Shannon Explains the Creation Process:


It all starts with my belief that if you offer the customer something they will be genuinely satisfied with, they’ll come back for more. Then you add in my years of ongoing research and development, personal pride in producing exceptional quality, the determination to make only the best possible programs, my refusal to sell programs that don’t actually work, and the confidence in my product that only comes from doing it right, and you have the foundation.

From there, I go with a solid idea for what to build, which usually comes from listening to a customer suggestion or request, but can also come from simply needing something for myself. Once I have evaluated a program idea and determined that it is possible, safe and useful, I create a basic script. If I don’t know enough about the subject to build a sufficiently effective and powerful script, I do research on the subject until I do. Then I revise and edit the script, optimize it, and make sure it follows the strict requirements that will make it worthy of having my name on it. Sometimes, this process requires several repetitions to create a script that makes me happy.

I continually improve the scripting and build process, and rebuild all the programs periodically to advance each “generation” of products. To my knowledge, no other subliminal publisher does this. The industry standard is to build lots and lots of them, but never improve on what’s been made.

After I have finished crafting, editing, analyzing and optimizing the script and am satisfied with it, it is vocalized and recorded. Once a clean, clear, useful recording of the script has been created, the real magic begins. At this point, I create the audio base from which each program is built. It takes a complex, intricate, exacting and closely guarded secret process, which I have painstakingly worked out over years of effort and research into how to make the programs not just safe to use, but much more powerful, faster, better at overcoming resistance, and more efficient than standard subliminals. The end result of this part of the process is what I call the “Q-Base file”, which is what is used to actually build one of my subliminal programs.

In the case of the ultrasonic subliminals, the Q-Base file is processed further to increase the center pitch to the very edge of human hearing (I use a different center pitch than other ultrasonic subliminal makers do, which I have found is both more effective and quieter to the conscious mind – most people can’t hear anything at all), and then I adjust the audio further and adjust it in various ways to make the resulting subliminal pure, clear and effective to the subconscious mind, while being virtually silent to conscious hearing.

I create the masked subliminals by first creating a masking track. I recorded and mixed the original ocean surf mask myself, and mixed and mastered the trickling stream track from three separate recordings. Since the masking track will be used over and over, it has to be perfect. That’s why we have replaced our masking tracks a few times now, and now we use masks based on much more advanced and higher quality recordings than we started out with.

Then I carefully balance the volume of a masking track with the Q-Base file through a slow and tedious process known as “vocoding”. Vocoding makes the volume fluctuations of the Q-Base file exactly match the volume variations of the masking track that you actually hear. This is a very important part of the process for producing professional quality and effective masked subliminals, and I use it to produce every single masked subliminal that goes out to my customers.

The masking track and the Q-Base file are then mixed together at a very precise volume difference, which I have determined to be the best possible option through extensive experimentation. This exact volume difference is the perfect balance between being effective, and keeping the spoken suggestions in the Q-Base audio hidden from the conscious mind, and produces a masked subliminal that is clean, effective, safe and pleasant to use, even with headphones. 4th and 5th Generation technologies also make use of two different masking tracks, one of the ocean surf and one of a trickling stream, which allows more options for those who prefer one over the other for sleeping to.

Once the subliminal tracks are built, I verify and test each one, and then tag them, package them as .zip files, verify the .zip file and upload them to our servers. This is where the product is made available to you with a set of instructions. At every one of the dozens of steps it takes to build one of my subliminals, I am actively applying my perfectionist side. The end result is quite naturally the best of the best – the gold standard of subliminal audio programming, which all other subliminal programs must be measured by. Nowhere in the entire world can you get a better quality subliminal program than what you will find here. Ironically, 5th Generation build format is naturally self checking, requiring me to verify everything several times by virtue of simply building it in that format.

The results, naturally, speak for themselves. To prove it, I offer free full programs to let you see for yourself what you think of the programs before you buy. Where possible, I put up the scripts to my programs, so you can see what’s in each one. There is an open forum, where you can see the personal thoughts of our users about the programs they have purchased and are using. We have a money-back guarantee that is second to none. And we have an ever growing customer base of thousands of people in more than 23 countries, happy customers who don’t just buy from us –they come back for more. There’s no higher validation than a repeat customer.

My aim is to succeed by returning to the old fashioned way of doing things:

Do it right the first time. If a mistake happens, find it, face it, fix it immediately and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Understand that the customer is the lifeblood of the business. Treat your customer (and your employees!) the way you want to be treated. Ask a fair price. Take personal pride in your product, your quality and your service. Be open, transparent, and honest. Give the customer fair use of the product. Always look for ways to improve your product. Never settle for “good enough”. Don’t worry what the other guy is doing. Take a long term, sustainable view, and rely on repeat customers to build your business slowly but surely.

By doing business in this way, we stand head and shoulders above the crowd, and are not just succeeding, but thriving. August of 2013 was the 8 year anniversary of when I began offering my subliminals for sale. In this business, staying alive for eight years is no small feat – but that is just a drop in the bucket. We expect to be around for a long, long time to come. Since the very beginning, when I was working by myself, the focus has been on the long haul. So you know we’re not going to be gone tomorrow, and you know we will stand behind my products and give you great service!

– Shannon

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