These are testimonials and feedbacks from real customers and people who have used our products and offerings.  Unless otherwise stated, they are entirely unsolicited.

“I have to tell you I [love] your (develop an aura of sexiness) subliminal kicks ass I don’t know what you put in it but I feel like completely different person,…I feel sexy an so relaxed an in the moment all the time….women are always checking me out everywhere I go an they even follow me around I’ve been getting smiles from women everywhere….lol….people are starting conversations with me….a couple even approached me at the grocery store to get my opinion on some ice cream …. all this happened in only 2 DAYS! of listening while I’m asleep….an in my car….so I can only imagine how deep the rabbit hole goes….keep up the good work….I will definitely buy from you again….I’ve listened to womens confidence subliminals before from [competitior] but yours seem to blow theirs away….it must be the detailing you put in your scripts…..but anyway Im recommending you to everyone I know”

David J., Missouri, Feb 17, 2010

“I’ve decided to give that a break for a while and concentrate on increasing my bust size in the meantime…

“I’ve only been listening to it for two and a half weeks and the results are nothing short of amazing!!! 😉 It’s working so fast, it’s incredible…”

Alexandra B., 10-09-2009

“The [Level 2 Custom] subliminal you made for me is really working wonders for me currently I am listening to it about 10 hrs a day….I am already thinking of purchasing another custom from you, and I have some ideas of what I want for the next one.

Happy customer,

Brandon” — 08-25-2009

“Hey Shannon … I bought the “Overcoming Stage Fright” and man, i sang the other night, didn’t feel one ounce of nervousness, performed better than ever. It had only been 2 weeks of listening as well. So thank you so much.” Jared, 07-29-2009

“just to post some feedback on Absolute Self Confidence – 3rd Generation.  It works great on me. for 4 days usage i feel a lot better. I lost all my confidence in the past months and this thing got me on feet again.” – Marian S., Bulgaria, 07-29-2009 [Edited for spelling]

“…your programs have made a big difference in my life and it’s only been a short time now (very few months) …I can’t even imagine how much things are going to change for me with continued daily usage of your subliminals!” Barry J., 06-28-2009

“I love the way that you are top of your game, thus making your product the gold standard! I really appreciate your attention to detail.”Barry J., 06-22-2009

“you know the company called ‘[other company]’…they are your competition i assume…however, i have one of their audios and honestly, yours blows theres out of the water…i listen to yours and i get pretty quick resutls  ..when i listen to theirs, it undoes what yours does it seems..LOL” William W., 06-16-2009

“Actually i love the ultrasonic version! i listen to it all day at work…its great…i get about 6 hours a day with the ultrasonic and its funny, i literally start feeling this energy build up within a few hours.  Something is working very well for me it seems. I wanted to ask you something, I have been noticing that i have been attracting all types of women, not just the specific type mentioned in the audio. Is this perhaps part of the script that all women find me more attractive?” William W., June 10, 2009

“Hi Shannon, Thanks for emailing me back.  I have downloaded the Apnea Aid for now, as some that know me (and my sleeping ‘habits’), think that I may have Apnea.  I’m going to try that one for a while and see how I do.  I already have begun noticing an improvement in energy levels in the AM and during the day.  I have been listing to it on repeat throughout the night, as well as during the day.” Greg T., Michigan, June 12, 2009

“hello, just wanted to say your subliminal program is the best working thing i have ever used…I am getting incredible results and when I get paid this week i plan on more purchases, these work! My congrads to the inventor of these, he has tapped into something that really freakin works!” William W., June 9th, 2009

“….I had a huge backlog of work piled on my desk.  I started playing your Lazer Sharp Focus, End Procrastination, and Maximum Productivity.  Shannon, my friend, I’m AMAZED!!!  I’m all caught up.  What’s also amusing is that my partner here is caught up as well and his desk was worse than mine.” Reggie W., Washington State, 05-20-2009

“I wanted to share some results I had with your alpha male program, women are looking at me more, smiling.  They seem to have that gleam in their eyes when they look at me, the guys whenever they look at me, they say whats up.  There was a guy at work a few weeks ago that told me he has seen a change in me and asked me what I was doing, I told him about the alpha male program, plus what it does etc.  I have noticed that I am not taking peoples **** as much as I used to, when someone does something to bother me I tell them or at least let them know how I feel.  I just tell people how things are when they ask me something …. It does sort of feel like I am now taking back my power that I used to give away to people and let them have the power over me, it taking me some time to get use to it.  I do like your alpha male program it has really helped me changed stuff about myself that needed to change.

Anyways, thanks again for the download link and for creating this program it is really working and I am only on volume three right now.”

Chris – Location Withheld – March 18, 2009

“I have your Ultra Success program.  At first I was very skeptical – it was given to me as a gift.  But I have to say that over the last month and a half, there is a definite difference in my life.  I was unable to find a job before.. Now I have two, and I had ti turn down two more who wanted to hire me.  All four wanted me for full time! 

Nobody else I know has had much luck at all finding a job.  And  I am getting more interest from women, too.  It used to be one or two at a time who were interested – now it’s four or five.  I have also been invited to a lot more parties, come to think of it.

I don’t know if I can say I’m convinced that it’s your subliminal yet, but I can say this. The changes I have noticed did start right around the time I started using it, and things have been steadingy getting better and better for me…” [Unedited for spelling and punctuation] Daniel B., – Newport News, Virgina – February 23rd, 2009

“Dear Mr. Shannon Matteson, how are you, my name is PETER, i am one of youre customers, i had ordered a custom subliminal, [title withheld for privacy] and the digital download was great and it did what it was suppose to. AWSOME JOB, you have found youre true calling. My question is do you still do custom subliminal downloads, how much, and how would i proceed for payment. Thank You Very Much For Youre Time!” Peter K. – Location withheld –  February  17th, 2009

“I ordered the Ultra Success download … and I love it. [It] Has helped me greatly in deal with some issues I have been having.” James – Location Withheld – January 26th, 2009

“I wanted share with you what has been happening to me since I have been using the Alpha Male Program [2008 Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Six Volume Training Set], which is nothing short but of amazement!

“I have been listening to the program since December 26, 2008 the way you suggested in the instructions and I am in shock at what has been happening.  First of all, women but not just any women, the very attractive women are giving me second looks and starting conversations with me.  What I mean is women will look at me with the normal look but then when they look away, they will look back very quickly with a different look like they are interested.  I don’t have to say hi to the women as much, they will be the one to say hi and sometimes will start up a conversation with me.

“I can feel a different attitude within myself so the women must see and/or feel it too because they are taking notice more.  Another thing this girl at work that I work with asked me if I was single, I told her I was.  She told me she has a friend that was single as well and thought that we might hook up.  So I gave the girl my email address to pass along to her friend, and a few days ago the friend emailed me. The girl even sent me a picture of herself in the email so now we have emailed each other a few times now.

“This did not happen until I started using your program! I wanted personally thank you for this program, all I have done is listen to the first volume every day, and so far I am getting all of these results in less then a week and a half!” Chris – Location Withheld – January 8th, 2009

“I had just gotten out of high school.  I was two years late and burned out, but mom wanted me to get right into college, and when I did, everything that had been a problem in the lower grades was even worse.  Everything seemed to be going from bad to worse.  I even developed math anxiety and a sort of social anxiety, which basically meant that if I was even a minute late, I couldn’t bring myself to open the classroom door and enter.  I flunked out of the entire score of classes for the semester, and mom refused to pay for any more.  Then someone suggested I try this program [Become An Excellent Student].  Who would have thought that anyone else ever had these problems?  But within about a month, I couldn’t believe the differences I saw in me, and my results in college…” – Lee M., Florida

“Your Test Mastery program is simply amazing.  My son is in 10th grade.   He always studies, and always knows the material, but he would blank out on tests almost every time because of fear.  His grades were suffering, and he would come home really depressed whenever there was a test. It [g]ot so I didn’t even have to ask.

“But when he started using your program, the change was dramatic.  In just about a week and a half, his grades started coming up.  No longer was he routinely failing, or barely passing, his tests.  His grades on tests went from the 45 to 70% range to 85% and above.  In fact, in his favorite subject (science) they went off the charts – within a month he was scoring 100% on both the tests and getting all the extra credit too.  When his teacher called me to ask me to come in because he was “obviously cheating” after he had gotten three consecutive test scores of over 105% in her class (107%, 109%, and 112%!) I had to ask the teacher to hold for a moment while I did a little happy dance!  Then, I explained to her that I was using this program to help him out… in the end, his grades came up an average of almost two letter grades overall.” – Rebekkah T., Utah

“I just wanted to say thank you. My daughter has really seen some positive changes since I started her on this program [Become An Excellent Student].  She’s only in 6th grade, but I have seen a real turn around in her entire attitude toward school.  I heard about it from a friend, who also had great results with it.  Thought you might like to know.” – Cathy B., Iowa

“I can’t thank you enough for thinking up the Life Tune-Up.  It’s just been wonderful to go through the changes I have been going through.  My whole life is improving.  And I’d never have been able to make my relationship last this long before…” – Sarah U.,  Location Withheld Upon Request

“My boyfriend got me a copy of Life Tune-Up because we were having some problems that he thought were related to low self esteem and low self respect on my part.  Over the time I have been using it, I have seen some pretty drastic changes in myself, and I am pleased to say that between this program, his love and God’s help, I’m almost a new woman.” – Bernadette P., Indiana

“Simply smashing!  I ended up with a standing ovation!” – Alastair B., UK [Overcoming Stage Fright]

“I gotta tell ya, I don’t much like the color of the packaging, but the program [Public Speaking Skills] definitely works.” – John P., Montana

“Absolute Self Confidence has done wonders for my career…” – Johnathan S., Maryland

“Dunno what you put in that manifest unlimited wealth, abundance and success program, but it works.  I now count several multi-millionaires among my friends, and I’m well on my way…” – Grant T., Georgia

“I’ve tried everything on the market for audio sleep aids.  Yours sounds a lot different, and it is hands down the best out there.” – Gary S., Michigan

“The Sleep Aid consistently ended before I was falling asleep, so I asked for the Insomnia Aid in trade, and sent the Sleep Aid back.  You were so pleasant to deal with.  The Insomnia [A]id, by the way, works like a charm.” Robert F., California

“I have used Dream Your Best Answer three times now.  It’s amazing what I come up with using this!” – Dale X., Arizona

“Shannon, you’re hypersleep program saved my life! I had to work all night and then go to class today, but I gave myself a two hour break in which I tried out the program. I was almost skeptical at first, but I fell asleep in about ten minutes or less and when I woke up I saw there were only 35 seconds left in the program (it woke me up perfectly). I’ve been feeling fine all day, but I’m looking forward to sleeping a full night tonite. Just wanted to say thanks man!” – Name and Location withheld

“I purchased the Attract Your Perfect Romantic Lover program in 2005 when it first ca[m]e out.  Four months later, I met, for the second time, my dear [Name Of Significant Other].  I say for the second time, because we had met two years previous, but I was  involved with someone else at the time.  This time, we ended up “meeting” again on instant messenger and discovered that we shared a common interest, which brought us together.  Our first date was the next day, and we have been involved ever since.  Like every couple, we have had our ups and downs, but I can say this.  Nobody else I know has anywhere near as good a love life or sex life as I do.  She really is perfect for me in those ways!  And we’re going to get married in 2009.  You are welcome to come if you can make it.” – Ken B., Michigan

“Let Go Of [Past] Relationships is an absolute life saver.  I don’t know how I’d have gotten out of my last relationship and stayed away from her without it.” – Patrick V., Ireland

“I’m surprised at how well the cd for letting go of past relationships works.  I got over a three year relationship in just a month.  That’s not like me.” – Shane S., Illinois

“Thank God.  That’s all I have to say.  Thank God for you and your program for letting go of past relationships.  I thought I was going to die, but your program made life bearable until I healed.  I have used it successfully for three different failed relationships over the years now… hope I don’t need it again!” Gary L., Michigan

“I ordered the successful entrepreneur program from you two months ago.  It got here very quickly, and the packaging was impressive.  [I] started using it when I got it, all night every night like you suggested.  In these last two months I have seen a sudden surge in the amount of money I have coming in, and it’s going up.  I also have attracted several people who are working to help me succeed, all wanting to be affiliates and lend their skills to my “cause”.  My success is incredible since I started using this program!  I think you’re significantly undercharging for this CD… based on the results I have seen, you could be getting a lot more for it than this.” -Tim M., California

“I bet you’re going to have a lot of people asking for the Ultra Success program.  It took a couple months to really kick in, but it has produced some results I have a hard time believing, just as it says in the description… [specifics removed for privacy reasons]  After a few weeks, I did get the euphoria, too.  I love this program, and you can have it back when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.  Figuratively, of course.” – Katie B.,  Washington State

“I’m using Love It Clean & Neat with Housework Motivation & Enjoyment.  What can I say, they work well together.  My neighbors are amazed at the difference in our home now when we invite them over, and I finally have the house the way I want it to look.  The hubby has been affected by them, too.  This is wonderful!” – Patrice L., Florida

“Since I started using Develop A Photographic Memory, my grades have gone up a full letter grade.  I wasn’t expecting that… and it may actually make it possible for me to graduate high school on time.” – Shannon W., Illinois

“The Play Nicely With Others program is amazing.  My five year old son has made quite a positive change in the last few weeks…” – Daniel H., Missouri

“Orgasm Enhancer is an understatement for sure!  You should call it Orgasm Booster Rocket!  It’s absolutely incredible!” – Name Withheld Upon Request

“I don’t know if you get this a lot, but the breast enlargement subliminal definitely did it’s job!  I increased two whole cup sizes (from an average A to a small C) in three months.  I’m still in shock a couple months after having stopped using it, but the measurements have held up. No pain, no stretch marks, just a little soreness around the nipples when it started to work, and then I watched them grow… the effect on my love life has been fantastic, too.” Georgia T., Oregon

“Shannon, I have to congratulate you.  I’ve finished the alpha male thing, and you’re right.  I’m not the same man anymore.  Not even close.  In the last six months, my life has gone from being black and white to being in full color.  I probably wouldn’t have paid for it when I actually needed to use it, but now… I would ask why you don’t charge double what you do!  Thanks for letting me be a tester.  Two thumbs up.  IT WORKS.  Just like you said it would.

“My transformation, looking back, was a smooth one inside, but there were a couple of rough patches.  One was when I ended up leaving my girlfriend (because I was no longer willing to put up with her bull****, and replaced her with a model.  And the other was when I had to leave the model because I wasn’t willing to put up with her bull**** either!  (The model later told me that nobody has ever left her before or since.)  I could never have left my girlfriend, or landed the model, or left the model, previously.  Now I can do these things because I am perfectly happy by myself,  with or without women, and just like you said, when you don’t need them anymore, they can’t get enough of you!

“I started my own business, too, and it feels awesome to be working for myself now.  I do as I please, work when and where I want.  (I’m sitting at the bookstore right now, at 1:23 PM on Monday writing this as I “work” at my own pace.)

“What can I say?  When I finished with Stage 6, I opened the ‘Secret Letter’ you gave me, and read what should have happened at each stage.  And it was exactly what happened at each stage!  You nailed it, my friend!  So I have decided that I am going to pay you for this, even though we beta testers were offered a chance to use it for free. $300 is way too low a price for this kind of life improvement.  You really should double or triple it…”  – Jake B., Arkansas

“Goodbye, [Popular Erectile Dysfunction Pill]!  I can get it up whenever I want now, after that!” [using the Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction subliminal for two months] – Peter S., New York

“I’m a professional photographer.  The Creativity Enhancer was a gift from my husband.   I used it just to humor him, but I think it’s actually working…” – Laura J., Oregon

“My psychic ability has always been strongest in clairvoyance and empathy, and they really weren’t all that strong.  But since using the Enhance Your Intuition sub, I seem to be developing intermittent telepathy and a sort of psychic link with one particular woman… and I can read her like a book now.  It’s really hard to wrap my mind around this actually happening.” John L., Florida

“Dear Lord, you are a genius!  I have been using Crush Writer’s Block, Writers Motivation & Perseverance, and Writer’s Inspiration back to back on loop mode 24/7 for the last week, and have come to the point of being more prolific than ever before.  It’s pouring out of me as fast as I can type!  Might have to get the Type Faster and More Accurately program, too.” – Julie F., California

“…the martial arts training program has allowed me to get a serious leg up on even my toughest rival.  My instructor is impressed with the changes in the last couple months.  I’ve been promoted ahead of [rival] because of it.  Thanks for the edge.” – Dan K., UK

“I asked you for the Stop Smoking Marijuana program, and within a week, you had it made.  Then I bought a copy and a week later, I have stopped smoking pot…” – Melinda V., Florida

“You said this program [Stop Drinking Alcohol Forever] would take 2 to 4 weeks to see results.  My husband stopped drinking in just 3 days!  I was astounded, and so was he, because he couldn’t figure it out.  It was hilarious to see the look on his face when he realized he simply hadn’t been interested – indeed, had forgotten to drink – for the last day or so!  This man has tried everything.  AA, therapy, herbal medicines, acupuncture, prayer, detox programs… only your subliminal has had any effect.” – Sarah H., Delaware

“Thanks for the fast reply. I had purchased it [Stop Drinking Alcohol Forever] for an older cousin who was drinking a lot. He was unwilling to get help and didn’t recognize the impact that drinking was having on his wife and kids. I wasn’t really familiar with the subliminals but a friend recommended it … His wife was playing it at night and on their in home stereo which was wired throughout the house. He had no idea but his drinking did slow down and stop. He is in the service and when he stopped drinking his career took over and became his passion again. She did tell him about what she had done several months later … I don’t know what his initial reaction was when she told him but he is fine with it now and I am sure he appreciates the help. I don’t know how long after he stopped she continued to use it but he made a major lifestyle change while she was using the CD … it was a couple of months from the time I gave her the CD until I saw the ‘new’ him at a family party. He doesn’t drink often and when he does it is paced. It’s a wonderful change.” – Tim C., Location Withheld Upon Request

“Gambling simply does not interest me anymore.  The thrill is completely gone, and I can get on with picking up the pieces of my life now… whatever you did, I can’t thank you enough.” – James S., Nevada 

“You, sir, are absolutely brilliant!  I got the Attract Your Perfect Lover program for myself eight months ago.  Four months back, I met and fell in love with a woman so perfect I still have trouble believing this isn’t a dream.  She’s more beautiful than I ever imagined I could get, she’s my exact match sexually, and I don’t think we could be more in love if we tried.  Bravo!  By the way, you should really be charging a lot more for this…” – Peter S., Australia

“I don’t know what’s in these Poetry of the Silent Eros programs, but WOW!  My husband noticed me immediately, and it’s been like we slipped back in time 15 years ever since I started playing these!  I can’t thank you enough.  I think this may have saved my marriage…” – Gail B., Australia

“The Poetry of the Silent Eros Volume 1 is amazing.  Whenever I play it, my girlfriend becomes very interested within 15 to 20 minutes, just like you said.  Even when she’s in pain and cranky … she becomes just as responsive.  I love it, because usually, she doesn’t want to kiss as much otherwise.” – Carl G.,  New York

“What the [heck] is in this thing? [Poetry of the Silent Eros Volume 2]  I have NEVER seen women respond like this before! They’re more attentive, they all want to spend more time with me, and they do exactly what it says they will do in the instructions when I play it!  It hasn’t been this easy to get girls interested in forever… and if I go on a date, it usually doesn’t end with just a kiss anymore.” – James F., Nevada

“My wife lost almost all interest after we had our baby girl, [name removed], six months ago.   It was putting a strain on the relationship, because she was getting depressed about it, blaming herself and worrying that I would cheat.  Well of course I wasn’t going to cheat, so I looked around and found your Poetry of the Silent Eros, Volume 2, which you said was created for exactly the same situation.  It took about five nights of playing it, but she’s definitely much more interested now, and the tension has really eased off…” Phil J., Maine

“I have been using the Aura of Sexiness program for a month now, and womens responses to me have completely changed.  They pay more attention to me now, anywhere I go, and my attitude towards them has also changed.  I feel sexy, and it shows.  My girlfriend gets jealous of my attention, now, and I have other women wanting to talk to me and spend time with me a lot more now, too.  I love what this program has done for me!” – C. G., Ontario, Canada

“P.S. The orgasm enhancer is very nice. I can now achieve full release very quickly and can stay there for some time – provided [significant other] is up to the task – 🙂 So thank you – the sex is getting better each time!” – Kimberly B., Location withheld upon request.

“so… after about 4 straight days of playing eros2 on repeat throughout the night while sleeping… the daytime is freaking crazy. Im getting [it] like 3 [times] a day.  I’m actually getting tired.” – James M., Location Withheld Upon Request.

“I ordered and have been using your 5 volume sex toolkit for several days and WOW!!! things have gotten alot hotter in the bedroom!!!! I mean smoking hot!!!!!! I am very happy with your product and glad I ordered it.” – Jeff L., Location Withheld, April 8, 2009

“Your 5 volumn tool kit product works great…I played vol 5 every evening on repeat all night…. immediately I noticed the sexual energy was much greater…. much more intense…. we had some really mind blowing sessions…. things are still rocking!!!! the pick up in intensity coincided with playing vol 5 evenings and all night. After playing vol 5 all evening and night, I noticed a definite increase in energy and intensity during sex immediately…. and also she initiates it more….” – Jeff, May 15, 2009

“I have been using your Abuse Recovery Aid for about a year now.  I just thought you’d like to hear that it has changed my entire life.  I used to be a doormat, with people walking all over me, and I would seek out men who were abusive and untrustworthy.  But over the last year, I have seen my life go through a rather dramatic change… most of it happened in the first six months, actually.  I don’t accept guys who are dishonest, abusive, or only interested in sex anymore.  I have stopped letting people walk all over me.  And for perhaps the first time in my life, I feel genuinely good about myself…” – Christine A., Virginia

“Your Anger Management program is nothing short of astounding.  I purchased it for myself because I discovered that my girlfriend had cheated on me, and I did not know what to do with the anger that resulted.  I used it for less than a week and found that it balanced out my emotions beautifully without making me a doormat, either.  I am so glad I was using it, because two weeks after I found out she had cheated on me with one guy, it came out that he was really only the first of NINE.  I can assure you, if it hadn’t been for that CD, I would have literally killed her.  As it was, I simply walked away and left her behind.  Brilliant program.  Thanks for keeping me out of prison.” – L. G., Florida

“I bought a copy of your Achieve & Maintain Your Ideal Weight subliminal for my dad about four months ago.  He’s been struggling with his weight forever…  couldn’t seem to get below 255 pounds no matter what he tried, for more than ten years.  So he was desperate enough to try it, even though he didn’t “believe in this stuff”.  Well, it took a couple months of use, but he’s broken the weight barrier he could never get past, and still losing!  And boy oh boy, now he’s all about subliminals.  He won’t shut up about how wonderful they are!  I had to remind him that it’s not necessarily just any old subliminals… it’s subliminals by Shannon Matteson that he wants to praise.  I haven’t gotten this kind of results from other makers.” – Mike V., Ontario, CA

“The Stop & Reverse Hair Loss subliminal has been working better and faster than any of the foams, creams or other ‘medicated’ treatments I have tried.  It takes time, but it’s better than the lot of them.” – A. J., Washington State

“I am so glad you chose me to be in your experimental trial for the Chronic & Useless Pain Relief Aid!  My fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis pain have just disappeared.  In fact, I actually forgot to take my pain medications for Week 3 before I realized I wasn’t in pain anymore.  Now I can just use it two or three times a week, and no pain! Thank you so much for giving me my life back, hun.” – Kimberly D., Illinois

“I want to thank you for making the headache remover program – it sooooooo worked a miracle today. I had a high level migraine – severe pain / queasiness / flashing spots in my eyes… sound [was] wicked horrid to the ears. I copied the program to my mp3 player – and layed down – and it totally removed the migraine.  I layed down and closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, woke about an hour later – the program was off by then, and I felt so much better. [It] works great. Every time. Funny thing… this is the first migraine I’ve had in almost 4 months. I think they are getting farther apart from using the headache program. I was getting them about every 2 weeks before.” – Kimberly D., Illinois

“It [the pain of fibromyalgia] stopped bothering me really fast.  It gives me more energy cause I’m hurting less when I move.  It’s pretty cool.  But everyday after I listen to it all night long I do [have more energy]. [It took] like two days. I still have some pain, but it’s going away.  I’m really impressed.” – Arinna, Port Townsend, Washington State, referring to the Chronic & Useless Pain Relief Aid.

“It took a while… I think I used the Grow Taller subliminal for almost a year… but I grew nearly an inch taller after I had stopped growing, and the doctors told me I was not going to grow anymore. Because of your subliminal, I am now tall enough to get into modeling, as I wanted to.  How’s that for a success report?” – A. J., Washington State

“I am now a happy customer of 8 of your products and am interested in more “name specific” items so that I can “safely” use the products with both myself and my lover all night long…” -J. B., Location Withheld Upon Request.

“After purchasing a few of your standard subliminals, I had been nothing but impressed with your programs, and decided to try one of your Full Custom Subliminals.  I can only say that I was impressed again, not only at your professionalism and patience with explaining everything to me as we designed it together, but at your ethics and morals, which became obvious as you guiding me through the process. 

“Furthermore, your knowledge and comprehension of the subject is simply staggering.  I wasn’t sure if I would regret it at first, but I have found that the program has been so effective that I cannot say I regret a single penny of the expense!  Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you like, too.” – Brian G., Texas (Edited for spelling)

“Wow, I just realized, I have been your loyal customer for over a year now.  You have some stiff competition out there for custom subliminals, but I haven’t found anyone who makes them as effective as yours are, or does it as non-judgementally and discreetly.  Thanks for being so professional.  Some of the stuff I have asked you to build was really very private.  I guess those would be some excellent reasons to come back again and again, wouldn’t they?  I guess it just boils down to knowing I am in good hands.  No, make that the best hands!” – Karl D., Vermont

“Once again, excellent – it is a pleasure to work with you.” – J. B., Location Withheld Upon Request.

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