Subliminal Arousal Toolkit 2.0


Instructions and Tips for Maximum Effectiveness

(Please read this!  You’ll be glad you did!)


Congratulations! You have chosen the hands-down best subliminal aphrodisiac programs available anywhere at any price!  Here are some tips on getting the most out of them.

First, although some people respond very quickly, most people require between ten minutes and two hours of exposure before it takes full effect, and a few will require longer (or multiple) exposures for the Rapid Response Triggers to take effect.    Most people seem to respond in about 20 minutes under optimal conditions.  Keep your eyes open for the signs that it’s working:


  • Flushing of the face, neck and/or chest.
  • Flipping hair (Women only)
  • Exposing and/or caressing the neck (Usually only women)
  • Licking their lips more than usual.
  • Biting the lower lip.
  • Increased breathing speed and/or deeper breathing.
  • Pounding or rapid heartbeat.  (If they are sitting fairly still, and you observe them moving slightly with each heartbeat, their heart is really pounding!)
  • Fidgeting with the hands.
  • Inability to sit still/keeps shifting weight.
  • Direct, frequent, and/or extended eye contact.  (Anyone making direct and extended eye contact [staring at you] is probably very interested!)
  • Stroking or touching their upper legs or their arms/hands.  (This usually only shows up from women, and generally indicates the desire to be touched in a sensual manner.)
  • Playing with or touching their hair or ears more than usual.  (Especially while making eye contact.)
  • Smiling more than usual at you, if you are sitting near the source of the sound, or are alone with them.
  • Asking something along the lines of, “Is it hot in here?”, when it is not, or fanning to cool off in a cool place.
  • Increased lubrication of the female sex organs, or erection of the male sex organs.
  • Erect nipples.  (Usually seen in female subjects only.)
  • Otherwise unexplainable sudden cases of “Goose pimples”.
  • Sexual dreams (especially if it is played right before bed or while the person sleeps).


Ideally, you should spend a little time observing their responses before you start a CD so that you know when their actions change.  Some people will show only one or two of these signs; most will display several of them, and a few will show none of them.  Don’t be discouraged if your subject shows none of them.  In rare cases, they may require several exposures before they respond.


These CDs work best when the person is not in a bad mood, depressed, upset, or the like.  Note that Volumes 2, 4 and 5 use subliminal commands, and these commands will take effect to produce the results regardless of how the person responds to the Rapid Response Triggers.  This will require approximately 21 to 32 hours worth of repeated exposures if you use it for an hour a day.  Expect it to take at least a week if you expose them to it for 8 or more hours a day or all night long, unless they are already highly sexed, in which case they may respond to the programming much more rapidly.


To get the best results from the Rapid Response Triggers, you’ll want to try to keep your target’s attention focused mostly on you the while the program is playing.  If they have never responded to you in a sexual manner before, having their attention on you while they are becoming aroused will greatly help them make the connection that their arousal is coming from being with you.  Once they have concluded that you are the source of their arousal, they will begin to fuel the process themselves, because they believe you caused it.  The expectation that they are aroused by you, literally causes them to become more aroused when they know you are present!


Be careful that they are not too focused on what they are doing, because they may be so “into” whatever they are focusing on that they consciously ignore (or override) their subconscious sexual response.  (You’ll see this ‘override  response’ most often when a person is heavily focused on higher thinking, such as doing complex calculations or problem solving.)  Some people respond regardless of what they happen to be doing, while others must be doing little or nothing else.  Keeping them relaxed and engaged in light conversation with as few distractions as possible is usually very good.  An excellent way of enhancing the effectiveness of the CD is to introduce something that will relax the person and/or lower inhibitions; for example, low light, incense, massage, or one or two alcoholic drinks is usually quite effective.  The effect of reducing inhibitions while playing this CD can result in some amazing responses.  The CD will work by itself, but works even better in concert with some sort of dis-inhibitor.  That said, by using these CDs, you agree that you are solely responsible for the manner in which you use these programs and all resulting circumstances.  These CDs are not for use on, around, or by minors.  If you find that they do not respond while this program is playing under a particular set of circumstances, try it again under different circumstances.  There may be something bothering them that you don’t know about.


Once you start seeing the signs that they are becoming aroused, it helps a lot in many cases to find some reason to make (and keep making) physical contact.  In other words… Touch them, and keep touching them!  (Of course you should not make it so aggressive or invasive that they become uncomfortable.  Caressing, holding hands, stroking their skin, smelling their neck and kissing are all good ways of touching them.  Just keep in mind, under NO circumstances is it ever alright to force yourself on someone else!)  Direct eye contact on your part (especially if they initiate it) may help, but do not stare for too long or you may come across as too threatening or intimidating.  Hold direct eye contact for just slightly too long for best effect.  Again, do not overdo it – direct eye contact is a very aggressive signal, and can make people feel  uncomfortable or even intimidate them (unless they happen to like the aggressiveness of it).


If you let one of the programs play for more than 2 – 3 hours at a time, the combination of the Rapid Response Triggers and subliminal commands found in Volumes 2, 4 or 5 will probably turn them on immensely.  Volumes 1 or 3 do not usually produce more than a day’s worth of arousal unless they is used consistently during sleep.  If they become hypersexual, it may be a as long as few days after the last use of Volume 2, 4 or 5 before they have “used up” the resulting sexual arousal that was generated.  (Volume 5 is designed to cause the Rapid Arousal Response from both subliminals and supra-liminals, and will have the greatest effect on most people.)  If you can, try playing it as the person sleeps.  Remember that for Volumes 2, 4 or 5, repetitive use every day for at least an hour a day will program the listener to experience a high sex drive and strong desire for sex.  Eventually, if you are using it on someone with a normal or high sex drive to begin with, you should end up with a nymphomaniac.


Remember that everyone in earshot will be able to hear these CDs, and will respond in their own way.  It is suggested that you use it with as few people around as you possibly can, so that you can control the situation better.  If there’s someone else around that your target is more interested in, they may think they are responding to that person instead of you. (Especially if the other person is closer to the source of the subliminal sounds than you are.)  Warning:  If this program is played in a group of people, especially a group of highly sexed and dis-inhibited people, it may cause an orgy.


While ultrasonic audio is effectively silent, it is still detected according to it’s source.  If you are sitting near the source of the sound, it is very likely that the arousal will be associated with you.  This makes it good for use with laptops and, if you have the mp3 version, portable mp3 players.  However, if they are focused on someone else, they will probably associate their arousal with whomever they are focused on at the time.  The best way to get them to associate their arousal with you is to be the only person they notice, and being close to the source of the ultrasonic sounds while they are responding.


Before you attempt to use one of the tooklit CDs with someone else, it is suggested you listen to it by yourself for about an hour while you are relaxed, and take note of how it affects you.  This way, you can know how you will respond, and adjust accordingly.  If the program really arouses you, you’ll know you have to be more in control while it’s playing.  Remember also that the more aroused a person becomes, the more they naturally produce sexual pheromones.  Being highly aroused while working to get someone else aroused will only make them more attracted to you, as long as you are careful to control your responses and not go overboard.


Volumes 2, 4 and 5 have subliminal commands embedded in them, which are spoken in American English.  They can therefore be used as subliminal mind programming as long as your listener(s) understand English, although it will not work quite as quickly on those first language is not English.  They are designed to produce a high sex drive and frequent thoughts of, and desire for, sex.  They can be used to overcome sexual resistances and fears, increase sex drive, improve orgasmic response and increase the frequency of sexual contact.  For these things to happen, the CD of choice must be used every day for at least an hour per day, without fail, until the results have finished manifesting.  If you are interested in using it in this manner, use it as sleep programming every night and allowing it to play all night long.  Note that if used as sleep programming, it will probably result in sexually oriented dreams and has been reported to be great for instigating morning sex.


While these programs are perfectly legal to use in the United States when used with knowledge and consent of the listeners, it is your responsibility to know and abide by all applicable laws pertaining to the use of this CD on persons who are unaware of its use on them, and in your specific locale.  By using these CDs, you accept full responsibility for your use this program and all consequences.


Troubleshooting Ultrasonics:  Make sure that your speakers are turned on, and connected to the CD player.  Make sure your speakers can reproduce ultrasonic sounds.  Standard CD players and speakers are able to reproduce sounds up to 20 kHz, but some can only reproduce sounds up to 10 KHz in pitch.  These attempt to force all sounds above 10 kHz down to the 10 kHz range, and this results in static.  The sounds on these CDs peak between 16 and 18 kHz in pitch.  If Volume 1 or 2 sounds like nothing but static, or Volume 5 has a static undertone, the only solution is to use a CD player that was designed according to the specifications for CD recording and playback, or to use Volume 3 or 4.  Some systems, car stereo systems especially, will produce a more audible high-pitched whine unless the program is played at very low volumes.  This is due to a combination of the build emphasis (these systems are usually designed to reproduce bass better than treble; if there is an adjustment, set the bass/treble and/or equalizers for de-emphasis of bass.  If there is a setting marked “Jazz”, this will typically work well.) and the senstivity of the hearing that the listener has.  If you find that your system produces a whine that gives it away or irritates, and you cannot adjust bass/treble or equalizers, try playing it at a lower volume.


If playing Volume 1, 2 or 5 at a normal volume produces pops and crackles, lower the volume slowly until they go away.  (Very low resulting volumes, such as 1 or 2 out of 10 or more, suggest that you should use Volumes 3 or 4 instead.)


General Troubleshooting:  Make sure there are not distractions that the target is paying heavy attention to.  Make sure the target is relaxed, and not heavily focused on anything unless it is you.  In rare cases, the target may find themselves feeling embarrassed or ashamed of their response, especially if they are very religious, reserved or shy, and these responses can cause resistance to the Rapid Response Triggers.  (Some cultures are very reserved sexually and/or socially.)  Very inexperienced people will sometimes have resistances based on fear or misconceptions as well.  If you suspect this is happening, try to let your target know their response is OK in an appropriate manner.  Persons suffering from a great deal of religious shame, fear or guilt concerning sexual responses may respond astoundingly well (because of repressed sexual desires), but are generally not good subjects because they may be prone to regret and polar responses later on.


It also happens sometimes that a woman will give very strong arousal signals, and after 20-60 minutes of exposure, will go to the bathroom and then return showing nothing.  This usually indicates she has “taken care of herself”.  If this happens, it is probably because she did not feel comfortable enough to express her sexual arousal to you.  Continued playing will usually arouse her again, but it is better to be in a position to have her offer herself to you than go to the bathroom alone.  Talk to her, make her comfortable with you.


If you want to use a portable CD player for this CD, be aware that older units and units that do not fully implement the standard CD record/playback specifications, both boom box and especially “walkman” type, may have problems playing ultrasonics properly.  Problematic CD players are built with non-standard components.  Very old players will usually either not be able to play it at all or will play it for a period of time and then get stuck or begin producing static.  Newer players that do not conform to CD format specifications will usually play it but make it sound as if it were coming through crackling static, which makes it audible and unpleasant to listen to.  To play ultrasonics at normal volumes, you need a fairly recent, good quality player to accurately reproduce an ultrasonic recording, as well as speakers that have a frequency response of at least 20 kHz. Playing them at lower volumes will still work, however, provided you use headphones.  Your best bet, if you must use a CD player that does not conform to standard CD format specifications, is to use Volume 3 or Volume 4.


To recap:


Volume 1: Ultrasonic, stealth, silent.  Sounds of pleasure only (Rapid Arousal Response triggers).  Transcends language barriers.  No long term effects.

Volume 2: Ultrasonic, stealth, silent.  Sounds of pleasure (Rapid Arousal Response triggers) plus subliminal commands designed to raise the sex drive, increase sexual arousal, overcome resistances to sex, and enhance the Rapid Arousal Response triggers.  Can cause hyper sexuality or nymphomania if used to excess. Caution is advised.

Volume 3: Masked format, ocean surf with soothing music.  Relaxing, can be used in situations where a sleep aid, relaxation aid, or mood music might be used without arousing suspicion.  Rapid Arousal Response triggers only.  Transcends all language barriers.  No long term effects.

Volume 4: Masked format, thundering rainstorm with wind through trees, wind chimes, and soothing music.  Sounds of pleasure (Rapid Arousal Response triggers) plus subliminal commands designed to raise the sex drive, increase sexual arousal, overcome resistances to sex, and enhance the Rapid Arousal Response triggers.  Can cause hyper sexuality or nymphomania if used to excess. Caution is advised.

Volume 5: Hybrid masked/ultrasonic format.  This is a combination of Volume 2 and Volume 4.  Extremely powerful.  Suggested for use only if you are experienced with Volumes I through III first.  Can cause hyper sexuality or nymphomania if used long term.  Extreme caution is advised.  This title is so powerful that caution is strongly advised.


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