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Thank you for your purchase of the Life Tune-Up 2.0 Six Stage Set. Congratulations on purchasing the best program of it’s kind available.

What is it?

Life Tune-Up 2.0 is the revised, expanded and updated version of the original program. The original program was designed to address the following areas:

  • Self confidence

  • Self respect

  • Self worth

  • Self reliance

  • Self esteem

  • Liking yourself

  • Loving yourself

  • Being a good person

  • Treating yourself and others with consideration, dignity and respect

  • Being happy

  • Self control

  • Feeling good about yourself

  • Positivity

  • Doing the right thing

  • Learning from your mistakes

  • Having a winner’s attitude

  • Improving yourself

  • Improving your life

  • Having gratitude

  • Taking care of yourself

  • Accepting responsibility for yourself

  • Success programming

  • Becoming healthier

The new version includes all that, plus adds these:

  1. Ego balancing

  2. Spontaneously smiling at others

  3. Enjoying life

  4. Being fun, and fun to be around

  5. Enjoying socializing with others

  6. Overcome procrastination

  7. Overcoming anxiety

Changes From Version 1.0

Version 2.0 of this program brings with it many different changes:

  • It is now a six stage set, instead of a single stage program. I believe this will make it much more effective, given the length and complexity of the script.

  • It now uses the latest scripting techniques (of course!), which are significantly updated and improved over the original release from 2007.

  • It expands on the original program goals.

  • It now integrates a brainwave entrainment hybrid masked format track. This brainwave entrainment addition is designed in a special way, allowing the program to be used as just a subliminal (without brainwave entrainment effects) or as a subliminal with brainwave entrainment effects also. To use it as a subliminal only, simply play it on speakers; to get the brainwave effects also, use headphones.

About Brainwave Entrainment

Note: Masked format subliminals do not require special consideration for play on speakers or headphones. Ultrasonic format subliminals require speakers that can reproduce at least 20 kHz frequencies, and higher is better.

Note: Brainwave entrainment is not for use by people who have epilepsy or a neurological disorder related to epilepsy. Do not use brainwave entrainment while doing anything that requires concentration, including driving and operating heavy machinery.

The brainwave entrainment program is designed to induce a two-stage entrainment, each stage which is designed to assist in the rapid assimilation of the programming. The first stage is Theta, where deep hypnosis or dreaming sleep takes place, and the second stage is Alpha, which is the brainwave state that corresponds to daydreaming or light hypnosis. These two brainwave states are both associated with increased speed of brain/mind programming assimilation.

At the end of these two stages of brainwave entrainment is a ten minute period during which you are exposed to Beta brainwaves, which will return you to normal consciousness from Alpha. This will require you to use the entire 60 minutes of the stage.

WARNING: Do not use the brainwave entrainment more than one hour per day, and do not use it more than four days per week.

How To Use This Program

This is a Six Stage Set, designed for use over a period of six months (one month per stage). It uses a smooth stage transition type of script weaving, which means that each stage generally will not produce markedly different effects than the one before it; rather, each stage will work slowly but surely to bring about the whole effect. You will see the difference between the stages most clearly as you look back over them after you have used them. There are three ways this particular program can be used.

  1. You can use the ultrasonic format. This format is designed for use on speakers only, and requires speakers that have a minimum frequency response of 20 kHz at the high end. The advantage is that they are effectively silent to normal hearing at normal volumes for most people. They are also more likely to be effective for people who have some types of hearing loss.

  2. You can use the masked format as a sublminal. To do this, simply play it on speakers.

  3. You can use the masked format through headphones, which allows the brainwave entrainment to take effect.

Suggested use is as follows:

  • Select which format you prefer.

  • Start with Stage 1 of that format, and use each stage for 32 days straight through speakers.

  • Use that format every night, all night long, on speakers in your bedroom. Leave it playing 24/7 so you never have to remember to turn it on.

  • If you like, use the masked format through headphones between one and four times a week to enhance the speed of programming. Observe all previous instructions for using brainwave entrainment. It is not required that you use the brainwave entrainment portion of the program to get results – it only makes the results happen faster when used according to these instructions.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  1. Ultrasonic audio should be played at the same volume as normal audio or slightly lower in volume. If it is played too loudly, it can cause headaches and/or nausea. It may also be audible to pets and infants, babies, children and certain people who have exceptional high frequency hearing. Typically, these people are young.

  2. If you attempt to play an ultrasonic subliminal on speakers that cannot handle the frequency, you’ll get static and crackling, which is the speaker trying to produce the required frequencies and failing. In other words, speaker distortion. The solution is to use different speakers, player or software. (Some software intentionally damages the quality of audio in an effort to prevent copying songs. This “Digital Rights Management” which is employed in some software audio players (most notably Windows Media Player) can strip out ultrasonic subliminal audio. We recommend using Open Source audio players, such as Audacity.

  3. This program is designed to be used over the course of six months because it attempts to do so many things that a normal script for accomplishing all of them would be impossibly long. Therefore, even though the program is a Type B subliminal (affecting beliefs/thoughts only), it requires six months for full effects. However, this script is designed to integrate all the effects simultaneously, which produces a much more harmonious and very worthwhile end result.

  4. This program is neither intended to, nor designed to treat or diagnose any disease, illness or disorder.

If you have further questions, or would like to share your experiences with this program, please visit our forum at

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