Indigo Mind Labs Exclusive Technologies:

Metascripting: A secondary script that optimizes how the primary script is processed by your subconscious mind.

The Naturalizer:  Allows the changes taking place to be accepted much more readily, and proceed naturally so that the change is as easy as possible.

HST: HyperSpeed Technology. Compatible with 5G build format only. Vastly increases the speed and efficiency of information processing of subliminal input.

SOS: Self-Optimizing Scripting. Allows HST to instantly, constantly and automatically adjust itself to the brain state of the listener, so HST is always tuned for perfect performance, even if multiple people are being exposed simultaneously. Compatible with 5G build format only.

SOA: Self Optimizing Amplifier. Allows programs it is included in to automatically amplify the effects of whatever it is pointed at within the script until the effects achieve the desired goal.  Excellent for overcoming and/or reversing resistance, and causing results to manifest very quickly and in much more effective ways.  Not suitable for inclusion in all types of programs or with all forms of the Self Optimizing Script.  Compatible with 5G build format only.

OE: The Optimus Engine. A specialized script and technology set that produces nothing short of amazing results towards achieving the program goal, but not suitable for use in all programs. Compatible with 5G build format only.…mus-Engine

MaxSpeed: Allows certain types of programs to produce results starting between 4 minutes and 45 minutes of exposure, depending on the specific goal, person and type of target. For instance, General Pain Relief may affect one type of pain within 5 minutes, and a different type of pain in 40 minutes of exposure. Not suitable for all types of program or goal. Compatible with 5G build format only.

Slipstream: Allows challenging changes to come into being in such a way that most types of resistance can be bypassed completely.

State Shifting: Allows the program to shift your state of awareness to whatever is most conducive for achieving the goal of the program.  May be paired with MaxSpeed for an “instant effect” type program, induced for situational specific state shifting after the fact for optimal state when triggered by a specific activity, or both. Compatible with 5G build format only.

Advanced Amplification Engine: The Advanced Amplification Engine (AAE) is found in 6G build format only.  It is made up of several new advanced component technologies.  Specifically what they are or how and why it works is trade secret, and unfortunately cannot be disclosed.  The AAE allows programs in which it is included to be amplified dramatically for speed, power, effectiveness and success.  Planned as a standard feature of all programs built in 6G build format.


BWE: Brainwave Entrainment. This technology is almost never used with our subliminals.…age-Limits

Exosubliminal: A subliminal designed to affect someone or something other than the person who listens to it. Not yet in common use.…ubliminal.

Generations are the scripting methods, build techniques, and enhancement technologies used to build each program within that generation. Versions are updates, error fixes and/or improvements within a generation that do not require a whole new build method in order to implement.

3g: The earliest generation of IML programs currently available. Currently in the process of upgrading to 4g. Generally, our 3rd Gen technology is about 2-14 times as powerful and effective as what you’ll find elsewhere.

4g: The generation that most of our programs are currently in. 2 times more powerful than 3g.

5g: The latest generation of programs, created initially for subjects where people have the most resistance (e.g Stop Smoking, Weight Loss). 9.2 to hundreds of times more powerful than 4g, depending on specific technologies included.…structions

HyperSpeed Technology (HST) allows me to tune the program to the specific processing speed of the individual using it, which results in maximizing the speed of results and the magnitude of impact.

Self Optimizing Scripting (SOS) allows me to create programs that incorporate HST which automatically and constantly adjust to the optimal “settings” for each user. That’s pretty amazing, if you think about it.

The Optimus Engine (OE) creates an almost irresistible focus on the goal that I have found has an amazing impact on both speed and power of the program. Among other things, I have also created an experimental pain relief subliminal based on the Optimus Engine that is getting rave reviews from testers, and consistently produces real results in as little as one hour of use without MaxSpeed technology, or as little as 4 minutes of use with MaxSpeed technology. This technology (the Optimus Engine) isn’t universally applicable, but I am going to be using it where possible.

Add these to a 5th Generation program and it’s power compared to the run of the mill offerings you find online is just not even reasonably calculable any more. This allows us to create subliminal programs that can successfully do things that no other subliminal can do.


AF    Alpha Female
AM    Alpha Male

AOSI Develop An Aura Of Sexual Irresistibility

APE Attract Positive Energy
ASC    Absolute Self Confidence
AYIW    Achieve Your Ideal Weight

AYP Attract Your Perfect
BAMM    Become a Multimillionaire
BASE    Become A Successful Entrepreneur
BIABW    Become Irrestistibly Attractive to Beautiful Women
CUPR    Chronic Useless Pain Relief
AOS    Develop An Aura Of Sexiness.
DAOS    Develop an Aura Of Sexiness

DMSI Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility

EPRHA Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid

E2 Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

ESE    Extreme Self Esteem
FYPJ    Find Your Perfect Job
GPR    General Pain Relief (currently pre-release)

IYGSH Improve Your Grades and Study Habits
LM    Luck Magnifier
LTU    Life Tune-Up
MHS    Maximum Healing Speed
MIR    Maximum Immune Response (currently pre-release)
MLS    Maximum Learning Speed

NSFM Natural Seduction For Men

OAA    Overcome Approach Anxiety
OEFM    Orgasm Enhancer For Men
OEFW    Orgasm Enhancer For Women
OF    Overcoming Fear
OGSF    Overcoming guilt, Shame and Fear
PSE/POTSE    Poetry of the Silent Eros
SM    Sex Magnet
SSF    Stop Smoking Forever

TLAM  Think Like A Millionaire
TUW    The Ultimate Weapon (Advanced Subliminal Aphrodisiacs)

UM Ultra Motivation

US    Ultra Success

WM    Woman Magnet (Formerly known as Manifest Abundant Beautiful Women)
X124, X24, X32    All versions of TUW.

               IML    Indigo Mind Labs

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