do, the published script will only be a standard type script, and it will not include metascripting, or any of the advanced scripting technologies we incorporate, such as the naturalizer, HyperSpeed technology, the Optimus Engine, MaxSpeed, etc. These are all trade secrets.

5.5th Generation use even more advanced and numerous technologies and due to trade secrets will also not be published.

If a program is built in multiple stages, it will incorporate in its script a special scripting technique which is also a trade secret, and we therefore do not publish the scripts of multi-stage sets. Furthermore, scripts that are unreasonably long will not be published.

If you want a script for a program that does not have one, and it is built in 5th Gen or multi-stage format, unfortunately, we cannot release the script for that program. Where a script is published, it will always be included in the program description in the store.

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Do you offer custom or customized subliminal programs?

EDIT: Custom programs are no longer readily offered and will only be offered on the rare occasion and will range from $5000-$10,000 due to the amount of work so are for serious inquiries only.

If you want to purchase a custom or customized subliminal program, this must be done through the Custom Subliminals Order Page. Currently, it is not available as an option, since our subliminals creator is swamped with other work he needs to do.

However, for a period of time each year, he does make the option of purchasing customized (name embedded) or custom (customer designed) subliminals of all types available. Usually, unless he has no other work to do, he limits this to a week or less for accepting orders. Shannon will announce when this happens in his journal, or in other places on the forum.

Customized and custom subliminals are usually several times the cost of their non-custom/ized counterparts.

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What are subliminals?

The word “subliminal” literally means “below the threshold” in Latin. It refers to information that is too faint for you to sense consciously, but that is still detected, recorded and responded to by your subconscious mind. (It can also refer to information your conscious mind detects, but has decided to ignore in favor of other, more obvious, important or interesting information.) Subliminal information can pertain to any of the five physical senses, but for the purposes of the programs we offer, it always refers to subliminal audio.

In this case, we are referring to a series of spoken instructions which, when understood, accepted and executed by your subconscious mind, will result in the goal of the program being achieved.  For example, if you were using the self confidence subliminal, you would, among others, have the phrase “I am now becoming more and more self confident.” being fed to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious responds to this by observing the number of times it is stated, and assigning a “truth value” to it that increases with each repetition.  When the repetitions of that statement are greater than whatever contradictory beliefs you had previously, the subconscious mind concludes that the statement that now has the most repetitions is true.  At that point, it acts on that statement as if it is true, which results in it actually becoming true inwardly first, and then outwardly.

Audio subliminals are therefore very useful for making direct changes to the subconscious “program” that guides your conscious thoughts and actions by effectively loading a new program into your subconscious mind which allows for you to achieve your desired goals.

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Can I request a new title you don’t currently have in your store?

Yes! You are always welcome to make requests for new titles. These are made by posting in our forum in the thread for requests and suggestions. Shannon will build these as he has a chance, if the idea is a good one. However, it may take a significant amount of time for him to be able to build a given request or suggestion.

When the program is made, it will be made available for purchase in the store, and he will announce it in his journal.

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What are the benefits of ordering a custom or customized subliminal?

EDIT: Custom programs are no longer readily offered and will only be offered on the rare occasion and will range from $5000-$10,000 due to the amount of work so are for serious inquiries only.

A customized subliminal is one that is based on a pre-existing program, which has had one or sometimes two specific names embedded in the script and is then re-built. It will typically nly work for the person(s) specifically named in the script. The reason it is useful is that by embedding one or more specific names in the script, you achieve two goals:

1. It grabs the attention of that person because it uses their specific name, and is therefore faster acting and more effective, and
2. It will typically only work for, or on, the person(s) named in the script.

When custom orders are being accepted, you can order any existing program as a customized version of itself, with the exception of any program that requires approval to purchase. Currently, that means that if you want to purchase a customized version of Become A Multi-Millionaire 2.0, you must have already been approved to purchase the program without a name embed, and Shannon must be willing to build it for you. That program requires a very, very long time to build, test, verify and package and he may be unwilling to spend the time doing that if he has a lot of other work that needs his attention.

Conversely, a custom program is any program that goes beyond just adding a name to the script for its list of customizations. For example, a custom program may include one or more specific names, multiple target goals that otherwise only exist as separate programs, and use custom scripting. It may be a title that otherwise does not exist, or which you have made an agreement with Shannon for exclusivity concerning. You may choose to write the base script yourself, and even record it so that it is built using your own voice. The list of possible customizations is endless, but Shannon will not build any custom program that:

1. Is not possible or reasonable to build.
2. Cannot work.
3. Is dangerous for you or anyone else.
4. Is manipulative of you or someone else.
5. Is illegal.

The benefits of a full custom program should be fairly obvious, and that is why they are highly sought after.

Custom and customized programs became so popular that Shannon was forced to restrict his time building them because he wouldn’t have gotten anything else accomplished otherwise. Each year, for a period of time, he accepts orders for custom and customized work. When this period of time is he puts in his journal. Typically it is open for a week or less each year, so if you want to order anything custom or customized, please pay attention to his journal.


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What are the exclusive technologies you use, and what do they do?

All of our exclusive technologies are researched, developed and tested by Shannon. For a list of technologies, see the glossary.

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I read a study that said that subliminals don’t work. How can you claim they do?

Research into subliminals has been going on for decades. There is a great deal of research that supports both sides of the coin. However, if you look carefully at the research that supports the point of view that subliminals do not work, you will see that all of it has one or more of the following things in common:

1. The researcher began with a bias against the validity of subliminals, and manipulated his or her experiment(s) to show that conclusion.
2. The researcher(s) did not sufficiently understand the subconscious mind, or subliminals, to create and execute an experiment that was valid.
3. The experiment itself was faulty in some way.
4. The analysis of the results or the conclusion was faulty in some way.
5. The tested subliminals were not created or used properly to be effective as subliminals.

There is a great deal of evidence that subliminal audio and other types of subliminals do actually work. It can be found in scholarly databases.

As for our own experiences, we have concluded that subliminals do in fact work because we have seen with our own eyes things multiple times that cannot be explained any other way, including, (but not limited to):

A) Repeated personal experiences using subliminal programs on ourselves.
B) Experiments performed on Tier 2 testers, who were aware of the potential for their exposure to subliminal audio and who had given consent for that exposure, but did not necessarily know if, when, or what they would be exposed to.
C) Reports of customers using subliminals to achieve results such as breast size increase or decrease, even when in some cases they or their spouse did not know they were being exposed to the program; smoking cessation, including entire households of smokers at a time, both with and without conscious knowledge of their exposure; stopping the use of alcohol, both with and without conscious awareness of their exposure to the program; increase in height when growth had otherwise stopped; increases in penis size; and others.

Then you must consider that our business is set up to make it easy to see for yourself that these programs work. Free full version samples would only get us laughed at if they didn’t work. A public forum that is uncensored outside of enforcing the rules, which are aimed at preventing fights and arguments. The fact that we have so many repeat customers. And so on.

Properly made and used, subliminal audio is effective. We invite you to prove this for yourself by using some of our programs and seeing the results firsthand.

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About The Mind (4)

Can the subconscious mind disagree with the conscious mind?

It is possible for the conscious and subconscious minds to disagree, or accept conflicting things as being true. Whenever this happens, the subconscious mind will always be dominant and “win” the disagreement in the end, even if the conscious mind becomes dominant in the short run.

A good example of this would be a person who is overweight who gets consciously fed up with being overweight, and so they make a conscious decision to achieve a specific goal weight. If they succeed in consciously dominating the subconscious response and actually achieving their goal weight (which is unusual), they will almost always then return to the weight they started from, or even gain more weight still.

This is because the subconscious program was not changed, but the conscious mind dominated the subconscious for long enough to achieve the conscious goal weight. Once it was achieved, the motivation disappeared, the person relaxed, and the subconscious again took control. As it was running the same program that caused the original weight issue, the person returns to that weight or higher.

Only 1 in 10 people who consciously dominate their subconscious in that way will maintain their new weight, because they have also changed the subconscious program that triggered it in the first place.

The conscious mind must rest, but the subconscious mind never rests, never sleeps, and never stops trying to execute as true whatever it has accepted as being true. This is why it will always dominate in the end, unless you change the accepted program it is running.

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Does the subconscious mind understand negation words?

Negation words – such as no, not, never, aren’t, wasn’t, etc. – are words that negate something else in a sentence.

If I say, “I do not want to smoke.” my conscious mind understands that to mean that there is a lack of desire to smoke. But the subconscious mind does not understand or register negations, and so it, presented with the very same statement, understands “I do want to smoke.”

It is for this reason and others like it that scripting subliminals is not as straight forward as you might think. The results of using such a statement in a subliminal would be a reversal of what was desired.

It is quite common for people who don’t know what they are doing to use negations in their subliminal scripts, and then they wonder why they don’t get the results they want. This is why. You have to understand how the subconscious mind thinks, understands things, processes information and responds, not the conscious mind, because subliminals bypass the subconscious mind completely.

Home made subliminals, and subliminals made by un(der)educated people commonly have such scripting errors, and the result is a program that is capable of triggering self conflicting results, reversals, or other unexpected results.

The keys to scripting a subliminal safely are not obvious. It is therefore best to rely on an experienced and established expert for your subliminals.

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I’ve heard that there is no such thing as a “subconscious mind”. How can your products work if that’s true?

Quite obviously, it cannot be true. While some few schools or proponents of psychology deny the subconscious mind exists, it is mighty hard to explain more than a hundred years of experiences, observations, experiments and facts without one.

If the subconscious mind does not exist, then hypnosis, NLP and subliminals must all be invalid. However, properly implemented, they all do work, and this has been known for over a hundred years (in the case of hypnosis). The earliest specific research into subliminal perception that I have been able to find mention of points back to the 1880’s, and NLP is younger still coming from the middle of the 20th century. But these things are all well known to work, and cannot be explained without the existence of a subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind does indeed exist, and it is evidenced every day when someone does something without consciously thinking about it.

It is impossible to explain how an ultrasonic subliminal that a person is not even aware consciously is being played can result in their successfully stopping smoking permanently – which I have seen happen in experiments – if there is no subconscious mind, especially considering the way the subliminal was built. To the conscious mind, it sounds like pure gibberish; one observer said it sounded like water or rainfall. And that’s not the only thing we have observed to happen from consciously undetectable subliminal messaging.

My conclusion? There is a subconscious mind, and I don’t see how anyone, no matter what their credentials are, can reasonably deny it with a straight face.

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What is the “subconscious mind”?

This is a challenging question to answer because there are a lot of people who disagree about what the answer is, or who understand the answer from a different perspective.

Therefore, I will answer it in the simplest terms I can up front.  If the conscious mind is that part of your awareness that wakes up in the morning, is awake during the day and goes to sleep at night, then the subconscious can be thought of as that part of your mind and awareness that dreams at night.

This of course is a much simplified answer, as over time I have found evidence that there is not just one “subconscious” part of our awareness, and that the line between “conscious” and “subconscious” is not black and white.  The so-called “subconscious” appears to be more conscious than our “conscious” minds, and certainly has a much greater range of capability and capacity.  Most people are stunned when they hear about the things the subconscious can do, compared to the conscious mind.

Here is an example.  You would consciously have a hard time listening to just two conversations at once and making sense of them.  But your subconscious awareness can listen to more than seven conversations at the same time, follow them without effort and make perfect sense of them all, all in real time.

Another example.  Your conscious mind can remember a maximum of approximately seven simple things at once, and usually only for short periods of time.  But your subconscious mind actually records everything you ever experience, from all five senses, and “remembers” it all, forever.  That means you have in your subconscious a memory of what you saw when you opened your eyes for the very first time in your entire life.

Another.  The conscious mind must sleep and rest.  The subconscious mind never sleeps.  It is always “awake” and functioning, doing it’s thing.  It is what keeps your body functional, even when your conscious mind is asleep.

And one more.  Your conscious mind has a hard time multitasking, and even the best multi-taskers among us can not usually do more than five or six things at a time.  But your subconscious mind is responsible for keeping track of and maintaining literally millions of functions every second of every day, just to keep you alive.  Think about it: the muscles in your irises that open and close it: subconscious.  The muscles that move your eyes while you think you are staring at something and your eyes are not moving: subconscious.  Your breathing while you sleep, and most of the time while you’re awake: subconscious.  Heart beat: subconscious.  Thousands upon thousands of muscles in your digestive system: subconscious.  Glandular functions: subconscious.  Immune system: subconscious.  The thousands upon thousands of muscles in your arteries: subconscious.  And so on and so forth.

So when we say the subconscious mind, what we are referring to is that part of your awareness that is “everything but” what wakes up in the morning, and goes to sleep at night.

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About Us (13)

How do I put subliminals on my iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device?

How do I put subliminals on my iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device?

We get this one a lot, and unfortunately there are only two real solutions. Apple purposely locked up both their browser (Safari) and their music player (iTunes) to be incompatible with obtaining music anywhere outside of their music store to maximize profit. Unfortunately there’s no direct way to circumvent this.

The preferred option:

#1- Download the subliminal using a computer with iTunes. Use the “sync” feature, or manually transfer the subliminal to your iOS device. It can be any computer that can run iTunes, which includes both Mac and Windows machines. This is the preferred method because it allows you to use iTunes to play your subliminals.

The “no computer” option:

#2- Go to the App Store and download “MP3 Music Downloader Free”. There are alternatives to this app, but this one is the most widely used.

Open up the app, and log in to your subliminal-shop account using its built in “Browser” tab (instead of Safari). Access your order(s) and when tapping the MP3 link, the app will ask you if you want to download the file. Press yes, type in the name of the file (Product, Stage #, Masked or Ultrasonic) and give it some time to download. Once downloaded, go to “Downloads” tab and tap the music file. It will open in the “Audio Player” tab where you can adjust the volume for or without earphones. It is a well-featured audio player and the subliminal can be set to loop infinitely by tapping the top-left circle icon till it indicates a “1” (loop just this 1 mp3).

If the ads on this app bother you, they can be disabled for 99 cents to the author.

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Do you have a list of recommended speakers or headphones?

You can find information about that on our forums. We do not maintain an official database of recommended hardware for use in playing these programs, but some customers contribute teir model and price and how well it works.

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How long do I have access to my downloads?

You have 5 chances to download your program initially.  These 5 downloads do not expire.

If you require access after that or in the future, or you have any issues please email us from this page:  http://subliminal-shop.com/contact/

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How do I know what Shannon is doing or working on day to day?

You can follow his journal in the Men’s section of the forum, which is stickied at the top of that forum. He posts there about what he’s doing when he is working.

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Is your website secure to order from?

Absolutely. We use virtually unbreakable 256 bit key based AES encryption during the ordering process to ensure your information remains private, and we do not collect credit card numbers, so you never have to worry that our database might be hacked and released to the public, or worse, criminals. All of our transactions are handled by reputable 3rd party payment processors, who store and handle all sensitive information.

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Are there any discounts available?

Discounts are only available in two cases.

1. If you purchase a 3rd Gen program, it has already been discounted from it’s original price. If we release the upgraded version within 60 days of your purchase, you are entitled to a 100% discount if the upgrade is a 4th Gen program, or $20 off if the program is upgraded from 3rd Gen to 5th Gen. After 60 days from the release of a program, there are no discounts.

2. You have purchased a 6 stage set at full price, and then you purchase the next version also. This entitles you to a 50% discount on the price of the new version. This discount ONLY applies if you upgrade to the next consecutive version; if you have Version 5.0 and buy Version 6.0, you get the discount. If you wait and purchase Version 7.0 or later, there is no discount.

3. If you purchase a 4G six stage set during a Ridiculous Sale, you are entitled to a discount equal to the smaller: The price you paid at the Ridiculous Sale or 50% off when you upgrade the six stage set.

These are the ONLY ways to get a 5th Gen program at a discounted price, as they will never be available at a discount otherwise, even during a sale.

We also have sales once or twice a year, usually on August 2nd (to commemorate the birthday of the business, born August 2nd 2005) or on January 1st, to allow you a chance to get things at a discount before our yearly price adjustments.

Otherwise, there are no discounts.

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I’ve had my computer crash and I want to re-download my program(s). How do I do this?

Just contact us via our contact form and explain the situation. We will verify your purchase and help you from there.

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How do I receive my programs after I order them?

All of our programs are made available to you immediately after payment in the form of downloadable .mp3 files. We do not offer CDs or any physical product.

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Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes we do. In fact we believe we have the best money back guarantee in the business. You can read it and the rest of our policies here under “Refund Policy”:


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How do I get news of new releases if I don’t want to visit the site all the time?

You can get our news by following us on our forum “News” section, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, or by RSS on our /news/ url.

If you only want big announcements, you can sign up for our newsletter. It’s at the bottom of the front page for our store. We don’t send newsletters very often, typically 2-3 times a year, and we don’t send spam. It’s also a great way to learn interesting new things about subliminals or the subconscious mind, and we usually have some special offers available only to people who get our newsletter, too. Well worth signing up for.

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What payment options do you offer?

At the moment we offer PayPal as it is the most common payment method that is available for almost everyone.

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How come you charge more than everyone else does?

Some of our products and technologies are exclusive. You cannot find them anywhere else, at any price. This is true of both the 4th Gen build technology and the 5th Gen build technology, as well as the many exclusive technologies that go into making our 5th Gen products.

We have these exclusive technologies because Shannon never stops trying to improve the products. He is always doing new research, experimentation and development. The result is that we have the most advanced subliminals in the world, bar none. There is nothing that even comes close to the 5th Gen subliminals we offer, in power, speed of impact and effectiveness.

These programs require a lot of time, effort and research to build. It took years to develop the build technology that goes into 5th Gen programs, and years to develop the exclusive technologies. Each program takes a long time to build in that format as well. It requires a lot of work just determining which components are best to add to the script. And then you must consider that for multi-stage programs – which we are also exclusive to us – the script must be processed in another especially complex way in order to work well across the set.

This means that each 5th Gen program requires a huge amount of dedication, effort and energy to build compared to other types of subliminal programming, which can range from days for single stage programs to months for large multi-stage sets. By comparison, it might require 20 to 60 minutes to build a single stage 4th Gen subliminal, or 5 minutes to build a 1st Gen subliminal. The results 5th Gen subliminals give are definitely worth the effort it takes, but that amount of effort, energy and time demands a substantially higher price than other types of subliminals.

If you want the best, you have to put in the time, effort and energy to get it. Or, you have to pay someone else to do it for you. Each 5th Gen program represents the result of 8 years of research and development, plus days or weeks of build time. It isn’t easy to build, so it isn’t cheap to buy.

But we know you’ll appreciate the work Shannon puts into each of these 5th Gen programs. They achieve things no other type of subliminal can. Such as full, obvious results in minutes, in the case of the latest pain relief prototypes, or our line of subliminal aphrodisiacs, hours in the case of programs like Natural Seduction For men, or days, in the case of most other titles in 5G.

5th Gen programming is definitely the most expensive around. But it’s also the best you can get, and well worth the price. And if you disagree, we have the best refund policy around to back you up. For more details, check out our policies.

You can see 5th Generation subliminal programming in action for yourself by downloading and trying our free Absolute Self Confidence program in the Free Products section of the store. Most people, once they see what our products do, conclude that our prices are very reasonable. We agree.

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How big are your files in size?

Our single stage programs are usually around 70mb per track and for our multi stage programs each stage tends to be around 180mb. For example our Alpha program at 6 stages of each type (ultrasonic/ocean wave/trickling stream) plus the refresher stage is around 3.8 gigabytes total.

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Alpha Female FAQ (1)

Is the Alpha Female Subliminal Training Set based on the same script as the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set?

No. Men and women require much different things in becoming alphas, and have different definitions for alpha according to their gender. Therefore, these programs have much different scripts. Each is research and created independently.

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Alpha Male FAQ (8)

What can I expect from each stage of the Alpha Male program?

That’s not very easy to answer for two reasons. First, periodically, I try to make as many improvements as possible and release a new version every so often, build a new version. And second, the script and goal set for each stage is so huge and complex. That’s why there are six stages. This will give you the best overview I can offer at this time.

Most people respond to Stage 1 with a fairly polar response. Either they don’t notice anything, or they notice they are really growing in self confidence and a few even start reporting impatience with the people around them playing mind games and trying to manipulate them. Stage 1 is clearing out the negative self image BS and laying a solid foundation for the rest of the program. Stage 1 specifically prepares you for Stage 2.

Stage 2 is not as polar usually, but some people still don’t see enough to notice a difference. Most people begin noticing this stage and this is where most people start showing the self confidence, desire to stand up and do one’s own thing, and the irritation with the BS of others really starts manifesting here. Stage 2 is designed to get you up to speed and ready for Stage 3.

Stage 3 is aimed at bringing out the Big Guns. This is where you’ll be ready to get serious about becoming an alpha, but it also aims to balance and temper the previous stages. Thus while there may be irritation with the BS of others, your response will tend to be more refined and less crude. Big Guns means this is where the core of the Alpha/Dominant programming really takes focus. Stage 3 is where most of the most important and obvious work is going on because it is here you are learning to accept an internalize the Alpha core you couldn’t have handled dealing with previous to using Stages 1 and 2. It also prepares you for Stage 4.

Stage 4 is a combination of extension of Stage 3’s teachings and concepts, and a refresher for Stages 1 and 2. It also refines the Alpha/Dominant social response and makes you more self sufficient and less likely to feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Self reliance. It also prepares for Stage 5.

Stage 5 is a further extension of some of the concepts introduced in Stage 3 and Stage 4, and further polishes the attitude, aiming for a sort of cool “James Bond” effect. The primary goal of this stage is to polish and refine what all the previous stages have been introducing and building.

Stage 6 is a “finalizer”. It is like the varnish coat. The “final polish and sealant”, designed to put a high gloss on everything that has been built so far and make it as long term and permanent as possible. It also acts as a stabilizer, balancer and refresher for Stages 1 through 5.

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Can I use Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear with this program?

Version 5.0 does not include the script of the Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear program, and if you have significant guilt, shame or fear to deal with on your journey, you may wish to supplement the Alpha Male set with OGSF. If you do so, always give AM priority, and get at least 8 hours of exposure per day. I recommend using AM for at least 8 hours and OGSF for as many hours a day as you can, up to 8.

If you supplement AM 5.0 with OGSF, you may start using OGSF while you are in Stage 2 or later, but do not use it while you are running Stage 1 of AM 5.0.

AM 6.0 has OGSF included in it’s script, and therefore it is not necessary to supplement with OGSF.

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Should I stop using Alpha Male 5.0 so I can use Alpha Male 6.0 instead?

No. You cannot stop Alpha Male 5.0 once you start, as the program is specifically designed to shift your focus in specific ways that must be balanced out later, and each stage balances the one before it. Furthermore, AM 6 will have a different script, and will not balance AM 5.0 properly.

DO NOT stop using AM 5.0 to use AM 6.0 before you have finished all six stages of 5.0 according to the instructions. DO NOT attempt to just switch from whatever stage you are using in Version 5 to that stage or the next stage in Version 6.

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I’ve done all six stages of Alpha Male and I want more. What should I do?

You have a number of choices, depending on specifically what you want more of.

If you want more of the effects the program is giving you, you can either re-run the whole program over again starting with Stage 1 (recommended if you believe you have still got some things to work on from what the program is trying to do) or you can use the Refresher Stage if you no longer have the need to improve the results the program is trying to achieve, but want to extend, refresh and/or strengthen what it has done.

If you want to take the results it has given you in a different direction, you can choose from either the Woman Magnet program or the Sex Magnet program.

Woman Magnet is designed to turn you into the social playboy type of alpha male, who has a good time with and enjoys the company of the ladies, without necessarily needing to focus on having sex with them. It’s designed so that you can have whatever type of relationship you want with them, and have fun with them regardless.

Sex Magnet is designed so that you become the raw sexually irresistible type of alpha male, who women cannot resist and who is focused specifically on getting in their pants. It is designed to get them to approach, seduce and initiate sex with you, as well as make it easy for you to seduce and sleep with them when you want to.

Please note that it is important that you have run through the Alpha Male program at least once before attempting to use either Sex Magnet or Woman Magnet. They will not work properly otherwise, as they are built specifically upon the results AM creates within you.

Mark as helpful. 11

Can I stop using Alpha Male before finishing the program?

Once you start using AM 5.0 or 6.0, you MUST finish the whole thing according to the instructions. Alpha Male works by pushing you into new directions that trigger carefully crafted imbalances designed to get you to grow, and then balancing the shift in the next stage by pushing you “off balance” in a different direction. It is very unwise to stop before it is finished, because you will be in a state of incomplete balance for what it is doing to trigger your growth.

DO NOT stop using Alpha Male once you have begun!

Mark as helpful. 10

I’m under the age of 18. Can I use Alpha Male 5.0 or 6.0?

Both Version 5.0 and 6.0 are designed for use by adults. That means you should be at least 18 before using either one.

Version 6.0 will be/is designed specifically so that it will only work if you are 18 years old or older.

These programs are not intended for people under the age of 18 to use. Do not use them if you are under 18.

Mark as helpful. 9

Can I use this program around women or children?

You can use it around women, as it is designed to only affect males; do not expose children of either gender, or persons under the age of 18.

Mark as helpful. 7

If I am using Alpha Male 5.0 when Alpha Male 6.0 comes out, can I just stop using Version 5 and start using Version 6?

No. You cannot stop Alpha Male 5.0 once you start, as the program is specifically designed to shift your focus in specific ways that must be balanced out later, and each stage balances the one before it. Furthermore, AM 6 will have a different script, and will not balance AM 5.0 properly. And last but not least, you will need to have run through AM 5.0 fully before you run AM 6.0.

DO NOT stop using AM 5.0 to use AM 6.0 before you have finished all six stages of 5.0 according to the instructions. DO NOT attempt to just switch from whatever stage you are using in Version 5 to that stage or the next stage in Version 6.

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Brainwave Entrainment (1)

How long can I use brainwave entrainment for?

This seems to be a common thing, that people discover brainwave entrainment and are so amazed by it that they want to use it far too much, and/or too often.

Here are some safe usage guidelines that have been found to work for me.

1. Don’t use any one program more than one hour per day.
2. Don’t use any group of programs more than two hours per day.
3. Don’t use brainwave entrainment more than four times per week, unless the instructions specifically contradict this.

Many of you are going to want to disregard these guidelines based on your enjoyment and/or fascination with the results, but there is a good reason to follow my guidelines. That reason is that using this sort of program too much will train your brain to stay in specific frequencies or bands of frequencies more than it should, and can result in some very undesirable side effects.

Perhaps the most popular brainwave entrainment programs are those that deal with Alpha and Theta. Training your brain to remain in these states for too long can cause you to develop difficulty focusing, which can in turn impair you in other ways. The results look a lot like ADD, and I theorize that too much Theta actually causes ADD.

So, please use brainwave entrainment programs responsibly, and do not overuse them.

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Breast Enlargement/Reduction FAQ (12)

How is it possible for a subliminal program to increase or decrease breast size?

It is possible because your subconscious mind is the control panel for your body’s autonomic functions. If your subconscious mind understands that you desire something to be true, it will attempt to execute that instruction and make true what it understands that you want to be true. This includes altering your body in certain physical ways, including breast size increase or decrease.

When you use a subliminal to give your subconscious mind the instructions that you want it to increase or decrease your breast size, it in turn responds by adjusting your physiology in the necessary ways to make that happen.

There appear to be three exceptions:

1. If the person resists the programming, it cannot be accepted and executed.
2. If the body does not have the natural capacity for further increase, it will not increase the breast size further.
3. If the person is too old, it is unlikely that the increase will take place.

Obviously, if you resist the programming for some reason, the results will not be achieved.

If you are too old, your body may no longer have the capacity for increasing your breast size. As far as I can tell, the demarcation point appears to be somewhere in the range of about 55 years old.

If you do not have the natural capacity for larger breasts, then you are unlikely to increase your breasts in size. In other words, it appears that each woman is genetically set for her upper limit as to how large her breasts can become. If your breasts are already that large, they will probably not increase further in size.

Breast size adjustment is done by causing the body to return to a growth state specifically for the breast tissue, if growth is the goal, or to absorb and shrink the breasts otherwise.

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Can I use breast enlargement or reduction subliminals while I am pregnant or nursing?

If you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your physician before attempting to alter your breast size using a subliminal program.

It is specifically recommended that you not use subliminal breast enlargement or reduction while you are pregnant or nursing, unless you have the okay from your physician.

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If I am going to change my breast size, why would I use a subliminal instead of having surgery to do it?

There are many reasons a subliminal is a superior solution for breast size increase or decrease over surgery, and a few where surgery is better.

A subliminal is a better choice because…

* It does not introduce the risk of infection, because there is no breaking the skin.
* It does not risk death, as surgery or anaesthetic can do.
* There is no surgical pain involved.
* There is no need for expensive and potentially addictive painkillers.
* There is no time or productivity lost while you recover, because there is no recovery needed.
* Nobody needs to know you are trying to increase your breast size.
* You don’t have to expose your breasts to strangers.
* Subliminal breast enlargement is all natural, and remains safe forever. Implants may rupture or become dislodged.
* Subliminal breast enlargement always looks natural, because it always is natural. This will increase your value to the men you attract, and your status and respect amongst your female friends.
* Subliminal breast enlargement is significantly less expensive than surgery.
* If you are decreasing your breasts, they will not return to their previous size with subliminal size decrease, as they commonly do with surgery. This means that many women who get surgical breast reductions must have it done more than once, and sometimes even periodically. Not so for subliminal breast size decrease.

So when is surgery a better choice? Not very often:

* If subliminal breast enlargement is resisted.
* If subliminal breast enlargement works for you, but you do not have the natural capacity to increase your breasts to the size you want them to be.

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Will the breast enlargement/reduction program work even if the woman doesn’t know she is being exposed to it?

We recommend that nobody be exposed to the program without their conscious knowledge and consent. However, the program will still work whether they consciously know they are being exposed if:

* The person is female, and
* The person is at least 18 years old, and
* The person consciously desires to increase their breast size.

We know this because we have had reports of husbands and lovers actually using this program to successfully increase their partner’s breast size without her ever consciously knowing it was being used.

Again, we recommend that you not expose a woman to this program without her conscious knowledge and consent.

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How long does it take to achieve maximum breast enlargement from your subliminal?

Generally speaking, our users and testers report that most of their growth takes place during the first two to four months of using the program, depending on the woman. Some achieve all their growth in less time, and some require more. However long it takes for you to achieve your maximum growth potential, you should use the program for the full six months it is designed to be used, unless you are still noticeably growing when you finish the six month course, and you desire larger breasts than you have achieved by that point.

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Does it hurt to increase or decrease breast size using your subliminal program?

For breast decrease, there is never any discomfort.

For breast increase, we occasionally get a report that a woman experienced mild discomfort during part of the growth process, similar to what she experienced during her original breast growth stage. However, this is rare, and the discomfort is always reported as being significantly less than it was originally.

This happens because the body must put the breast tissue back into a state of growth, and for the breast tissue, that occasionally makes it unusually sensitive. Again, that is rare for users of this program to experience, even if their original growth period was significantly uncomfortable.

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Is it possible to actually enlarge or reduce breast size by using a subliminal program?

As amazing as it sounds, the answer is a solid yes.

As usual, it requires a properly scripted, properly built and properly used program, but given these, it is possible for most women to enlarge or reduce their breast size using only a subliminal program, and do so permanently, without pain or stretch marks.

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Why should I change my breast size?

If you’re happy with the size your breasts are currently, then you should not!

However, many women desire larger or sometimes smaller breasts because of one or more of the following reasons.

Breast size increase is commonly desired because…

* It will get a woman more interest and attention from men.
* It will get a woman more respect and acceptance from other women.
* It will allow a woman to make more money. (Waitresses, bartenders, exotic dancers, career women, etc. almost always benefit financially from having larger breasts.)
* It sometimes opens up career advancement opportunities.
* It often will make a woman feel better about herself as a woman.
* She may desire the ability to produce more milk.
* She may want to be more physically or sexually attractive to her lover.

Breast size decrease is commonly desired because…

* She may be getting too much attention and interest from men.
* Her breasts may cause her back aches and pains.
* She may find that her breast size limits her ability to accomplish some desired activity or goal.

If one or more of these apply to you, it may be worth changing your breast size using our breast enlargement or reduction subliminal.

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Are the results I get from your breast increase/decrease programs permanent?

Yes. Women experience 80 to 100% of the breast size increase, and almost invariably 100% of the breast size increase, being permanent.

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Are the results I get from your breast increase/decrease programs permanent?

Yes. Women experience 80 to 100% of the breast size increase, and almost invariably 100% of the breast size increase, being permanent.

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Is it safe for me to use the breast enlargement program around males or children?

The breast enlargement and reduction programs are specifically designed to affect a person ONLY if:

1. They are at least 18 years of age;
2. They are female;
3. They consciously desire the breast size adjustment.

In testing, it has been shown that women can be exposed to this program while they sleep next to their boyfriend or husband, and he will remain entirely unaffected.

However, while it is not designed to affect children or persons under 18, such persons should not be exposed regardless.

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How much growth can I expect from using your breast enlargement subliminal?

If you are male, it is unlikely that you will experience any growth at all, since these programs are specifically designed to only affect females of age 18 or older, and only if the woman consciously wants to increase her breast size.

If you are female, 18 years old or older, and you consciously want to increase your breast size, the observed rule of thumb for how much growth a woman’s breasts can achieve using this program will be as follows:

If she starts off as a D cup or larger, she will usually gain 0 to 1 cup sizes.
If she starts off as a C cup, she will usually gain 1 cup size.
If she starts off with a B cup, she will usually gain 1 or 2 cup sizes.
If she starts off with an A cup or smaller, she will usually gain between 1 and 3 cup sizes.

The smaller the breast size a woman starts off with, the more likely she is to have the natural capacity to increase her breast size. Not every woman will have the natural capacity to increase her breast size, as her breasts may already be at their maximum capacity for size.

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Copy Protection (6)

What does your copy protection do?

The anti-piracy measures in the subliminals that include them are designed to cause people who would pirate our subliminals, and commit piracy in general, to stop doing so.

If you pirate one of our programs with anti-piracy measures in place, the program will work differently than normal.

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What will trigger your copy protection?

Anything that results in a transfer of value without equal and fair value being returned.

If you purchase a subliminal from us, and you make a copy on your computer, a copy on your iPhone, a copy on your iPad, a copy on your iPod, and a copy on a CD for backup, we consider that fair use as long as all of those copies you paid for remain in your possession only. That will not trigger the copy protection.

If you play a copy of the program that only exists in your possession, in a room in your house or a vehicle, in which others are exposed, that is also fair use, as long as you are being exposed and they do not have a copy of the program. That would not trigger the copy protection.

If you buy a copy of a program, and someone else is consistently using it while you are not being exposed, that is not fair use. A person other than the owner is getting value from the program, and that would trigger the copy protection.

If you give a copy to someone else, upload a copy to a pirate site, download a pirated copy, distribute a pirated copy or use a pirated copy – the copy protection will be triggered.

If you knowingly allow a pirate copy of your legal copy to be made by someone else, it will trigger the copy protection.

If you purchase a copy of a program for someone else, give them that copy, and then retain a copy for yourself, it will trigger the copy protection. But if you delete all copies in your possession upon giving that copy to someone else, it will not.

The copy protection is designed to trigger if the program is benefitted from in a situation where fair value is not being returned for fair value. If you’re benefitting from the program, the only time it will not trigger the copy protection is if:

1. You paid for the program, and have retained all copies for your own use.
2. You transferred a copy you paid for without keeping any copies for yourself or anyone else.
3. You are exposed to a copy that was paid for, without having a copy yourself.
4. You have not made, distributed, used, downloaded, or knowingly allowed anyone else to make, distribute, use their own copy of or download the program without having paid for that copy.

If you want to use a program of mine, you should pay for what you want to use.

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How do you know your copy protection works?

It’s simple. If the main program works on you, so will the copy protection.

You may not be aware of what it’s doing if you pirate my programs, but it is working.

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Do you use copy protection in your subliminals?

Some of them do include anti-piracy measures.

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Does your copy protection make it difficult to use your programs?

No. In fact I designed it to be absolutely invisible to people who are not using, making or distributing pirated copies, and I would not be surprised if those the copy protection is working on can’t see it either. But it’s there, and it’s doing something.

I am not stupid. I know that I don’t like intrusive copy protection on things I paid for, and I know that most people are not going to pirate my subliminals. I would rather keep my customers happy than try to make draconian copy protection that works 100% of the time. So while I know there will be some people foolish enough to pirate my programs even though I have copy protection in place, I would rather not upset those who were decent enough to pay for theirs and let the pirates think they’ve won.

So, the copy protection is virtually invisible. Doubtless many people pirating them will think it doesn’t work, but it does. If you get results from the program, the copy protection will work as well. But if you’re using or exposed to a program that’s not pirated, you have no reason to be concerned. And if you are concerned, just pay for the program you’re benefitting from and stop pirating the programs.

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Can your copy protection be circumvented?

The only way around the copy protection in my programs is to not trigger it, or to resist it.

To not trigger it, you should of course be using a legal copy that was paid for as many times as specific people have copies of it.

Resisting it is going to be something almost impossible to do unless you also resist the main program, and at that point, there is no benefit gained from using the program.

Otherwise, there is no way to circumvent my copy protection.

It has been suggested that circumvention is possible by playing what I call “lawyer games”, which is to say, redefining words such as “illegal”. Rest assured, that will not circumvent my copy protection.

Instead of trying to be clever circumventing the copy protection, it is a much wiser and easier thing for you to just pay for what you want, like everyone else.

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Hardware Questions (Speakers & Headphones) (2)

Are my headphones/earbuds/speakers good enough to play your subliminals?

The quick and easy test to see if they are capable of playing both masked and ultrasonic subliminals is to visit our free products page and download our Speaker Test file. If you hear no static, but the audio fades out near the end, you should be fine.  A upper-frequency response of at least 20khz to avoid static on ultrasonics is recommended.

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Are mono speakers okay, or do I need stereo speakers?

Speakers and headphones come in two main varieties: Mono and Stereo.

Stereo are by far the more popular. Stereo means you have one channel for the left ear, and a different one playing different sounds to the right ear. Stereo allows you to hear in 3D, just as two eyes allow you to see in 3D.

Mono is a much older option, still offered occasionally. Usually offered in low end speakers or headphones because it is cheaper to manufacture. Mono gives you one channel for both ears. Some people can’t tell the difference.

You need stereo speakers and headphones for best results with our subliminals. Part of the build process introduces three dimensional audio, which is designed to force both hemispheres of your brain to work together as a single whole to process the subliminal and thus gives much better results.

If you listen to one of my subliminals in mono, therefore, you will only be getting about half the information. Because it is only half the information, and suddenly your brain is no longer being forced to work as a whole, you won’t even get half the impact that you would from using stereo.

if there is ANY other choice, DO NOT USE MONO! If you ever ask me about a speaker and I suggest it, but it is a mono speaker, you know I did not see or know that. I will never suggest a mono appliance if I know it is mono.

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Sex Magnet/Woman Magnet FAQ (5)

Should I run Sex Magnet or Woman Magnet first?

Presuming that you have finished running through the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set fully, at least once according to the directions, the choice depends on what you want to accomplish for yourself.

If you want to focus on achieving raw sex with women, Sex Magnet is a better choice. If you want to be more focused on enjoying yourself socially, and having fun with women that you can turn into something else if you desire, then Woman Magnet is a better choice. Sex Magnet is generally better for men who are not afraid of women or sex.

For the inexperienced man, it is generally a good idea to run through Woman Magnet first, as it is focused on improving your socializing skills and making you more comfortable with women as people to enjoy, instead of necessarily try to have sex with. It is built in 5th Generation format, and includes the script of Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear. It is therefore a better first choice overall for the man who has less experience with women, sex and relationships.

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Do I really have to use Alpha Male first before Sex Magnet or Woman Magnet?

Yes. The Sex Magnet and Woman Magnet programs are specifically designed to work from the base built by Alpha Male, and if you don’t have that base, they will not give you the results they are designed to give.

Most people who try to run one of them first give up and go back to run Alpha Male, all the while regretting how much time they wasted not following the directions in the first place.

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What is the difference between Sex Magnet and Woman Magnet?

Both of these programs are designed to be used after you have run through the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set fully according to the directions at least once. Both require that as a basis upon which to build what they are attempting to accomplish, and they will not give you the desired results without that basis.

Sex Magnet is designed to take the results of AM and extend it into a specifically and decidedly sexual direction, as well as make you extremely attractive to women sexually, make it easy for you to seduce women, and make women try to seduce you into having sex with them. It does not include fear destruction, so if you are afraid of women, or sex, it may be best to use Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear for 90 days first, or use Woman Magnet instead. Sex Magnet is built in 4th Generation format.

Woman Magnet is designed to take the results of the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set and adjust and extend it such that you become the social playboy type of alpha. This type of alpha is out there to enjoy socializing, and to him, women are not a requirement or a sexual conquest, but instead, people to enjoy the company of and have fun with. Woman Magnet is designed to make the man able to achieve anything he desires with the women he encounters, from simple conversation to sex, as he chooses. It is built in 5th Generation build format, and includes the script of Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear.

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I’ve heard that some guys ran Sex Magnet and didn’t get laid. Why?

In every case where a man runs Sex Magnet and does not have sex as a result, the reason will fall into one of three categories.

1. He did not follow the instructions. This might include not running the entire Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set first, not using the program consistently, not using it enough hours every day, or not using it for long enough.

2. He chose not to have sex with any of the females who were available. The program is designed to cause the user to auto-reject certain types of women for sex, including those who have an STD and those who are attempting to emasculate him, use him or otherwise take advantage of or mistreat him in the process. A man might also choose not to have sex with any of the women who step forward for other reasons as well.

3. He is too afraid of (or, angry with, resentful of, etc.) women or sex to allow himself to have sex when it is offered or available. It is common for virgins and inexperienced men to have this issue. We recommend that such men run Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear and/or Woman Magnet 2.0 or higher before Sex Magnet to help with this issue.

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Why can’t I use a second program along side Sex Magnet?

Sex Magnet 2.0 is built in 4th Generation format, but uses an extremely long and complex script. Because of the script complexity and length, nothing else should be used with this program.

Sex Magnet 3.0 will be built in 5th Gen format, and that format is so highly tuned and powerful that nothing else can be used along with a 5th Gen program. It also uses an even more complex script that Version 2.0.

Therefore, do not use any other program with Sex Magnet.

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Stop Smoking FAQ (14)

How can anyone possibly stop smoking using a subliminal? It seems impossible!

People who ask me that question invariably have it in their heads that smoking is an entirely physical addiction, and that nicotine is not just the most addictive substance known to man, but impossible to break the grasp of.

The truth is, nicotine is extremely addictive, but not very difficult to break the grasp of at all. The real problem behind the epidemic of cigarette smoking isn’t the addictiveness of nicotine, or the difficulty breaking it’s grasp, it’s the social hypnosis that is going on. The universally accepted belief that it is so hard to quit, that XYZ always happens when you try, and that you must fail several times and suffer while doing it before you have a chance to succeed.

I hear this on the radio all the time. Commercials for the Florida Tobacco Quit Line even repeat these falsehoods. It’s pretty bad when even the people who want to help you quit smoking – including doctors – are actually helping you stay addicted by repeating and reinforcing your false beliefs that it must be difficult. (For more about social hypnosis concerning smoking, please see my FAQ entry about social hypnosis in the Stop Smoking section.)

The proof is in the pudding. If subliminal stop smoking programs can work, then if they are properly scripted, built and used, they should work. I don’t know about other stop smoking subliminals, but I do know that mine do work. I have seen them work again and again, even for the most resistant personalities. And they work by doing nothing more than changing what the person using them believes.

Imagine that. Quitting smoking effortlessly, without having to suffer withdrawal, anxiety, frustration, anger, irritability, weight gain or any of the rest. Just by slowly and gently changing what you believe. It sounds amazing, but I have seen it happen again and again, as long as the person follows the directions.

The real reason people have trouble quitting is their deep subconscious belief that quitting must be difficult – not because it is actually difficult. And my program deals with all those false beliefs that hold you in place, slowly, gently and effortlessly allowing you to quit without any of the negatives.

My stop smoking program is scripted based on literally years of research and interviewing smokers about why they smoke, why they try to quit, and why they fail when they try. What other stop smoking subliminal can make that claim?

It has been said that the program I created for this is the best and most effective way to stop smoking in the world. And after what I have seen, I don’t disagree.

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What is this “social hypnosis” you talk about?

Social hypnosis is a form of mass mind control that results when a group of people accept something as true, and then others accept it as true because the first group did, with it becoming true because it is accepted as being true, and then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, even though in reality, it is not true.

Case in point. Ask anyone if smoking is hard to quit. in 99.99999% of cases, you’ll hear, “Of course it is, everybody knows that.” Is it really hard to quit? No. But it is accepted as being universally true, and that acceptance has made it a self fulfilling prophecy.

How? Well, the average person hears and sees “it’s hard to quit smoking” all the time as they grow up. They are already conditioned just by this to believe it is true.

Then they experience authority figures claiming that it’s true also. Scientists and doctors, whom they take as infallible, so they accept it as true.

Then they see people actually experiencing difficulty quitting smoking, and they conclude that it must be true.

For that person, it is at that point true that “it is hard to quit smoking”.

The reason for that is simple. The subconscious mind does not understand things or process things like the conscious mind does. It does not have the capacity to differentiate good for you from bad for you, it just blindly executes whatever has been accepted as true as being true. That means that for the person who becomes addicted to nicotine, they will begin executing that subconscious programming whenever there is a trigger for it.

Those triggers include everything they have been told to expect to cause whatever symptom or withdrawal response, including not having a cigarette every X minutes or hours. So whenever they go without, the nicotine will start to trigger it’s withdrawal symptoms, and then the social hypnosis kicks in and creates the rest of the effect because the subconscious mind has accepted it as true that that is what must happen when that trigger is happening.

Nicotine lasts no more than 14 days in the body from it’s last dose, so after that, there’s nothing to trigger the actual withdrawals. The rest is all resulting from – you guessed it – social hypnosis. The deep subconscious beliefs that “when I try to quit smoking, it will be hard, and I will experience X and Y and Z, and it will be terrible and I will fail again and again and suffer terribly along the way.”

What you were told, over and over and over by everyone around you. What you saw others enacting because they believed it, and mistook as being true. What you accepted as true about smoking and quitting. What your subconscious mind is faithfully and automatically trying to execute as true by making it true for you.

And when it does, it only makes the belief stronger, and repeats the cycle.

I discovered this effect by creating a subliminal for my mother to get her to quit smoking. When after she tried everything she could find for about 23 years and failed, Version 3 of my program got her to quit in 8 weeks without cravings, anger, anxiety, irritability, hunger, weight gain, or even trying. My program did nothing but change what she believed to be true, and she quit without any of it. She also stayed quit. And that cannot have happened unless the social hypnosis was the real issue in the first place.

Nicotine is a very addictive drug, but relatively easy to deal with by itself. It’s all that false negative social hypnosis that causes the vast majority of the problems we associate with quitting. Not nicotine.

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Does your stop smoking program cause weight gain?

The program does not cause any weight gain. The cause of weight gain while trying to quit is the smoker seeking to quell the desire to smoke with food, since most smokers experience cravings for nicotine as being similar to hunger for food.

In all cases, our testers have reported a weight gain of 0 to 8 pounds. Most (around 3 in 4 testers and users) reported no weight gain; those who did gain weight often had other valid reasons for that weight gain (medications usually), and in all cases where it was from quitting, the weight came off quite naturally over a few months after finishing the program.

For all intents and purposes, you can expect little to no weight gain, and whatever weight is gained is naturally and easily lost after finishing the program. The program actually helps prevent weight gain by reducing stress as much as possible, and removing the triggers that result in weight gain while trying to quit using other methods.

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Why do you believe that quitting smoking is difficult because of social hypnosis, instead of nicotine addiction?

Primarily because the program works, and all it is doing is changing what you believe about yourself and smoking.

If the program is only changing your beliefs about smoking, and the result is that you – while smoking all you want in the process – gradually stop smoking without even trying and then over time become a permanent non-smoker, then it stands to reason that it isn’t nicotine that’s really the problem; it is, instead, what the program is changing: your beliefs about smoking, and being a smoker.

Couple that with the fact that after he nicotine leaves your body (takes about 14 days from the last dose), there’s nothing there to actually cause an addiction response anymore (except your accepted beliefs about what you should experience), and the fact that hypnosis can achieve the results it can, and you have your answer.

The problem with quitting smoking isn’t nicotine, it’s what you believe about smoking, and what you believe about your self identity as a smoker.

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Will I have to stop smoking while using your stop smoking subliminal?

No. In fact, I specifically designed the stop smoking program in such a way that it is actually better for you to smoke as normal while you use it. You see, one of the biggest causes for failure in quitting smoking is stress. Stress triggers cravings, and cravings trigger stress. This feedback loop can eventually overcome even the strong willed smoker trying to quit.

My program is designed to be used while you smoke as normal because this eliminates the stress of trying to quit, as well as the stress of fear of failure, and the fear of the dreaded side effects of trying to quit – irritability, stress, anger, anxiety, weight gain, hunger, failure, etc.

When you are not consciously trying to quit smoking, you have none of these stresses, and none of the fears. Thus, no stress. Then the program works its magic and eventually helps you de-stress and remain calm while in stressful situations and also while it weans you off the nicotine and the social hypnosis that triggers the withdrawal symptoms even after the nicotine is gone, slowly and gently.

In the end, the process is effortless because there is no stress, and by the time you have quit, you have purged all the false, limiting, damaging social hypnosis and beliefs that created 90% of the problem in the first place, while being free of nicotine physically.

So when you use my stop smoking subliminal, relax: it will do the heavy lifting for you. Smoke as much as you like along the way. Just be sure to use it 8+ hours a day, every day, for at least 6 months.

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Will I have to fight cravings for cigarettes while I use your program, or after it’s finished?

If you use the program properly, you will not have to fight cravings while you use it because it is designed so that you can smoke as you please while you use it. In fact I encourage you to continue smoking while you use it, because if you don’t, you’re causing yourself stress and that leads to cravings which trigger stress, and it usually results in smoking again.

Once the program is finished, you should never again have cravings to smoke. If you do, running the program again for 6 more months will take care of that for good.

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Will your stop smoking subliminal work even if the person doesn’t know it’s playing?

Yes. We have had users do tests on this and found that smokers do quit smoking even if they don’t know they’re being exposed to the program. Even if they are in a group, and living together, as long as they are exposed consistently and sufficiently, according to the directions, they will quit.

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How does your stop smoking program work?

Quite logically. It seeks to slowly and gently change the state of the smoker’s deep subconscious mind, beliefs, identity, expectations and responses to those of a non-smoker.

A smoker smokes to return to the state which a non-smoker experiences all the time: freedom from craving cigarettes or nicotine. But the act of smoking does not quell that craving, it actually creates it. A non-smoker never craves cigarettes or nicotine in part because they are not addicted to nicotine, and in part because their self identity is that of a non-smoker. Their subconscious mind does not expect to crave nicotine, or for it to be difficult for them not to smoke because they are non-smokers, and by definition, they do not smoke.

But the self identity of a smoker includes a long laundry list of deep subconscious programming which includes things like “I need a cigarette.”, and “I need a cigarette to ____ (take your pick).” and “It’s hard to quit smoking.” and “If I try to quit smoking, I will experience _____(pick your symptiom).”

Since nicotine is only present in the body for a maximum of 14 days after the final dose, it is impossible for the drug to be triggering an addiction withdrawal after that. The responses that one gets after that are all the result of those deep subconscious beliefs – which I call “social hypnosis”.

Social hypnosis happens when all of society agrees on the truth of a thing, and then it becomes true because of that belief that it is true. Here’s how this works regarding smoking.

When you were young, you looked around you and saw that everyone agreed that “it’s hard to quit smoking”. You saw it, heard it and experienced it in some form or other again and again. Even the so-called experts, like doctors and scientists say it and believe it. So you believed it. And then you observed with your own eyes people having trouble trying to stop smoking, and having specific and predictable withdrawal results, although their experiences which you observed were themselves the result of social hypnosis. But because you did not know this, it cemented it in your mind that the claims that it was hard to quit were true, and you accepted them fully as being true.

Then, when you went to quit, your subconscious mind looked for what instructions it had for that situation, and saw this:

“It’s hard to quit. I’m going to suffer when I try to quit, and I’m probably going to fail. I should expect to have cravings, irritability, hunger, frustration, etc. etc. I’m going to have to try to quit at least ____ times, and be more miserable every time I try.”

The subconscious is absolutely literal, and it therefore attempts to blindly execute everything it has accepted as true, in order to MAKE it true. So because that is what it has accepted as true, it therefore starts executing those instructions when you try to quit, and voila: it’s hard to quit, and you get all the symptoms social hypnosis tells you to get.

This is the real reason why most people fail to quit, and why it’s “hard”.

And yet, people who use my stop smoking subliminal quit smoking without even trying, and often so effortlessly that they don’t even know they did it for a few days. In some cases, people have actually denied that the program worked, insisting that “it just happened”, instead. We all know it doesn’t “just happen”. Something has to make it happen.

Nicotine is indeed one of the most addictive substances known, but it’s not really that hard to deal with the actual nicotine withdrawal. It feels like hunger to most smokers (which is why most smokers gain weight while trying to quit using other methods). The real issue is the social hypnosis, and this is proven by the fact that people trying to quit will have symptoms even after the nicotine is completely out of their system, as long as they are still running that faulty subconscious social hypnosis programming.

When that programming, and all the fears and expectations and the identity of being a smoker is dissolved, the process of quitting isn’t just effortless, it’s automatic. The truth about smoking is, it’s easy to quit and stay quit. You just have to use the right tool for the job, and use it properly.

My subliminal is the right tool for the job.

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Why should I believe that your stop smoking program works?

Because it does. The only people who have failed to stop smoking using this program, to the best of my knowledge, are the ones who refused to use it according to the directions.

All the rest, regardless of how resistant they were, eventually quit smoking.

Between 2-5% of the population may require more than 6 months of use to quit. If you are still smoking after 6 months of using the program 8+ hours a day every day, simply use it for another 6 months.

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Is your program going to tell me that smoking is bad for me, or try to scare me into quitting?

No. We do not use either method for two reasons. First, they don’t work. Second, that is negative programming, and negative programming gets negative results.

Telling smokers what smoking does to them, or trying to scare them into quitting, or trying to guilt them into quitting, or shame them into quitting or pressure them into it simply does not work, and I wish more “stop smoking advocates” would grow a brain and figure this out. All that they accomplish with these negative approaches is a bunch of people who want to smoke in order to tell them to kiss off.

My program uses positive programming only, and it is based on interviews with many, many smokers. It works by addressing the actual causes of smoking, nicotine addiction and the reasons smokers fail when they try to quit.

For instance, smokers don’t want to be forced to quit. So the program doesn’t try to force it. You should smoke as much as you want while using the program, and allow it to do it’s thing without effort on your part.

Smokers tend to be afraid of quitting, because they don’t want to have to deal with all the pain, suffering and difficulty, only to fail and have to do it again. So the program takes care of that by dissolving the beliefs that they must experience those negative things when they quit smoking, because those negative things are really completely unnecessary to experience when you quit. They only exist because of social hypnosis, and they have become a self fulfilling prophecy. Once those beliefs are dissolved, the subconscious is freed from trying to execute them as true when you try to quit, and the natural default state is achieved instead. Result: no negative symptoms while you quit.

Smokers tend to identify as smokers, which by definition means they smoke. So the program gently shifts the person’s self identity to that of a non-smoker.

Smokers tend to resent non-smokers and ex-smokers for always getting on their case. The result is resistance to quitting, because you will not allow yourself to become what you resent. So the program dissolves resentment of nonsmokers and ex-smokers, and reframes being a non-smoker as a desirable thing.

And so on. We’ve taken the time to truly understand smokers and how to help them. There’s no negative programming, pressure, guilt, shame, fear or scare tactics here.

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If I have quit smoking in just weeks using your stop smoking subliminal, why should I keep using it for six months?

Because stopping isn’t the goal. Stopping permanently is the goal. And to do that, you must completely overwrite the subconscious programming that is causing the smoking to cycle endlessly.

Most of the issue isn’t smoking, or nicotine, but the subconscious beliefs a smoker has about smoking, and what they should expect when they are trying to quit. It’s social hypnosis, and it is the real reason people have a hard time quitting.

Once you have quit smoking using the program, if you stop, the social hypnosis isn’t completely overwritten yet, and as time goes on, you’ll probably start experiencing cravings again and eventually start up again.

However, if you use the program for 6 months, you’re very likely to have completely overwritten the deep subconscious beliefs that cause the real issues. When that happens, you’ll not only have quit smoking, you’ll genuinely be a non-smoker, and it will be permanent.

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Can your stop smoking subliminal work for me even if I live with other smokers?


It is a known fact that smokers act as a smoking support group for one another when any one of them is trying to quit. In other words, if two or more smokers are in contact, and one of them tries to quit, being in contact with others who are not trying to quit will only make it harder for the person attempting to quit to succeed at that goal.

However, our program has been tested under the most harsh circumstances possible – an entire household of five smokers living together. Only one of them knew it was playing; all five quit. In fact they quit so gently that they didn’t even realize it for several days.

There is no known way to get an entire household of smokers to quit simultaneously without them even knowing they’re using a smoking cessation product, except for this program.

If you play it to yourself, you will quit without difficulty, even around others who smoke. If you expose them too, they will also quit.

The important thing to remember is that the exposure must be consistent, and it must be sufficient. Every day, 8+ hours a day, up to a maximum of 21 hours a day, for at least 6 months straight is necessary to not just quit, but make the result permanent. Most smokers stop smoking after 2-4 weeks of exposure without trying, even while they continue to smoke as they wish. Making the result permanent takes significantly longer.

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Can your stop smoking subliminal get me to quit even if I don’t want to?

In many cases, the Indigo Mind Labs subliminal program for smoking cessation can and does trigger smoking cessation even in people who are not consciously wanting to, interested in, or ready to quit smoking.

How? Simply put, it gently adjusts your mindset, beliefs and attitudes to trigger the changes that result in effortless, stress-free quitting.

For instance, it shifts your thinking from “not ready to quit” to “ready, willing and able to quit”. It deals with and eliminates the fears and false beliefs you have, both consciously and subconsciously, about quitting. It does everything you need done, at a purely subconscious level, in order to not just become ready, willing and able to quit effortlessly and without stress, but it also gently turns off your response to nicotine.

Nicotine is only found in the body for a maximum of 14 days after you stop ingesting it. That means that you cannot respond to it after that – everything you feel, think and experience after that point is a result of “social hypnosis”. You have been hypnotized from birth to believe that that is what is supposed to happen when you quit smoking, and everyone agrees to it. So, you accept it as an inevitable truth subconsciously, and then when you try to quit, your subconscious mind looks up “what do we do when we are trying to quit smoking?” and sees that “It’s hard to quit smoking.” So, being the good literal subconscious mind that it is, it tries to execute that program and actually makes it hard to quit smoking for you in all the ways you have been previously told that it is hard to quit.

But when the IML stop smoking program has taken effect, it dissolves all that social hypnosis and reveals the truth about quitting smoking. That it’s actually effortlessly easy, and there is no need for stress, irritability, cravings, hunger, weight gain or any of the rest. In fact in several cases, testers quit so easily that they actually denied that the program was why they quit – after coming to me desperate because nothing else worked for them!

Quitting smoking requires a gentle, slow, calm approach. That’s why it takes a minimum of six months. You’re not just trying to quit smoking; you need to make it permanent. Quitting is easy, and most people do it in 2-4 weeks with our subliminal. Completely overwriting the subconscious social hypnosis requires at least 6 months of use.

Yes, our program can work even if you don’t consciously want to quit smoking. But it’s going to work a lot faster if you do.

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Can I play this stop smoking program around children?

This program is designed for use by adults (18 years old or older). Unless the person under the age of 18 is actually trying to quit smoking, it is recommended that you not expose children to it.

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Using Subliminals (14)

Can I listen to subliminals effectively while I am watching a movie or playing something else on the same audio source?

Yes. As long as the subliminal’s volume has been properly calibrated, you will be fine. The exception is using the subliminal on speakers, while wearing noise canceling headphones, which will neutralize the subliminal audio.

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How long should I listen to your subliminals each day?

The recommended amount of exposure per day is 8 to 16 hours a day. Minimum exposure should be no less than 6 hours. Maximum exposure per day should never exceed 21 hours in a day.

If you’re wondering why there is a maximum exposure limit, it’s because eventually these programs will exhaust your brain and you’ll feel overtired and exhausted as your brain/mind runs out of energy to process and do everything you’re telling it to process and do. Many have been the times that Shannon and others have experienced this phenomenon first hand. These programs are all very powerful, even the 3rd Gen ones, and they will eventually bring your mind to a state of exhaustion if you do not allow it enough rest.

EDIT: As of Generation 5.5g the listening time has been significantly lowered. The listening times for these can be found on the description pages and tell you how many loops (1 loop = 1 playthrough of the audio). The previous instructions still apply for 4g and 5g programs.

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Will headphones improve my results?

Yes. Our subliminals are specifically designed to use spatial audio to help engage both brain hemispheres at once, which improves the overall processing, impact and effectiveness. While these effects do significantly enhance the results, they do not mean you absolutely must use headphones; but, whenever possible, you should favor headphones over speakers, and stereo speakers over mono-channel speakers.

If you choose to use headphones, and you wish to use them while you sleep, be sure to use headphones that will not fall off while you sleep.

Also be aware that ultrasonic subliminal audio is still audio and if you listen to it at high enough volumes, it can have negative effects on your hearing, just as any other audio would. It is therefore strongly recommended that if you use headphones, you use a masked version of the program instead of the ultrasonic version.

Should you choose to use the ultrasonic version of the program with headphones, we strongly recommend that you calibrate the volume carefully according to the instructions, and mark on your player what that volume is. Then, double check that the volume is correct before and after using your subliminal every time you use it. Zero volume is even worse than too much.

Headphones maximize the stereo separation, and therefore produce the best results; stereo speakers are next best, and work better if you can use them facing one another with your head between them, similar to headphones. Mono speakers, as found on many cell phones, are serviceable, but not the best way to play subliminals.

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Are subliminals safe to use? What about side effects?

Subliminal audio programming is safe to use as long as:

1. It is scripted properly.
2. It is built properly.
3. It is used properly.

If a subliminal program is not scripted properly, it may have unexpected, unwanted or unintended results. This happens because the conscious mind thinks, comprehends and processes data differently than the subconscious mind does. If the script writer does not accurately understand how these two layers of awareness differ in their understanding, processing and response reactions, the script may not be safe. Naturally, our script writer is extremely well versed in how to write scripts that take these factors into account, and our scripts are safe.

If a subliminal is not built properly, it may produce unexpected, unwanted or unintended results. This includes, but is not limited to, vocoding, which is the process by which a masked subiminal is processed such that the audio to be made subliminal exactly matches the volume differences in the masking audio, so that the two always remain as close as possible to identical in volume difference. The reason this can be an issue is that if the process is not performed, and the “subliminal” audio is adjusted too low kn volume to make up for this fact, it may be unintelligible to the subconscious in parts, which would result in partial instructions being received, possibly misunderstood, and then executed.

If a subliminal is not used properly, it may also have unexpected, unintended or undesirable results. For instance, mixing subliminals from different producers who use different scripting methods based on different levels of understanding of how the subconscious mind differs from the conscious mind can produce negations, reversals and very strange and even negative results as the subconscious attempts to execute all of the input as true, where logically some of it may conflict or modify other aspects of the scripting in unexpected or unintended ways.

Using subliminals sporadically, not long enough per day, at insufficient volumes, or attempting to mix incompatible types of subliminals or subliminals with incompatible goals may also cause issues. The same is true of using hypnosis with subliminals, NLP, etc.

Always use the program exactly according to the instructions, and never mix subliminals from different producers. It is also recommended that you never use any mind programming method with subliminals that has a conflicting goal, or has a script that in any way conflicts with that of the program(s) you are using.

Side effects are only experienced from resistance or as a positive response to the program. In some cases, side effects may reveal a great deal of upset, anxiety or unwillingness to change at a subconscious level. If a program triggers anger, hopelessness, fear, depression or irritability, this will be because the person is resisting the subliminal and the program is bringing up issues that must be deal with and cleared before moving forward.

Typically feelings of hopelessness or depression indicate sublimated or subconscious feelings of frustration or anger that the person does not feel safe or able to express. For instance, it is common to feel hopelessness for a time if the program is pushing you to do something you fear subconsciously, or feel unable to change for some reason. Depression is often felt when anger is kept inside instead of being expressed. That is why it is common for men using the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set to go through a “jerk stage” in which they feel irritable, and sometimes experience feelings of hopelessness and depression, most commonly because they still live with parents they feel unable to demand respect from or get out of the house of and out on their own, while the program is pushing them to face their fears and demand respect and be their own man.

In most cases, we recommend that if you feel irritable, hopeless or depressed, that you consider your feelings and assess them for seriousness. If at any time you believe they are in any way life threatening, stop using the program immediately. The side effects will fade away quickly.

However, if you do not believe the side effects are life threatening, tough it out and try to face them and their root causes. This is how we overcome what has held us back in the past.

An example of this is the case of one of our testers who ran the Overcoming Clutter subliminal, who became very depressed by it almost immediately. After a couple days of use, he had a dream in which he was shown that he associated the clutter in his house with his only remaining connection to his recently deceased mother, who was a hoarder. When he understood this and consciously allowed it to be let go, the depression stopped and he accomplished the goal of the program.

Positive side effects are usually tied to the main effect of the program. They may include high spirits, joy, hope, enthusiasm, efficiency of action, productivity and others.

When you attempt to alter the existing programming, you may have effects that result as your subconscious responds with either fear, anger, frustration, or success. It is helpful to talk about these effects with others on the forum, and share your experiences so that they can help and encourage you.

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How do I calibrate volume?

To get the best results from these programs, you must calibrate the volume properly. To do that is simple:

Step 1. Using the same setup you will be using to play your programs normally, position yourself as you would normally be while listening to the program.

For example, if you plan to use the programs over speakers in your bedroom while you sleep, you will want to perform calibration while you are laying in your bed. If you want to use your laptop speakers, you should be wherever you will be while your laptop is playing the program. If you want to use headphones or ear buds, you must calibrate while using them. And so on.

Step 2. Play the Trickling Stream track (if your program has one) and adjust the volume to a comfortable level for you while you are in your expected usage placement.

Step 3. Play the Ocean Surf track, and if necessary, adjust the volume so that you can hear the lowest volume areas at least faintly still, while the loudest parts are not too loud. If you cannot do both, favor being able to hear the lowest volume areas at least faintly.

Step 4: This should be the appropriate volume at which to play all three tracks. However, if you find that the ultrasonic track is still too loud, and you prefer to use the ultrasonic track, lower the volume in small increments until the volume is comfortable. Make sure the volume is always above 10%.

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Why should I buy subliminals from you as instead of someone else?

1. Our subliminals producer started in this field back in 1993, and has been making his living doing nothing else since 2005. He is very experienced.

2. Our subliminals producer is extremely knowledgeable about the subconscious mind and how to interact with and influence it using subliminals specifically. He understands how it must be approached differently with subliminals than hypnosis, NLP or other mind programming methods. This is extremely important for creating effective, safe and useful subliminals that actually work.

3. Our subliminals are the best out there. But since everyone else will tell you the same thing, we don’t bother to say so; instead, we simply provide you with the tools to prove it for yourself. That means we offer free full versions of some of our programs, as well as a live uncensored forum in which you are welcome to post your genuine experiences with the programs. We only moderate the forum to prevent spamming and flame wars and foster a community feel. We also…

4. Have the best refund policy in the industry. Simply stated, our refund policy is as follows. If you use a program you purchased from us according to the directions, and it does not work to your satisfaction, you have 180 days from the day you finish using it according to the instructions to request a refund, which will be issued to you upon review of your case, but usually within a few days at most. Our refund policy is sane, reasonable and doesn’t make false promises. Instead, it goes far beyond what others offer, while remaining realistic.

5. Because our subliminals work better. You can read our forums to see that this is true.

6. We are constantly doing research and development to improve our programs, techniques, methods and technologies. The result is that…

7. We employ several unique technologies and methods nobody else can offer, including metascripting, the naturalizer, HyperSpeed Technology, Self Optimizing Scripting, the Optimus Engine, MaxSpeed technology, with others being developed all the time.

8. Our subliminals are typically best in class for speed of results. To the best of our knowledge, nobody else can develop or create subliminals that work as fast as our 4th and 5th Gen subliminals do. Some of our programs are designed to – and actually do – produce obvious results in just hours, or even minutes.

9. We offer direct and indirect technical support and assistance through our forum and e-mail. On our forum, you can interact with and ask questions of our subliminals creator himself, and usually get answers in a day or so. If he is unavailable for some reason, we have a knowledgeable staff and many experienced users who will do their best to be of assistance also.

10. Because we produce subliminals that actually give you more value than you pay for, even though ours are typically the most expensive in the world. The best never comes cheap. We couldn’t possibly charge these prices and stay in business of we did not have the best of the best to offer you.

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How many subliminals can I use at once, and what types?

The simple answer is, you should strive to always use one program at a time for best results. If you do not choose to follow that advice, it becomes significantly more complicated, but I will try to keep it as simple as possible.

If you are using a 5th Generation program, you cannot use it with anything else. At all. Period.

For 4th Gen programs, a maximum of two at at time will be best. If you are using all 3rd Generation programs, you can try to use up to three at a time.

If you want to mix generations, follow these guidelines:

Nothing else with a 5G program. Mixing 3rd and 4th Gen programs, no more than two programs at once.

If English is not your first language, and/or you cannot speak it fluently, look at the scripts for the programs you want to use together. If you do not understand the whole thing, or one of them does not have a script listed, use only one at a time. Otherwise, proceed as if you do speak English fluently.

If English is your native language, or you can speak it fluently:

Please remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and it takes energy to make these programs work. You can’t expect to use Stop Smoking, weight loss and hair regrowth all at once (all of these are programs that deal with making physical changes) and expect good results. Not because they don’t work, but because you simply don’t have sufficient energy and focus when using them all at once! Programs designed to manifest something, attract something into your life, or create a physical change (including dealing with an addiction of some sort) should be used by themselves if possible, and never with any other program of this type.

Using one attraction/manifestation/physical change program and one Type B at once is about the limit.

Just for reference…

Type A uses direct triggering of the lizard brain and currently only the Poetry of the Silent Eros uses this technique. You can use volumes 1 and 3 with other programs. Volumes 2, 4 and 5 should not be used with other programs.

Type B changes thoughts and beliefs to work. Up to two Type B programs may be used together, or one Type B and one program of another type.

Type C makes a physical change to the body. No more than one Type C or Type C hybrid program should be used at a time. Do not mix with Type C, Type C hybrids or Type D, or use with more than one Type B at a time.

Type D is attraction/manifestation. One Type D or Type D hybrid at a time, maximum. Do not mix with Type C, hybrids or Type D, or use with more than one Type B at a time.

Type E is long term programming. Become A Multi-Millionaire Within Four Years is an example. No more than one Type E program at a time. These programs require energy, and lots of it, but are also being used for very long periods of time. Use no more than two programs of Type B only with Type E programming. Type C, Type D and hybrids should be avoided. If you do use a Type C, Type D or hybrid program with a Type E, you should only use one such program at a time, with only the Type E reference program, and use the Type C/D/Hybrid for 2x as long.

Here are some examples to clarify.

I am using a Type E (BAMM) and I want to use a Type C/D Hybrid (Alpha set) too. I can do so ONLY if I use the Alpha set for twice as long (12 months for a 6 stage set). But, the instructions on Alpha Male say not to use it twice as long, so I would have to use it for six months at a time, twice. As in, one month per stage, and then repeat the whole set.

If I were using BAMM with something like a program to reverse hair loss, I could use the hair loss program for twice as long per stage.

If I was using Type B and Type E, I could use up to two Type B programs with it, as long as they were the only other programs I used.

And, regardless of anything else, if English is not your first language and you do not speak it fluently and do not fully understand all of the scripts for the programs you are interested in using, use only one at a time.

If you are using more than one program at a time, it is better to use each one for several hours straight and then switch to the other, than to loop them back to back. For instance, say I am using Alpha Male with Develop An Aura of Sexiness. The way to get the best results would be 8 hours of the first one, followed by 8 hours of the second one, and then 8 hours of time to rest. You’ll have to use a playlist for this.
If English is NOT your first language – and you are NOT fluent in understanding spoken English – and/or you do not fully comprehend the published script for your chosen programs – DO NOT use more than one program at a time.

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I have tried other (subliminals, NLP, Hypnosis, etc) and it failed to work. Why should I use yours?

We invite you to try our free subliminal program, Absolute Self Confidence, for 32 days and see if it affects you any better. We have seen a number of skeptics and people who have resisted other subliminals or mind programming programs become repeat buyers because it works. See for yourself.

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Can I use your subliminals with those made by other companies, or hypnosis, etc?

I once got an e-mail from someone who was having a negative result from the free self confidence program. This person broke two key rules for using subliminals. I would like to make it very clear here, because it’s apparent that they did not know these rules to using subliminals.

Rule #1: DO NOT mix subliminals from different producers!

I cannot emphasize this enough! Different producers use different scripting techniques. Different techniques based on different levels of understanding of the subconscious mind, and techniques which are often kept secret because of trade secret. Different techniques which may cause unpredictable results, including negative results. Don’t mix programs from different producers, and don’t use programs from more than one producer within 32 days of each other.

This brings up the question of scripting methodology. Can even a properly scripted program cause a bad response after being used by someone who has been using an improperly scripted program? Yes. This is why you never ever mix subliminals by different producers.

In other words, to be perfectly clear: if you use subliminals from producer X, you should never use subliminals from any other producer unless you have been at LEAST 32 days without using ANY subliminals at all. (And if you’ve been using the subs produced by X for a long time (more than 32 days), a good 90 day wait without using subs is in order. Then you should be able to use subliminalss by producer Y without a problem.

Rule #2: If you use a subliminal that causes you increased stress, distress, upset, anxiety, or any other negative response – and you have been using subliminals from multiple producers within 30 days of each other – immediately stop using the program that is triggering the negative responses, and seriously consider stopping ALL subliminals for 30 to 90 days to allow the conflicting programming to be released.

If you’re having anxiety, upset, stress, fear responses, etc. from a program and it’s not due to potential producer scripting technique conflict (and hypnosis is another possible cause for this conflict), then you have to evaluate the situation a little differently.

Are you having these results because you’re just working through the negativity holding you back, or are you having the responses as a form of resistance that is going to produce potentially life threatening depression? If you think it is the latter, stop using the program(s) immediately.

We don’t want anything but the best for you, but you can’t have it both ways. If you like my stuff, use my stuff, but don’t use my stuff and someone else’s. Likewise vice versa. You stand a good chance of messing yourself up by mixing production and scripting techniques.

I know mine are properly scripted, and that’s a large part of why I both post the scripts for all to see whenever I can, and why I am so insistent that you not mix producers: I don’t want my stuff to look bad because someone else isn’t using proper (or compatible) scripting methods, and I don’t want anyone getting hurt because of someone else’s mistakes (which I cannot do anything about) or incompatible techniques!

Concerning mixing hypnosis, EFT or NLP with subliminals:

Do not use any method to attempt to achieve incompatible goals at the same time. Also do not using multiple methods together unless you know what the scripts for all are, and you know for sure that they do not conflict in goal, result or scripting methods.

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Is it okay to pause the program when I go out of the room?

For 4g and 5g you can if needed, though it isn’t preferable.

For 5.5g programs it is much more important to not pause or break up amount of loops required as there is a technology in use here called the Audio to Silence Balance Ratio (ASRB) which relies on precisely calculated ratio of rest periods to exposure periods. If you don’t do all loops back to back, it breaks ASRB and significantly reduce the effectiveness of the program.

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Are subliminals safe to play around others/pets?

We recommend that you do not play these programs around children unless you are playing a specific program aimed at them from the ‘Children and Teens’ section.

When it comes to our programs that specify male or female it is okay to play around the opposite sex, since all such programs are specifically designed to only affect the gender they are intended to affect. Therefore, breast enlargement will not affect males, for instance, and alp[ha male training will not affect females.

As for pets, if while you are playing the program your pet seems to be affected (running around more than usual, going crazy, whining, barking or seemingly having a headache) it is recommended that you do not play the ultrasonic version of the programs around them in the future. Otherwise you should be okay.

Our subliminals creator has tested these programs around cats and dogs and has only seen a negative result reported by one person, who was playing the program at maximum volume because she was afraid that it wasn’t working since she wasn’t able to hear it consciously. The result was that her dog developed a headache, which promptly disappeared when the volume was calibrated properly.

You should not play subliminals around others without their knowledge and consent.

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How do I create a CD from my downloads?

We at Indigo Mind Labs believe in fair use and we prefer to treat our customers with expectations of trust, instead of as criminals. Basically, we want to treat you as we want to be treated ourselves.

It seems reasonable, then, that if you purchase a title as a download that you might want to use it on a CD. Here is how to make yourself a CD from your download.

In general, there are two types of audio CD. There is the standard audio CD, and the mp3 CD.

We advise not using MP3 CD’s unless you are 100% sure that your CD burning software does not re-encode or change the original MP3’s in any way (this is common to maximize the amount of MP3’s that fit on a CD).

When making an “Audio CD”, any standard CD burning software will automatically unpack the MP3’s and burn them at correct quality settings.
About Fair Use

Please understand, however, that fair use has limits. It means you have paid us for the right to use the program for personal use, and make backups and create CDs and copies for yourself and your private personal use only. It doesn’t mean you’re allowed to give away copies while keeping it for yourself, share the title, sell it, etc.

When you pay for your copy, you are paying for the right to personal use. That includes making a reasonable number of backups, putting a copy on your mp3 player, and generally making use of your purchase as most benefits you reasonably.

Giving it away as a gift is fine, but if you do that you can only give it as a gift to one person, and you can’t keep a copy for yourself too. If you want to give away a copy and keep a copy, then personal use has been breached and someone has a copy that wasn’t paid for.

Please remember that these programs require years of training and skill to learn to make. I have to make them safe and effective, and I have to constantly work to try to find ways to improve them, while adding new titles too. These programs are intended as a way to exchange my specialized skills (and those of my business partner Andrew) for a way to make a living, while helping people. Please honor and respect that.

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Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for using subliminals?

In general, our subliminals are designed for use by adults 18 years old or older. Programs designed for use by persons younger than that age are found in the “Children and Teens” section of the store. Usually we recommend that children under 12 not be exposed to subliminals at all unless the program specifically deals with an issue commonly found in children under that age, such as wetting the bed.

There is no maximum age limit for using subliminals.

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How on earth do I make a choice with so many programs?

What a wonderful problem to have, don’t you think?

Sometimes, people have a hard time choosing which program or programs to use, or get started with.

Naturally, it makes sense to start off with whatever program best fits your specific needs. If you have a complex issue, or a group of issues, you’ll need to determine which point is most important to focus on. The best thing to start with is the issue that will most positively impact all the other issues.

For most people, we recommend you start with our free Absolute Self Confidence program to prove to yourself that our programs do indeed work, and are actually effective and worth spending your money on.

Frequently, people want to know what to choose between two similar programs, such as Overcoming Fear, versus Overcoming Fear, Guilt and Shame. In such cases, you will again have to assess which option would best suit your needs and situation. Usually, however, it would be recommended – in the case of OF versus OGSF – that you go with “more is better” and choose PGSF.

If you are lost still, you can request guidance from our forum, located at http://www.subliminal-talk.com.

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Weight Loss FAQ (6)

Is it really possible to lose weight using just a subliminal program?

Most definitely.

Our weight loss program is the result of research and development dating back to 2006, and is very effective for most people as long as it is used properly, according to the directions.

If you’re wondering how it could possibly work, it’s all about adjusting the reasons why the person is overweight so that they no longer do the things that make them overweight because the reasons for those actions and responses have been removed. Science is currently stuck in the idea that weight gain must be a physical cause only, and largely ignores the fact that the subconscious mind is the control panel for the body.

My own efforts at creating an effective weight loss subliminal have shown me that the true reasons for issues with weight are almost entirely mental and emotional: mental in terms of faulty beliefs that act as programming for the subconscious mind, and emotional because the subconscious is deeply focused in the emotions, and is therefore largely irrational. It can and does execute as true anything it has accepted as true.

That means that most people who have significant weight issues are actually expressing emotional traumas through their weight. For instance, it is common for women to be overweight after having been raped, as a defense against being raped again; the logic is that if she is not “too attractive”, she won’t be targeted for rape. I have encountered people who were overweight because they were terrified of going to hell because they had sexual desires at all, people who were overweight because they were constantly being treated as emotional garbage dumps by those around them, those who were overweight because they were caught in a feedback loop of emotional discomfort > seek comfort > eat > gain weight > become uncomfortable because of how others treated them for being overweight > seek comfort > eat. I have met people who were overweight because they were caught between a fear based rock and a hard place, where they were subconsciously afraid of (X) and (not X). Some people are overweight because they’re so amazingly lazy. Some are too emotionally immature. Others gain and remain overweight as a means of resisting others telling them what to do. And so on. Most people have a complex web of these reasons working against them all at once.

In the end, weight issues are very complex, and everyone will have a slightly different reason or set of reasons for being overweight. My weight loss program takes a unique approach to changing the subconscious programming that allows for the vast majority of people to benefit and lose a significant amount of weight, in many cases actually achieving their ideal weight entirely through the use of the program.

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How much weight will I lose from using your weight loss subliminal?

That depends on how you use it, your personality type and what your specific reasons for being overweight happen to be.

Some personalities are more complex or resistant than others, and some people have very complex reasons for being overweight. Not everyone will achieve their ideal weight using this program. Some people experience a “brick wall effect”, which is where they achieve a certain amount of weight loss and then stop, regardless of what they try to do about it.

The brick wall effect is generated by subconscious fears, and more specifically, subconscious fear based feedback loops. In every case I have encountered so far and analyzed using hypnosis, the blockage has been a fear of (X) and (not X) at the same time. For instance, one woman was afraid of being attractive (because she was afraid of being raped again) and also of not being attractive (because it prevented her from getting the attention from men that she wanted). These feedback loops can trigger paralysis, and result in the brick wall effect.

Most people do not have this problem, and will achieve their ideal weight without issue. The average weight loss for such people is typically up to 50 pounds.

People who need to lose more than 50 pounds may or may not experience a brick wall effect. Our subliminal is designed to dismantle the causes for the brick wall effect, but in some cases, it may require a hypnotherapist or counseling to overcome or dismantle the fear based feedback loops that create and maintain the brick wall effect.

People who experience the brick wall effect typically lose between 12 and 30 pounds, and it is usually obvious that they need to lose more to achieve their ideal weight.

If you do not experience the brick wall effect, then the sky is the limit. The program is designed to trigger 3 pounds of weight loss per week, to maintain a safe and permanent result, so a maximum of 144 pounds per year is possible for weight loss.

The weight loss program is designed to have a limit beyond which you cannot lose any more weight, and that limit is determined by a special algorithm that causes your subconscious mind to calculate your own ideal weight by considering such factors as your height, build, and gender. You cannot go below your ideal weight using this program, because as soon as you achieve your ideal weight, you will automatically enter maintenance mode.

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Do I need to use the weight loss program again to refresh the results?

If over time you notice you have begun gaining weight again after you have finished using the program for the instructed six months, then you can use the program again to refresh. The program is designed to be a very long term or permanent effect, so this should not be necessary at all, or more than every few years at the most.

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Can I use the weight loss subliminal on or around children?

The weight loss program is designed specifically for adults. It should not be used on or around children who are still growing in height or under the age of 16 in any case. Do not expose children under 16 to this program, or use it on persons under the age of 18 who are still growing in height.

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Why do you limit your weight loss program to 3 pounds per week of weight loss?

Instant weight loss is what everyone wants, I know, but going too fast is not good for you. It can adversely affect your health, and it is frequently associated with what is known as the “rebound effect”, which is where the person responds by regaining all the weight again, and sometimes even more.

By limiting weight loss to three pounds per week, we allow your body time to adjust to the changes, and this prevents the stresses that cause the rebound effect as well. The result is that you should not have any hanging skin when you’re finished, and the results will be as safe and permanent as possible.

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Is it safe for me to use the weight loss program if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should consult your physician before attempting to use any weight loss method, including a subliminal for weight loss.
We specifically recommend against it.

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