5th Generation Subliminal Instructions


5th Generation subliminals are completely unlike anything else that has come before them, and completely unlike anything from any other subliminals producer.

The first thing you need to know about 5th Generation subliminals is that they cannot be used with ANY other subliminal program.

No, you cannot use even a single stage Type B in 5G with even another single stage Type B in 5G. If you use a 5G program, that is the ONLY program you can use while that program is in use. Period.

This is true because of two facts. First, 5G maxes out your brain’s audio input channel for subliminal audio. If you try to use two instances of a 5G program at the same time (literally, simultaneously), you’ll make your head explode. (I’m only mostly kidding.) The bottom line is that anything beyond 5G by itself is going to seriously degrade your results because the overload will make your brain unable to decipher everything being said. Therefore, do not attempt to play a 5G program on two different players at the same time, thinking you’re being clever and getting more power. You’re not. You’ll almost certainly give yourself a headache, exhaust yourself mentally, and probably stumble around in a confused daze for a while if you try.

Second, the amount of data input your brain is getting from a 5G program is such that adding in any other program (besides a pure Type A, which uses no script) will degrade the effects of both programs. Again… don’t do that.

You wanted the fastest, most powerful programs in the world? Here they are. The price should make that obvious. But what’s not obvious is how they are carefully engineered and finely tuned to be at the perfect peak of power, and that anything more is going to be too much. Don’t use anything else while you’re using a 5G program. Got that? Good.

Now when you are using a 5G program, you can use it through speakers, headphones or earbuds. Always prefer headphones or earbuds whenever you can — except when you want to use silent/ultrasonic format, which should not be used with headphones or earbuds.  Use speakers for the ultrasonic format instead.

Why? Not only does using headphones or earbuds force your brain to process the program differently, requiring a much higher cooperative effort between your brain hemispheres (and thus significantly increasing the impact and effectiveness), but it also makes the subliminal audio as clear as possible for your subconscious. As much data is being pumped into your head every second on a 5G program, that’s going to make an impact. Speakers good, headphones better.

The exception is ultrasonic/silent format.  This format is not consciously audible or decipherable, and it is possible to have the volume too high or too low as a result.  Most people tend to feel it’s not playing unless they have it up way too loudly and they can consciously hear something.  This — like any other high volume audio — can have adverse effects on hearing.  Playing ultrasonics too loudly can also cause headaches or nausea.  Carefully calibrate ultrasonic/silent format, and use speakers only for them.

How much time should you use it for every day? I recommend 8 to 16 hours a day.  8 to 12 is usually plenty.

What should you expect? A lot of people find that they are quickly exhausted mentally when first encountering a 5G program. Your head may also feel hot, and you may sweat slightly the first few times. You may also feel pressure in your head, which may develop into a headache if you use the program for too long. There’s a good reason for that. What you just did is tell your brain to run at 100% processing capacity, and it’s not used to that yet. It can, and will, acclimate over time, but at first, you may feel like someone sucked your brains out and you need to sleep before you melt. 5G, as I like to say, “ain’t no joke”.  This effect will dissipate over time, as will the potential for headaches, because your body will adapt and adjust to the increased demand for oxygen and glucose to the brain.

Some people actually feel the reverse, more energized. Over time and use, the initial effects will fade away, be acclimated to or become normalized.

If you use a 5G program while you sleep, expect to see that you need 1 to 3 hours more sleep every night. Also expect that you will have more obvious dreams, and may in the beginning feel tired when you awaken, as if you never slept. That is normal when you have your brain running at 100% processing capacity all night long. If this disturbs your sleep too much, use the program while you are awake only.  Otherwise, favor usage while you sleep.

If you use the program too long, you may develop a headache. “Too long” can vary from person to person, and typically runs from 7 hours to 22+ depending on the person and how long they’ve been using the program. The headache you develop will typically be a low grade dull ache, nothing too major, but unpleasant, and it will dissipate within 5 to 7 minutes of stopping the program. The headache is caused by heightened blood pressure in your head due to your brain’s increased processing requiring an increased supply of oxygen and glucose to do all that work. Which is also why it dissipates so quickly when you turn the program off.  The possibility for headaches fades after the first 3-5 days, and you will probably not experience them after that, regardless of how much exposure time you get.

If you are using the ultrasonic track, and you listen to it too loudly, you can also develop a headache, as well as nausea. This type of headache is typically sharper than the over-exposure headache, and hurts a little more, but also dissipates within about 5 to 7 minutes of stopping the program. If you suffer headache and/or nausea you suspect is triggered by the ultrasonic, it is playing too loudly for you.

So how do we calibrate the volume, then? Simple.

Step 1: Load the Trickling Stream track. Play it in the manner you intend to play it when you are using it. Position yourself where you will be in the room, while being exposed, if it is playing on speakers. Then adjust the volume to a normal, comfortable level for listening. Don’t lower the volume because you don’t like the Trickling Stream. You don’t have to use it; but you do need to calibrate with it. Set volume where you would set it if you enjoyed Trickling Stream.

Step 2: Unload the Trickling Stream, and Load the Ocean Surf track. Now play the Ocean Surf track and listen to it from the same location, if you are using speakers. You should be able to hear even the fainest areas of audio, without straining, but the highest volume areas should not be uncomfortably loud. Adjust the volume until you achieve this balance. If you must choose one to favor, make sure you can hear the lowest volume areas.

Step 3: Unload Ocean Surf, and load the Ultrasonic. Play it, and see if it is too loud for you. It should be just about perfect volume for the vast majority of people at the volume you set from the previous track. If it seems too loud, and you have exceptional high frequency hearing that makes it annoying, consider using the masked tracks instead. Otherwise, you can lower the volume, but try not to lower it more than 10% from where it is.

Once you have volume calibrated, pick the format you prefer and use it.  You don’t need to use all three tracks; they all have the same subliminal message.  There are three to allow for choice and variety according to your personal preference and the circumstances.

If the program is a single stage program, the minimum usage time is 32 days. 90 days (3 months) is recommended. If the program is multi-stage, use it 32 days per stage unless otherwise directed in the program description.


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