Special Meditations 10 Volume Set


Thank you for your purchase of the audio meditation set. This series of programs is designed to allow you access to virtually every level of awareness your brain is capable of, and, properly used, it can potentially strengthen and even improve your brain’s functioning, resulting in an improved ability to process information and more balanced decision making.

The primary purpose of this series is to allow you to safely meditate at will, without training or effort required. All you need to do is find a quiet spot, lay down, close your eyes, and listen to the program of your choice using stereo headphones at a comfortable volume.

To achieve the most benefit from this series of meditation programs, it is strongly recommended that you adhere to the following regimen of usage:

Starting with Level 1, use the program once per day, every day, for 32 days. Then, move on to Level 2, 3, 4, and so on. The full course will require 320 days to complete – just about 10 months and one week. By the time you complete the entire regimen, your brain will be much strengthened, more coherent, and much better balanced between its left and right hemispheres for information processing.

Level 1 is the lightest level of meditation, and level 10 is the deepest. Most people will not be able to use levels 10, 9 or 8 while remaining conscious enough to remember the experience. That is how deep these meditation levels are. Most people will be able to use Level 7 and remember the experience, but Level 7 is the deepest that most people can go without losing conscious awareness unless they follow the entire program in order, as specified above. You cannot expect to be able to remain consciously aware at the deepest levels without training.

You should not use Levels 4 through 10 more than once or twice per day. If you have epilepsy, you should not use these programs without first consulting your physician for advice, as they use a rhythmic sound to achieve the desired states of awareness.

Your brain will self regulate. If you attempt to use levels 6 through 10 just after awakening, you may find that it does not have the desired effect. If this happens, it is because your brain does not need to experience these levels of awareness right after awakening. During your natural sleep cycle, your brain naturally cycles through the levels that correspond with meditation levels 4 through 10. If you have had enough sleep, your brain may resist synchronizing with the program. Likewise, if you are too tired, your brain may resist synchronizing with the program and fall asleep instead.

Levels 1 and 2 may seem to have no effect to some people. This is because these states of awareness do not have a special “feel” to them, aside from a sense of relaxation. Some people will find levels 1 and 2 feel different than normal awareness, and some will not. Most people will be able to feel a difference with level 3; almost everyone should feel a difference with levels 4 and up. Regardless, all of these programs will have an effect on your level of awareness.

Because they act upon your level of awareness, you should not attempt to drive a vehicle, operate machinery, or perform any task that requires concentration while using them, or within 20 minutes of stopping if you are interrupted.

Each program is designed to gently drift your mind down into the desired state of awareness over a

period of 10 minutes, allow you to experience that state of awareness for 30 minutes, and then slowly bring you up to full consciousness over the next 10 minutes. The remaining 10 minutes are designed to synchronize your brain to the “fully aware” tone, in case you are slow to respond to the return to consciousness. (In other words, the program will awaken you itself.)

The specific tones and frequencies used in these programs are special. All of them have special significance, and while some of them are similar, most of them can be found in no other audio meditation series. They are based on extensive research into levels of awareness.

There are a number of ranges of awareness which correspond to the meditation levels represented by the various program levels in this series. The brain can function in brainwave frequency ranges known as Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each of these ranges has different qualities. While you are consciously awake and aware, you will usually be experiencing Beta, and sometimes Gamma ranges. Alpha corresponds to light states of meditation; Theta is mid range to deep meditation; and Delta corresponds to the very deep meditation that requires years (sometimes decades) of practice to achieve without help.

The frequencies used for each level are:

Level 1: 9.43 Hz (Alpha)
Level 2: 8.09 Hz (Alpha)
Level 3: 7.83 Hz (Earth Resonance frequency, low Alpha) Level 4: 6.47 Hz (High Theta)
Level 5: 6.28 Hz (High Theta)
Level 6: 4.85 Hz(Theta)
Level 7: 4.50 Hz (Shamanic frequency, low Theta)
Level 8: 3.24 Hz (Low Theta)
Level 9: 3.14 Hz (Pi) (Theta/Delta borderline)
Level 10: 1.62 Hz (Phi) (Delta)

Some specific uses for these programs aside from meditation include:

Learning acceleration and eyes open relaxation can take place in levels 1 through 3.
Deep body relaxation can take place in levels 7 through 10.
Rejuvenating the mind rapidly (reducing need for sleep) happens in levels 7, 8 and 9.
Deep experiences of self awareness, self exploration, and psychic experiences can take place at levels 6 and 7.

Levels 4 though 7 can be accompanied by vivid imagery and long term memories being remembered and experienced.
Suggestivity is enhanced in levels 1 through 7. (This means that you will tend to accept what you see or hear as true more readily in these levels of awareness.)

These programs are not subliminal. They do not contain hypnosis or Neuro-linguistic programming. They are designed purely to take you to the specified brainwave frequency and then return you to fully aware.

Thank you again for your purchase. We hope you enjoy it and get many years of use and pleasure from these programs.

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